The United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition Headquarters, or UNATCO headquarters for short, is the headquarters and central main base of operations for the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition and is a major location in Deus Ex.



The UNATCO Headquarters is the main headquarters of UNATCO which was established sometime around the foundation of UNATCO in 2027 or sometime after Human Revolution. The building was constructed on Liberty Island in New York City and would act as the military arm of the United Nations in hopes of combating the rise of global terrorism.


In the year 2052, the Statue of Liberty was destroyed by members of the National Secessionist Forces, a separatist terrorist organization that sought for the independence of many American states. In response, UNATCO had increaed their actions and JC Denton was a new recruit who just began. For much of the game, UNATCO HQ is where the player will go as their main base of operations and where many of the major characters will be in. The building is very luxurious and all current members of UNATCO will appear there.


twenty years later in the year 2072, UNATCO HQ now lies in ruins where it's inhabitants are homeless people and former staff members which now reside as a result of the Collapse and the dissolution of UNATCO. UNATCO HQ becomes a battleground however when the Illuminati and the Knights Templars begin fighting for control over Liberty Island.