In one thousend years on the single day, only a true love will make take the curse away.
~ Jessie utters the legendary curse of the Necklace as she now puts it on Count Gunther Spretzle.

The Necklace is an enchanted 10th century necklace with the magical power to turn whoever wears it into a mannequin, and it is a major plot element in the 1991 romantic comedy movie sequel Mannequin 2: On the Movie (also known as "Mannequin: On the Move").

The Necklace is a gold necklet which 2 biting snakes with 8 coiled black gems on them and a red ruby orb joined at the snakes' mouths.


  • Jessie - A young and innocent European maiden who became the prominent figure of the old Enchanted Peasant Girl legend within the Germanic country of Hauptmann Koenig dating back to the year 991 A.D., when she was first frozen by the sorcerer Spretzle's curse on the Necklace under orders from the previous Queen of Hauptmann Koenig. She later was freed at last by Jason Williamson who is the reincarnated Prince William (and possibly his distant relative by blood, though his mother explained that she, and his father, who is both a Harvard graduate and worked in a fish market, were from 2 separate royal Bavarian bloodlines), and she later turns the tables on Count Spretzle when she used on the Necklace on him and utters the curse, before he was accidently dropped from his hot air balloon and was smashed to pieces.
  • Hollywood Montrose (temporarily) - A prominent and flamboyant window dresser at the Prince & Company department store in Philadelphia. He teasingly tries on the Necklace without knowing it's curse that will turn him into a mannequin. He was changed back into his normal self again when Count Spretzle's 3 henchmen rudely removed the Necklace from his neck minutes later.
  • Count Gunther Spretzle (also misspelled Count Gunther "Spretzzel") (permanent) - A greedy and flamboyant, 1990s European aristocrat who hailed from his home country of Hauptmann Koenig and he is direct descendant of Spretzle the Sorcerer over past 10 generations in the last 1000 years. His great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (as Count Spretzle repeatedly explained) grandfather was the one created the Necklace and casted a spell he crafted on the Necklace. Jessie used the Necklace on Count Necklace which made him a victim of his own ancestor's curse, before being accidently tossed off from his hot air balloon and was smashed to pieces on the streets on modern-day Philadelphia. His remains along with the Necklace is now on display at the museum exhibit at the old royal castle of Hauptmann Koenig.


  • It is sometimes known as "Die Halskette" in German.