Utumno, also known as Udûn, was Melkor's first fortress in the North of Middle-earth.


When the two lamps Illuin and Ormal illuminated Arda, Melkor dug the pits of Utumno beneath the Iron Mountains, over 1,000 miles from Angband, his next fortress. It was here where he bred the Orcs, created by mutilating and corrupting Elves, and Trolls, stated by Treebeard to be a mockery to the Ents. Fallen Maiar spirits, such as the Balrogs, stalked the fortress and the surrounding areas. Soon, the Valar decided to protect the Elves by destroying the fortress. They came out of the west, and destroyed Utumno. After that, Melkor was chained for around 3,000 years.


  • This was the first place ruled by Morgoth. The second was Angband, and the third was Beleriand.
  • Utumno is similar to the Well of Souls from The Legend of Spyro trilogy, as both are hellish-places created by the ultimate villains in their stories, and are also where evil beings are found.

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