The Underground Laboratory

The Underground Laboratory is a secret research facility located beneath the backyard cemetary of Fortuna Castle and it was constructed by the local religious order known as the Order of the Sword.

The laboratory underneath Fortuna Castle was recently created by the Order's Chief Alchemist Agnus with the aid of his fellow Order members while they were hunting down and capturing not only demons but also "Devil Arms", people with demon blood and hidden powers.

One of these divisions of this subterranean laboratory is the Angel Creation section where the Order even with the careful supervision of Agnus, conduct experiments on their Holy Knights in these cage-like capsules and use the machines to transfer the energy of both captured demons and the fragments of the "Dark Angel" to them, thus transformed into artifical angels.

This is also where the Order of the Sword have developed a weapon in their war on devils, a mystical ritual that creates angel-like humanoids known as the Ascension Ceremony.