The Time Travelers

Time Travelers

So there I was, minding my own business, when this crazy old codger with a cane showed up. He says he's my distant relative. I didn't see any resemblance. So he says "How would you like to be rich?" So I say "Sure." So he lays this book on me. He says this book'll tell me the outcome of every sporting event 'till the end of this century. All I have to do is bet on a winner, and I'll never lose. So I say "What's the catch?" He says "No catch; just keep it a secret." After that, he disappeared; I never saw him again. Oh, and he told me one other thing. He said someday, a crazy wild-eyed scientist or a kid may show up asking about that book. And if that ever happens... [laughs as he pulls out his gun] Funny, I never thought it would be you.
~ Alternate 1985 Biff Tannen before trying to kill Marty McFly on behalf of his future self from the year 2015.

Time Travelers are characters who can freely travel between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in space, typically using a hypothetical device known as a time machine in the form of a vehicle or a portal connecting distant points in time, but it can also happen that a character is inherently born with such power.

Distinct from time travel because, although time is considered the "fourth dimension," time travelers otherwise remain in the same plane while hopping between its different time periods.


  • Terminator (800 Series, Model 101): A cyborg of a post-apocalyptic future who traveled to the past in order to erase John Connor from existing by terminating his mother Sarah.
  • Time Eater: A cosmic entity controlled by Dr. Eggman for undoing all his previous losses.
  • Boris the Animal: An alien criminal who travels back through time to the year 1969 to kill a young Agent K, the Man in Black who defeated him in the original course of events.
  • Ultimecia: The powerful Sorceress from many generations in the future.
  • Emperor Terroin: A time Bomber of his created world who capture the Planet Bomber, free all criminals bombers and take 4 main worlds of Shiro's past.


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