Tiamat's Dimension

Tiamat's Dimension

Tiamat's Dimension is an interdimensional world occupied and ruled by the chaos goddess Tiamat who calls this place home, and it is the location of her sacred Temple. Aside from a throne, the dimension is a void.


In the springtime, Dana Barrett was on the phone with her mother when she was whisked from her kitchen to Tiamat's Dimension and interrogated by Tiamat about the nature of her time as host of Zuul. Once Tiamat was done toying with Dana, she was back in her kitchen. After being lured to Dana's apartment, the Ghostbusters took the stairs to the roof and instead found themselves in her dimension. After they Crossed the Streams on Tiamat, the Ghostbusters found themselves back on the apartment roof. After Tiamat sensed Gozer's presence in Ray's mind, she crossed over from her dimension.


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