The Time Warp was an eldritch dimension that is actually a black hole existing outside the fabric of time and space formed by Professor Bagura when brain of same escaped the explosion of his spaceship serving as main map in Super Bomberman 4 and 4th world in Super Bomberman 5.

This space contain 5 portals with different eras located in black hole. When this time warp is created, contained worlds and creatures in different time periods.

When Bagura's brain create the Four Bomber Kings, the same open portal in space to send Shiro (White Bomerman) and his gang in different time periods. Shiro and Kuro (Black Bomberman) need save his friends, destroy 5 Bombers Kings and defeat Bagura. After pair heroic Bombers defeated Bagura, this time warp disappeared and all leave.

In Super Bomberman 5, the warp is reappeared for Terrorin forming part of Terrorin World and where Mask Bomber, Baron Bombano & Plunder Bomber are found.


  • Aeon: Prehistoric period where Shiro and Kuro begin their adventures, save Red Bombeman and battle with Hammer Bomber.
  • Past: Edo period where Shiro and Kuro save Kotetsu and battle with Jet Bomber.
  • Present: Civil war period where Shiro and Kuro save Honey and battle with Lady Bomber.
  • Future: Robotic jungle period where Shiro and Kuro save Blue Bomber and battle with Bazooka Bomber.
  • Subspace: Future distorted by Bagura, was where Shiro and Kuro battle with Four Bomber Kings, destroy Great Bomber and battle with same's brain.


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