The Villainous Foil

Villainous Foil

In fiction, villains commonly function in the dual role of adversary and foil to the story's heroes. In their role as adversary, the villain serves as an obstacle the hero must struggle to overcome. In their role as foil, the villain exemplifies characteristics that are diametrically opposed to those of the hero, creating a contrast distinguishing heroic traits from villainous ones.

Others point out that many acts of villains have a hint of wish-fulfillment fantasy, which makes some people identify with them as characters more strongly than with the heroes. Because of this, a convincing villain must be given a characterization that makes his or her motive for doing wrong convincing, as well as being a worthy adversary to the hero. As put by film critic Roger Ebert: "Each film is only as good as its villain. Since the heroes and the gimmicks tend to repeat from film to film, only a great villain can transform a good try into a triumph."


  • Koba: Koba's foil is Caesar.
  • Vector Perkins: In some ways, Vector is the foil for the protagonist Felonious Gru, as:
    • Gru's villainous schemes as means to become the world's #1 Supervillain mostly to impressed his mother and even goes so far to accomplished the said scheme by either through his invented hi-tech gadgets or stealing the already existing other hi-tech gadgets that he himself not able to created, while Vector is a spoiled brat whom doesn't have any real talent presumably getting all his technology from his dad.
    • Gru is surprisingly friendly and gentle as well as able to making friends with anyone while Vector only have non-agressive contact with his father.
    • Gru's lair was build under his house that looked normal that built alongside other normal houses while Vector's house was fanciful to looked at but is all alone.
  • Indominus Rex: In some ways, the Indominus paralleled Rexy, as:
    • Rexy was an ordinary predator, but the Indominus was not only aware of the deaths she caused, but took pleasure in causing them.
    • Rexy was intended to be an attraction while the Indominus was intended for military operations.
    • Some of the Indominus' scenes in Jurassic World mirror two of Rexy's scenes from the first movie, like attacking Zach and Gray Mitchell in a Gyrosphere similar to how Rexy attacked Lex and Tim Murphy in a tour car and killing Delta and Echo, similar to Rexy killing The Big One and her comrade.
    • Ironically, the Indominus temporarily teamed up with Owen's raptors to kill the humans and later, Rexy teamed up with Blue to defeat the Indominus.
    • Rexy was a fully grown adult with two decades of experience on Isla Nublar, while Indominus was only a subadult and was still learning about the island before her death.
    • There was a difference in the respective ways they were created. Rexy was cloned from prehistoric DNA, while the DNA of Rexy's species along with other dinosaurs and creatures were combined to create the Indominus, making her a genetically modified dinosaur.
    • She also paralleled Owen's raptors as well, as Vic Hoskins planned to use all of them for military purposes, plus their high intelligence and being hybrids. Also, the raptors had Owen to look after and care for them. The Indominus, on the other hand, had killed her sibling, the only one who could provide her company, and thus was all alone in her paddock, eventually driving her to become the sociopathic killer that the raptors, and to an extent, Rexy, could have potentially become had they received the same treatment.
  • Lord Shen: Much like Po, he was the victim of a traumatic past (Po's mother and countless other members of his species being killed by Shen, and the latter being banished from Gongmen City by his parents for committing such an malicious act just to thwart the Soothsayer's "warrior of black and white prophecy), but Po was able to move on from his past, while Shen wasn't, which resulted in his own demise.
  • Scar: When Simba, still blaming himself for his father's death, is dangling from the edge of a cliff, Scar can't resist doing some Evil Gloating and says "I killed Mufasa." When Simba has his evil uncle cornered at his mercy, Scar tries to pin the blame on his own hyena henchmen, who overhear and growl at Scar's betrayal. After a climactic fight ending with Simba tossing Scar off Pride Rock, Scar finds himself cornered by his furious hyena henchmen, who maul him to death.
  • Bradley Uppercrust III: Bradley is a selfish jerk who only considers himself a winner while he views everyone else--including his own Gamma members--as total losers. Brad becomes so obsessed with winning the X-Games that he is willing to severely injure or even kill his opponents to ensure his victory. Bradley even callously leaves his right hand man Tank to die in the burning X Games wire-and fabric logo just so he can finish the race. Max and Goofy manage to help Tank escape and Max beats Brad to the finish line. Tank then turns on Brad for betraying him and then slingshots him towards the X-Games zeppelin flying overhead.
  • Destoroyah: Both he and Godzilla (Especially the 1954 Godzilla) are prehistoric creatures that lived on Earth long before humanity existed before they were awakened and mutated by a man-made superweapon (Destoroyah/The Oxygen Destroyer, Godzilla/Nuclear bombs). The great difference is that Godzilla vented on humanity because of what he had become, while Destoroyah is a complete sadist who takes pleasure in causing death and destruction around the world, even desiring to wipe out all life of Earth according to his Godzilla: Unleashed bio.
  • Iris: Iris and Gamera are both ancient guardian creatures created by the Atlanteans that use special beads to communicate with humans, and both have formed symbiotic relationships with human females. However, while Gamera seeks to defend the Earth from any and all threats, Iris only wants to increase his own power. This relationship is further emphasized by the origin given for Iris in the Gamera vs. Barugon manga, which establishes that Iris was actually Gamera's predecessor, being genetically engineered by the Atlanteans to battle the Gyaos before being discarded in favor of Gamera.
  • Skullcrawlers: Both they and King Kong have killed the other's kind, and Ramarak was the only Skullcrawler who rivaled Kong in size, making him and Kong the largest monsters on Skull Island. Kong also cared about humanity, while Ramarak made various attempts to kill them, even trying to eat Weaver when she was in Kong's hand to spite the ape.

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