The Villains' Dealing

The Villain's Dealing, also known as the Villains' Dealing.

We'll put it in a straight way, Mr. Ocathy. We invited you today is for the Magic Crystals beneath Baruch County. I hope we can put our odds aside and attack Baruch County together.
~ Alfanso to the members of the Cult of Shadows in the Coiling Dragon comics.
What you must realize, my Autobot brothers, is we were never going to win the war. For the sake of our planet, a deal had to be made..... with Megatron!!
~ Sentinel Prime revealing his deal with Megatron and betrayed the Autobots.

Villain's Dealing, also known as Villains' Dealing, is a kind of villainous event that includes two or more villainous individuals/factions to deal with each other, often for their own goods in common. Often, it was associated with Pact with the Devil.

NOTE: This only includes VILLAINOUS individuals or factions, rivals or non-rivals, had some dealings for some purpose. No fanon examples or real-life events are included.


Between Rivals

  • Radiant Church & Cult of Shadows: 10 years after he settled to the Graveyard of Gods, Linley came back to find a county (later kingdom) was founded and a large mine of Magical Crystals was discovered. However, Linley's worst fear on this soon came true. Hearing the news, Alfanso, the arch-angel of the Radiant Church, had invited members of the Cult of Shadows, their supposed rivals, to a meetings. Alfanso, Thunder and Osenno made the Radiant Church to made a deal with the Cult of Shadows (even if the latter don't want to) to wage a war and plunder the Baruch Kingdom.
  • Sledge and Heckyl aka. Snide: Upon revelation that purple energem no longer bonded to its former host, Sledge goes for Heckyl's aid in spite of both Wrench's protests and his own concern about the villain's notorious reputation. When Heckyl unexpectedly turned the table in the negotiation by threatened to unlocked all cells in the prison, Sledge begrudgingly allowed Heckyl to go for the quest where the reward is must have him become his partner and ally. Though Sledge found Heckyl to be despicable that he locked the criminal back to his cell after the latter's failure, Sledge's relationship with the said criminal's alter-ego Snide proved to be opposite.

Between Non-Rivals

  • ????????????????


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