The Underworld (DC)

The Underworld

The Underworld, also known as Hades, is an extradimensional netherworld ruled by the namesake mad god Hades himself. He cares for the dead with the aid of Charon, Cerberus and Persephone.

Points of Interest

It is separated into several realms, which can be accessed by portals (such as Doom's Doorway) or at the will of an Olympian:

  • Cavern of Souls: a storage for women who were killed by the violence and ignorance of men. The well was emptied (save for one soul) to create the Amazons.
  • Elysian Fields: the domain of those fallen in glorious battle. Diana Rockwell, Antiope and Hippolyta resided in this realm after dying.
  • River Acheron: The river that flows straight through Hades.
  • River Lethe: River of Forgetfulness, ruled by the goddess Lethe.
  • River Styx: the border of all the realms; all who die must pay Charon for passage.
  • Tartarus: not officially a part of Hades, but still ruled by the God of the Dead. The proverbial Hell. Those who require punishment, such as the Titans and Ixion, were incarcerated there.

Appearances in othe rmedia

The Underworld is referenced and appeared alongside the the realm of Tartarus in both Justice League and Justice league Unlimited.


  • The Underworld named after the spiritual realm of the same name in Greek mythology.
  • Hades is occasionally used as a family friendly term for Hell. Hades, however, is a realm for all the dead, including the good, innocent and heroic. Only Tartarus qualifies as Hell.