The Tiny Terror Attack

Tiny Terror Attack

If you think the threat for everyone's day would come from regular villains and traditional giant monsters (where the latter involves villain either being the giant monster themselves and capable to transformed into one), think again.


Heroes came in shapes and sizes, and the same rule applies with villains. It means villains also came from races/species that small or tiny in size, usually smaller than a human beings. A single creature is vulnerable if alone, but if numbers, they would be surprisingly dangerous. That is why they called Tiny Terrors whereas the moment where they began the attack would be called Tiny Terror Attacks: To overcome their lack of strength due to small size, Tiny Terrors would rely on teamwork and creativity to defeat larger foes.

Like regular/giant-sized villains, Tiny Terrors' typical reasons to attack someone or a group of people en masse are:

  • To lay a siege on a country.
  • To kidnap someone.
  • To kill someone.
  • To drive invaders away.
  • To take over a land.

They can be summoned by the main antagonist or launch an attack by themselves. The leader of a swarm of these tiny terrors normally have certain traits that made them easily distinguised among their minions which in either way, shown their status as leader. The said traits would include some, if not all of these:

  • Having a shiny/better crown/cap and other accessories.
  • Better individual weapons.
  • Better fighting skills.
  • Larger in size (but not necessarily gigantic).

Variations of Tiny Terror Attacks

There are many kinds of Tiny Terror Attacks:

  • Insect Attack: This involves insects - usually bees, wasps, locusts, or army ants - swarming people, animals and/or vegetation, stinging or devouring anything in their paths.
  • Goblin/Doll/Demon Attack: Usually, these creatures launch an attack on someone by pinning them down, tugging at and/or biting clothes and parts of their body (mostly hair, ears, and limbs). Then, they can kill the person, capture him, or drag him away.


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