The Undersea Base

The Undersea Base

The Undersea Base which is now located underwater served as the main base of operations for Megatron's troops since their former starship crashed on Earth. The base which is now the Decepticons' new home headquarters on Earth included several new buildings and a docking tower, a giant telescoping "elevator" which allowed Megatron and his Decepticon minions to reach the surface without having to get wet and risk getting rusty.



  • This vessel went nameless for 25 years. It was retroactively called the "Victory" in "The Complete Ark" reference book.
  • According to the production bible of the Generation 1 cartoon, one of the ideas involving the space bridge was that its end on Earth would be located in a room within the Decepticon Headquarters. Evidently, this idea was nixed in order to allow the Autobots a chance to use the space bridge once in a while. On the MUX, the Earth space bridge nexus is currently located in Decepticon City.
  • On the MUX, the undersea base is located within the Upper South Atlantic Ocean.

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