The Tower of Heaven (in Japanese: 楽園の塔 Rakuen no Tō), also known as the R-System is a towering spire-like structure and a location in Fairy Tail.


The Tower of Heaven is a really tall tower sticking up on a small island. It's has entire body is twisted and has jutting sides. The bottom is the main body of the tower and has system of small and giant metal tubes looped around as support. At the very top is a giant green sphere sealed in a crystal, where throne room is located. There's a twisted staircase rising around the tower which leads to the top. There are large crystals along with a twisted golden cone sticking out of the green sphere.

Powers and Abilities

The R-System or "Resurrection-System" can bring anyone who's deceased back to life. However, there's a high cost to the process. To complete the operation, an enormous amount of 2.7 Billion Edeas is required. That kind of power can be produced by the Etherion, a Magic weapon of mass destruction owned by the Magic Council. After getting the energy it needs, the tower will transform into its complete form: a giant blue Lacrima crystal. However, it still won't be activated it receives a human sacrifice. The person must have Magic Power close to the level of the Ten Wizard Saints. The body of the person is then fused with the Lacriman and is broken down and remodeled into the body of the very person the System is meant to revive.


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