The Villainous Taunts

Villainous Taunts

How do you think I got rich? Well, I invented weapons. And now I've made a weapon that only I can defeat, and once I unleash it, I'll- (Mr. Incredible hurls a log at him. Syndrome barely dodges it and quickly immobilizes him with his zero-point energy ray.) You sly dog! You got me monologuing! I can't believe it!
~ Syndrome taunting Mr. Incredible.

In any story, there comes a time when the villain taunts someone (usually the hero/heroine or someone he/she loves) for these reasons:

  • Challenging the hero.
  • Shattering a bond.
  • Sadistic pleasure, especially when holding someone captive.

These taunts can range from mildly annoying to dark and devastating. Some of them can come off as hurtful stereotypes.

Noteworthy Examples

  • In the 2003 film Peter Pan, Captain Hook taunts Peter Pan that Wendy Darling is leaving him in an attempt to bring him down.
  • Scut Farkus taunts Ralphie Parker when confronting him.
  • Ginarrbrik taunts Edmund Pevensie when holding him captive, then does it to Aslan when he arrives at the Stone Table.
  • Harley Quinn taunts Catwoman after she captures her and prepares to grind her alive.
  • Johnny Lawrence and the Cobra Kai taunt Daniel LaRusso before pushing him down a hill, setting The Karate Kid's plot in motion.
  • Boingo taunts Red Puckett when besting her in a fight and after loading her into a dynamite-filled cart.
  • Steele and his thugs insult Balto for his wolf heritage.
  • Darth Maul taunting Obi-Wan Kenobi about the fate of Qui-Gon Jinn.
  • Baby Vegeta taunting Uub about the demise of his mentor and friend, Goku.
  • Andross taunting Fox McCloud to fight him alone.


