The Sorceress' Wand is a royal wand imbued with dark magic and it is both the signature weapon and prized possession of the cruel queen of the Forgotton Worlds known as The Sorceress. This item first appeared in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and it is one of many objects in the Spyro the Dragon universe.


The wand is a gold scepter with a claw-like feature on top of it holding a stolen Dragon Egg.

Powers and Abilities

Since the Sorceress is an oldest creature in the Forgotten Worlds who learns the ways of dark magic, she crafted and imbued her very own Wand with magic.

It is capable of conjuring many spells including the notable spell to transform any normal creature into a ferocious beast.

Presumably provided by the magic of a Dragon Egg attached to the top of it, the wand can conjure fireballs and launch a large array of electrical energy spheres of magical energy, as well as release an electrical discharge from her wand to attack at close-range. She can also create a temporary green magic aura as a shield if her opponents gets too close to her.