The Boxtrolls (5 10) Movie CLIP - The Boxtrolls Song (2014) HD02:54

The Boxtrolls (5 10) Movie CLIP - The Boxtrolls Song (2014) HD

"The Trubshaw Lullaby", or simply known as "The Boxtrolls Song", is the villain song of Archibald Snatcher in disguised as Madame Frou Frou in the 2014 Laika film The Boxtrolls.


Ten years ago a plot was hatched,
Where evil was with cunning matched.
Whoever left their doors unlatched,
Would find their infant children snatched by Boxtrolls.
Ooh, no, Box-trolls!

Trubshaw Senior loved his kid
The same as regular fathers did.
If you don’t want to share his plight,
Make sure that you are locked up tight from Boxtrolls.

For this night baby’s dad Trubshaw
Quite forgot to lock the door.
And as soon as he began to snore,
The Boxtrolls came in to withdraw.
Poor baby! Those vile Boxtrolls!

So lock your windows, bolt your doors,
Or Boxtrolls with their creepy claws
Will take your children in their paws
And drag them down to feed their jaws, Boxtrolls!

Mr. Trubshaw went quite wild
When he found out he’d lost his child.
He did what any dad would do.
He ran off swiftly to pursue those Boxtrolls!

“Help help help me, please, won’t you?”
But the Boxtrolls did what Boxtrolls do.
They snatched him up and began to chew,
Until there was no residue of Trubshaws.

They pulled him down into their nest,
Hardly pausing to digest.
They left his bones but ate the rest.
Never be a dinner guest of Boxtrolls.
Oh, those Boxtrolls!

So that’s the story of the Trubshaw Kid.
Don’t do what Father Trubshaw did.
If you see Boxtrolls don’t placate them,
Catch them and exterminate the Boxtrolls!

Kill those Boxtrolls!
Kill those Boxtrolls!
Kill those Boxtrolls!

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