Look, children. All the mistakes that the world has ever made. Jorts, LaserDisc, the mullet.
~ Mr. Small on the Void

The Void is a recurring location in The Amazing World of Gumball. It's an alternate dimension and realm where all of the "mistakes" of the world (primarily Elmore) are taken to and are erased from existance.


Since the start of the world's history, a person, object, invention, game or fashion style along with any other item would be erased from existance and forced into the Void in the event that they're deemed a mistake. Any of these objects would be declared a mistake for a variety of reasons such as if it's a fad in the case of a fashion style and eventually runs out of popularity, it'll be forced into the void and the memory would be erased from the memories of everybody as well. If a person is either boring or serves no purpose, they'll also be put into the void and no one will remember that they ever existed. Once somone's in the void, they'll be frozen as if they were a TV on pause and the static background of the void reflects that and the laws of physics are also altered and zero gravity also exists in the void.

Once something or someone's in the void, any memory of their presence will be erased from all aspects; people's memories, photos, and even their home will all be erased and the world will fold in to make sure any object associated will be erased from Elmore. One such example is Molly where her entire treehouse vanished and was taken to the void along with Molly herself because she was deemed a mistake for her boring and uninteresting personality. Her home was also erased as well and all memories of her vanished along with her from the cheerleading squad she served on to photos of her to even her very own locker all disappeared. The only time that someone's memories of the person will be perserved is if they wear a tinfoil hat which Mr. Small had done and thus, was immune to the effects of the void on a person. The Universal Remote is the only known way to enter the void prior to its destruction by Rob.

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