The Talisman (9)

The Talisman

The Talisman is also known as The mysterious Talisman. This is an object created by the scientist in the film 9.

It has the appearance of a metallic object with three strange symbols that represent buttons on its surface. The talisman was made to remove the soul of the human body, the scientist used this device to remove his own soul to insert it in the stitchpunks that was recognizable with numbers, however, In the past the talisman was used to activate the Fabrication Machine.

Normally the talisman was made for good purposes (even if he needed to take the life of a person) but at some point in history was the talisman on the possession of Fabrication Machine, the machine used the talisman to remove the souls of people including soul of the scientist within the stitchpunks.



  • How the Scientist made the Talisman is currently unknown.
  • The Talisman's powers appeared to be not normal, thus probably advanced scientific. How it sucks souls is clearly not normal. 1 refers to it and everything else relating to it as "dark science," and some assume it to be alchemy.

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