The Villains' Last Words

The Villains' Last Words

Sometimes, I just killed myself! Hahahaha!
~ The Joker's hilarious last words, before falling off his helicopter ladder and onto his death.

Last words from villains before their defeat, whether it be death or otherwise.


2001: A Space Odyssey

It's called... "Daisy"... Daisy... Daisy... Give me your answer, do... I'm.. half... crazy... All for the love... of you... It won't be a stylish marriage... I can't... afford... a carriage... But you'd... look sweet... upon... the seat... Or a bicycle... built... for two...
~ HAL-9000's iconic last words, singing Daisy Bel.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

~ Freddy Krueger before getting killed by a pipe bomb in the real world.
~ Freddy Krueger's other last words in Freddy vs. Jason before being stabbed by Jason and then beheaded by Lori.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

There's thousands of us here. We won't stop. This whole country is ours, and they'll be coming for you now. Ask your friend Henry.
~ Jack Barts before Abraham Lincoln finishes him off.
There's nowhere left to run, Lincoln! Where is it?! WHERE IS THE SILVER?!
~ Adam when Abraham Lincoln responds "Right here." and punches Adam in the chest with his silver pocket watch, killing him.


So I sure as shit ain't afraid to burn here on Earth.
~ Wes Mantooth, before he is accidentally killed by Brick Tamland.
All right!, looks like this fight's over. Let's go, boys.
~ Jack Lime, before he is accidentally killed by Brick Tamland.


Rooster, you reprobate!
~ Miss Hannigan beating her brother with her purse.


Hey Sully... how does it feel to betray your own race? You think you're one of them? Time to wake up!
~ Miles Quaritch deterined to finish Jake Sully once and for all.

Back to the Future

~ Griff Tannen's final words.
I hate manure.
~ Buford Tannen's last words.


Jesus, what are you trying to do, blow the collar?
~ Max Eckhardt's last known words spoken to Commissioner Gordon. Later, he gets shot by Jack Napier.
Jack! Listen...maybe we can cut a deal.
~ Carl Grissom begging for his life after Jack Napier revealed himself as the Joker. Joker murdered him right away.
(Joker: Well Tony, nobody wants a war. If we can't do business then we'll just shake hands, and that'll be it.) Yeah? (Joker: Yeah.)
~ Antoine Rotelli before getting electrocuted by Joker's joy buzzer.
Sometimes I just kill myself!
~ The Joker while trying to escape via helicopter and Batman traps his leg on a stone gargoyle. He could not break free, and the gargoyle breaks loose from its moorings, causing him to fall to his death.
You missed.
~ The Stungun Clown before Batman pulled debris on his head, rendering him unconscious.
Would you hurry up and get those kids loaded already?
~ The Organ Grinder to the Red Triangle Circus Gang while capturing Gotham City's first-born sons. The Organ Grinder saw Batman and was immediately captured along with most of the gang.
One way to find out.
~ Max Shreck when he used a gun to take out Catwoman's "nine lives, but he ran out of bullets, leaving her with two lives left. She electrocuted him while kissing him with a taser and grabbing some exposed wires.
Oh s#%t. I picked a cute one. The heat's getting to me. I'll murder you momentarily. Acck. But first, I need a cool drink of ice water.
~ The Penguin before dying from his injuries and the toxic waste in the sewer. First he tried to kill Batman with a trick umbrella but accidentally picked the harmless children's umbrella.
Yes of course you're right Bruce. Emotion's always the enemy of true justice. Thank you. You've always been a good friend.
~ Two-Face before he flips his coin. Batman threw replicas of his coin at him after he flipped. The confusion caused him to slip and fall into a watery bed of spikes, killing him. His real coin falls into the palm of his hand as his body sinks below.
I'm Batman!
~ Riddler, after having his mental breakdown and imprisoned in the Arkham Asylum in Batman Forever.
~ Carmine Falcone, suffering the effects of Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, while incarcerated at the Arkham Asylum. This is the last time he is seen in the movie.
There is nothing to fear...but FEAR ITSELF!
~ Scarecrow, before Rachel chases him off with a taser.
Have you finally learned to do what is necessary?
~ Ra's al Ghul, daring Batman to kill him, before he is killed in a violent train crash.
Criminals in this town used to believe in things. Honor. Respect. Look at you! What do you believe in, huh?! WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN--?!?
~ The Bank Manager, after he is subdued by the Joker.
The boss said he'd make the voices go away...he said he'd go inside and replace them with bright Christmas...
~ Kilson, before he gets blown up by the Joker's cellphone bomb.
They won't work for a freak.
~ The Chechen, in response to the Joker burning the Mob's entire life savings and taking over his gang. The Joker then threatens to kill Chechen and feed his remains to his dogs, though it is unknown whether he actually does or not.
I swear, I didn't know what they were gonna do to you!
~ Michael Wuertz, attempting to convince Two-Face of his innocence. He is unsuccessful, as Two-Face's coin landed on the scarred side, causing him to shoot Wuertz.
~ Sal Maroni, in response to Two-Face flipping a coin deciding his driver's fate. When Two-Face flipped to decide Maroni's fate, it lands on the clean side, thus meaning Maroni was spared, but Two-Face then flipped it again, deciding the fate of Maroni's driver. It landed on the scarred side, thus Two-Face killed Maroni's driver, resulting in Maroni's presumed death from the following crash.
I took Gotham's "White Knight", and brought him down to our level. It wasn't hard. See, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!
~ The explains what he has done to Harvey Dent, moments before he is taken into custody.
Tell your boy he'll be all right, Gordon. I lied.Two-Face, taunting Commissioner Gordon and preparing to execute him, before Batman tackles him, resulting in him falling to his death.
You're pure evil.
~ John Dagget's last words before Bane breaks his neck offscreen.
We both know that I have to kill you now. You'll just have to imagine the fire!
~ Bane, preparing to kill Batman, just moments before he is killed by Catwoman, in The Dark Knight Rises.
There' way...this bomb...will be stopped. Prepare yourselves. My father' done....
~ Talia al Ghul, before she dies in The Dark Knight Rises.