I had a kitty once. You know, they don't always land on their feet. Look on the bright side. Tomorrow, you'll be feeding HUNDREDS of hungry cats. The fun starts as soon as Mr. J. comes back.
~ Harley Quinn taunting Catwoman as she prepares to grind her alive.
I've been waiting for you, Star Fox. You know that I control the galaxy. It's foolish to come against me. You will die just like your father.
~ Andross taunting Fox McCloud to come and face him alone.
Hey, Sully. How does it feel to betray your own race?
~ Miles Quaritch taunting Jake Sully as he challenges him.
Well, this is a pity. What will you do now, bowman? You are forsaken! No help will come! Is that your child? You cannot save him from the fire! He will BURN!
~ Smaug taunting Bard and Bain as he burns Laketown.
Is our little prince uncomfortable? Does he want his pillow fluffed? Special treatment for the special boy! Isn't THAT what you wanted?
~ Ginarrbrik taunting Edmund Pevensie while holding him captive.
(Daniel LaRusso is taking his bike home when Johnny and the Cobra Kai ride up to him.) (Dutch: Looking for a shortcut back to Newark, Daniel?) No, he wants to learn karate! Well, here's your first lesson: How to take a fall! (Daniel: What are you doing?!) (Dutch: Don't think about the pain!) (With that, Johnny and his goons shove Daniel down a hill, causing him to fall off his bike.)
~ Johnny Lawrence and his gang Cobra Kai taunting Daniel LaRusso.
Where's your kid now, Sheriff?
~ Lotso taunting Woody, Buzz and the other toys before betraying them and leaving them in the incinerator.
(Balto is talking to Boris when a growly voice rings out.) Didn't make the team, Bingo? (Boris, to Balto: Don't listen to him. Don't look at him. Live a long life.) (Balto, turning to face Steele: My name's BALTO.) (Boris: But you had called him "idiot.") I'm sorry, Balto. Balto the half-breed. (Steele's thugs begin to agree as he turns to Boris.) Hey, old goose? You a half-breed, too, huh? Part turkey? (Boris, terrified, falls onto a huge plate, the dome trapping him.) (Nikki: Wow, good wordplay there, boss.) (Kaltag: You are the wittiest, the drollest, the cleverest, the sharpest! You are the hilariousest!) (Star: You crack me up!) (He laughs, but Kaltag knocks him out with a single blow. Balto glares at his rival.) (Balto: Steele, just leave him out of this.) (Steele's goons jeer at Balto.) Oh, Balto. I've got a message for your mother. (As soon as he says this, he and his thugs raise their muzzles to the sky and howl.) (Nikki: Hey, Balto, translate for me, would you?) (Balto's eyes narrow with rage and he walks up to Steele and his cronies; Boris tries to pull him away by his tail.) (Star: What's wolf for "Go chase your tail?") (Boris: Balto, stop!) (Balto approaches Steele and his goons, who stop howling.) Get him. (Steele's thugs ferociously bark at Balto.) Get out of her, wolf-dog. You better get back to your pack. (Boris, trying to lead his friend away: Maybe it's the unrelenting fear, but I'm seeing wisdom in this advice. Maybe we go now, huh? Now!) (Steele and his gang, laughing, kick snow at Balto.) (Kaltag: I think Balto's friend got his feathers ruffled!) (Star, cackling: Goose! Ha! I get it!) (Steele's men knock down Balto with a stone.) (Nikki: Half-wolf in the side pocket there!) (Kaltag: That was the most dead-center, on-target, down-the-middle...) (Star, with a laugh: Ya hit him!) (But then, noticing Kaltag, he sighs and gulps before a big box to the jaw. Steele walks off, chuckling evilly.)
~ Steele taunting Balto for his part-wolf heritage.
Listen, jerk! When I tell you to come, you better come! (Ralphie starts quivering in anger.) What, are you gonna cry now? Come on, crybaby, cry for me! Come on, CRY, HA HA!!! (Ralphie as an Adult: Deep under the recesses of my brain, a tiny red hot little flame began to growl.) (Scut continues laughing at Ralphie before he is pushed to his breaking point.)
~ Scut Farkus taunting Ralphie Parker and challenging him.
(Red is bound, gagged, and loaded into a cable car filled with dynamite. She wriggles and squeals as Boingo taunts her.) Hey, you're a delivery, girl, right? Then could you do me a favor? Could you take this down the mountain? 'Cause it absolutely, positively has to be there TONIGHT! Sorry, what I can't quite with the... (referring to Red's gag) You got something right there across your mouth! (He laughs maniacally as Red struggles to get free.)
~ Boingo taunting Red Puckett after his thugs bind her and put her in a dynamite-filled cable car.
(Clayton scans the mossy trees looking for Tarzan. Suddenly, Tarzan jumps on Clayton, making him drop his gun. The two men wrestle each other as they tumble from branch to branch. Clayton spots his gun in some nearby vines and reaches for it, but Tarzan pulls him back and retrieves the gun himself. He points it at Clayton.) Go ahead, shoot me. (Tarzan hesitates, Clayton laughs) Be a man! (Tarzan holds the barrels right at Clayton's throat...and mimics the sound of a loud gunshot.) (Tarzan: Not a man like YOU!) (smashes the gun to pieces)
~ Tarzan snatches Clayton's gun and aims it at him. Clayton taunts Tarzan to pull the trigger. Tarzan instead mimics a gunshot, before smashing the gun to pieces.
(Dag has his pack attack Otis.) That should do. That should do. (His pack scatter, and Dag walks up to the weak, injured bovine lying on the ground) Well, look at the hero! You thought you could come into my den! Now why don't you lay there and watch while we eat your friends. (laughs evilly)
~ After sicking his pack on Otis, Dag sadistically mocks the weak, injured bovine to helplessly watch his friends be devoured by the coyote's pack.
What's the matter, Batman? No witty comeback? No threat? Then I'll provide the narration... [the screen flickers to life, showing "Our Family Memories"] I'll begin with how I peeled back the layers of the boy's mind. [In the edited version, he says, "I'll begin with how I affected young Robin's makeover."] Oh, he bravely tried to fight it at first. You would've been proud to see him so strong - but all too soon, the serums and the shocks took their toll... and the dear lad began to share such secrets with me. [In the edited cut, "the serums and the shocks took their toll... and" was cut] Secrets that are mine alone to know... Bruce. It's true, Batsy! I know everything. And kinda like the kid who peeks at his Christmas presents, I must admit, it's sadly anti-climactic. Behind all the sturm and batarang, you're just a little boy in a playsuit, crying for mommy and daddy! It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic. [pause] Oh, what the heck, I'll laugh anyway! HA HA HA HA HA HAA!
~ The Joker taunting Batman on who he really is.
(Alex hears a shriek of distress. He makes his way to the crowd. The animals see that the watering hole has dried up. A fish flops limply on the dry riverbed.) (Giraffe: The water! It's gone!) (Hippo: The watering hole has never gone dry before!) (Giraffe: We'll need a lot more dying holes!) (Gazelle: How'd this happen?) (Makunga makes his way through the crowd.) Out of my way! What is going on here?! (Gazelle: The watering hole's dried up! There's barely enough water for one of us!) Yes, good observation, Shirley. (Gazelle: I'm Bobby!) (Giraffe: Makunga, what do we do?) (The animals clamor) QUIET! (The crowd falls silent) Listen up! I'm afraid there is only one solution to this horrible crisis: We'll all have to fight for it. (Lioness: Fight for it?) (Buffalo: That's crazy!) (Bobby: Well, that's not fair! You'd win!) Exactly, Shirley. (Bobby: I'm Bob--) (Makunga kicks Bobby away.) Sorry, folks, but life isn't fair. I'm in charge now! Thanks to Alakay, the dancing lion. (Baby Giraffe: Please, Makunga! This is the only water on the reserve!) If you're thirsty, you'll have to look for water off the reserve! (Elephant: Off the reserve?) (Rhino: It's too dangerous!) (Lioness: Hunters would shoot us!) (Giraffe: No one leaves the reserve and survives!) (Alex: I left the reserve! [the animals turn their heads toward him] And survived! I can do something about this. Looks like a clogged pipe--like we get in New York all the time. I'll just travel upriver.) (Elephant: Upriver? Off the reserve?) You? (Makunga laughs) (Alex: Yeah, me! I'll unclog the pipe and bring back your water!) Great! I'd help you pack, but by the looks of that hat, I see you're all set! (laughs even harder) (Alex: Fine! Go ahead, laugh. Laugh your mane off! I'm gonna prove you wrong!) (Alex turns to leave on his quest.) Maybe you should try a little rain dance! (vocalizes, then laughs uproariously) (Giraffe: Zuba would know what to do! Where's Zuba?) (Elephant: You don't care about us!) (Hippo: Zuba should be in charge, not you!) (Makunga growls with fury.) ALRIGHT! Fine! As an added measure, I will consult with Zuba! Grr!
~ Makunga insulting Alex when he volunteers to leave the reserve to restore the watering hole. Determined to prove the pompous Makunga wrong, Alex sets off on his quest and Makunga continues to insult and mock him as he leaves. Realizing Makunga has no regard for anybody but himself, the animals criticize his leadership and demand Zuba back, making Makunga seethe with fury.



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