The Warehouse

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is an abandoned warehouse in a city somewhere in Earthrealm that is been used as a secret hideout by the Black Dragon gang. It is the first level of Mortal Kombat: Special Forces. It has been for many uses and their own purposes such as harboring drug cartels, shipping weapons supply, starting street fights and recruiting new members.

A SWAT team aiding the Special Forces was sent to track down the whereabouts and arrest Kano and the criminals he sent free from the Special Forces maximum security prison. They tracked them to a warehouse, but once they got there, it was a trap. They all were attacked and killed by the Black Dragon. Major Jax Briggs got there later after he received a telecomm message from one of his fellow Special Forces agents leading the SWAT team before it was interrupted and ended soon. Jax will make sure that Kano and his thugs will pay for this horrendous ambush.

Jax infiltrated the Warehouse fought No Face there before Kano and his 3 other Black Dragon recruits went into the sewers underneath their now-inactive base of operations.

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