The Villain's Remorse

Villain's Remorse

Sometimes villains are not always proud of their actions after being confronted by the protagonists, they might feel sorry for their past actions, they may want to atone for their crimes and seek for redemption. Anti-villains have a 99% of being remorseful about their actions. Often, it was related with Villainous BSOD.

There are several ways a villain can feel remorse:

  • They may have a tearjerking or/and heartbreaking breakdown if they ever considered their actions caused a lot of harm in the first place.
  • After being defeated they may turn themselves in without ranting and raging around like maniacs
  • Kneeling down in repentance after seeing the massive damage they caused.

A sociopath usually have no remorse although there are a few exceptions.

NOTE: Complete monsters should never ever be qualified in this page because if complete monsters have no altruistic virtues and redeeming values, how can we expect them to have remorse? Mainly because remorse can be a redeeming value.


Anime and Manga

  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Acadamy - Side: Hope:
    • In the final confrontation between him and Hajime Hinana, Ryota Mitarai started to cry in remorse since he was torn by his reckless act of making the Despair Video after deceived by Junko Enoshima, who later used to brainwash many of his classmates. After being persuaded by the former Remnants of Despair that his plan was wrong, Mitarai finally had a change of heart, prompting him to shut down the Hope Brainwashing Video and joined his classmates' atonement.
    • The former Remnants of Despair later started to atone their sin committed when they were brainwashed. They began by falsefully claiming themselves to be responsible for the Final Killing Game, which was caused by the Future Foundation itself, saving the Future Foundation from disgrace and making the world away from despair.

Western Animation

  • Big Hero 6: The big bad Yokai (real name: Professor Callaghan) after being aprehended for his crimes he feels remorse over them after seeing his daughter for last time before being taken to judicial custody.

Foreign Animation

  • Song of the Sea: After Macha the Owl Witch is defeated for a while, she starts to cry due to her terrible about what she did to her son.


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