Tritannus' Trident is an magical trident wielded by the evil merman Tritannus and an item featured in the animated series Winx Club.


The trident is Tritannus' source of magic and his own weapon. It can absorb pollution and turn him into his monster form. He can use it to gain the powers of other magical beings and use them as his own. However if Tritannus uses too much power, he will change back to a triton and will have to look for more toxins to change again.

Powers and Abilities

  • Absorption: It can absorb pollution and the power of other creatures to help Tritannus become stronger.
  • Transformation: It can transform other merpeople to mutants forced to obey Tritannus commands.
  • Dimensional Travel: It's used to open the gates to each planet of the Magical Dimension.
  • Summoning: Can summon Tritannus' mutants.
  • Energy Beams: Shoots magical energy blasts.
  • Spells: Can be used to cast spells.