Blazing Saddles

How did he do such amazing stunts with such little feet?
~ Hedley Lamarr, after getting shot by Bart.


Wait, I owe you man. I got two new hands, Blade. I don't know which one to use to kill you with.
~ Quinn moments before Blade decapitates him.
I'm really going to enjoy this now!
~ Mercury preparing to attack Karen, only for Karen to spray garlic spray in her mouth, causing her head to explode.
Nice shot.
~ Deacon Frost as Blade uses the handle of his sword to get his belt down from the wall and then throws numerous vials of EDTA at Frost, causing him to explode.
It's strange. It hurts no more...
~ Jared Nomak, referring to the constant burning pain he felt because of the Reaper Virus, before impaling himself on Blades' sword.
Funny, isn't it? All this time, my people were trying to create a new kind of vampire when one already existed. I don't need to survive. The future of our race rests with you. You fought with honor, I respect that. Allow me a parting gift. But know this: Sooner or later... the thirst always wins.
~ Drake to Blade, transferring his superior vampire powers onto the Daywalker before he died.

Big Trouble in Little China

Goodbye, Mr. Burton
~ Lo-Pan throwing Jack Burton's knife back at him, attempting to kill him. Jack, however, catches the knife and hurls it towards Lo-pan's forehead, killing him instantly.


You need to bring me that bastard Kane's head, put it in front of this house and show them what kind of war we are fighting!
~ Nykwana Wombosi, yelling at one of his aides, just moments before he is assassinated by The Professor.
Look at this. Look at what they make you give.
~ The Professor, after he was mortally wounded in a gunfight with Jason Bourne and dies after telling him to go to Paris.
Where are you gonna go?!
~ Alexander Conklin, after Bourne tells him to go to his superiors and tell that he was dead, and warning him and the CIA to not come after again. After Conklin leaves the safehouse, he is gunned down by Manheim.
I have another car in the back.
~ Jarda to Bourne, before attacking him and being killed in the resulting fight.
I'm not sorry.
~ Ward Abbott shoots himself after Pamela Landy finds out about his framing of Bourne.
So, now you're going to kill me?
~ Dr. Albert Hirsch, after telling Jason Bourne about Treadstone began with him, but Bourne decides not to kill him, saying that he didn't deserve the star that they'd give him on the wall at Langley.
Why didn't you take the shot?
~ Paz, asking why Bourne didn't kill him in their earlier confrontation.


Unfinished business? I have no unfinished business. I have my treasure, my mansion. I have EVERYTHING. I'm... just... Perfect! Wait! Wait! I lied! I have unfinished business - lots of unfinished business! I-I'm not ready to cross over yet! Wait! You tricked me, you rotten little rats!
~ Carrigan Crittenden before her ghost crosses over
You can haunt me all you want, but it's gonna be in a great big expensive house, with lovely purple wallpaper, and great big green carpets, and a little dog, called "Carrigan" - a bitch, just like you! I've got the power! I've got the treasure!
~ Paul "Dibs" Plutzker
Just shut up and get your head down. Oh my...Oh you gotta see this, people are gonna freak
~ Amber Whitmire when she is with Vic
Let me see...Cool.
~ Vic de Phillipe before he loses his sanity
Solder you have failed, 30 days of the stock age.
~ Bill Case as he storms out failing to blow up the Applegate Mansion.
Yeah, your stuck with Cato
~ Snivel when the Trio lied to him and Kibosh.
That's Casper. Make sure you four never darken my tone again.
~ Kibosh after the Trio lied to him by saying that Casper is his nephew so he will now take him away.
What did we miss? (Jennifer: You almost got Chris killed.) Cool.
~ Brock Lee before the Ghostly Trio scared he and his friends.
Let's see how snotty you are without your stick, Miss I'm too good for you
~ Josh Jackman before he and his friend were being scared off by Casper.
Let me out you little pest... No! No! No!
~ Desmond Spellman as he falling into the abyss and dies in disgrace

Bride of Chucky

GO AHEAD, SHOOT! I'LL BE BACK, I ALWAYS COME BACK! But dying is such a bitch.
~ Chucky before being shot in the chest by Jade Kincaid and falls next to his human corpse at Hackensack Cemetery.

Charile's Angels

Enjoy heaven.
~ Madison Lee

Class of 1984

Goodbye, Mr. Norris!
~ Fallon, about to kill Andrew Norris with a woodshop buzzsaw, but Norris fought and cut Fallon's arm off and then hit him to the buzzsaw on his back, killing him.
~ Drugstore after Norris set him on fire.
~ Barnyard angered by Drugstore's death, tried to fight Norris, but Norris bashed his head in with a lead pipe. Patsy tried to run over Norris with a car, but she missed and ran over Barnyard instead.
She's On the roof.
~ Patsy telling Andrew Norris where his wife is.
~ Peter Stegman as he begged Norris to save him from falling, he tried to kill him with a switchblade. In retaliation, Norris punched Stegman in the eye, causing him to fall on ropes and get hung on a hangman's noose.

Cheerleader Ninjas

You doomed our children to a life of internet smut and damnation!
~ The Head Church Lady swearing revenge on the cheerleaders for foiling her plans.

Child's Play

'Atta boy son! 'Atta boy!
~ Chucky after his son Glen chopped off his limbs. He praises him for his ruthlessness, and then Glen chopped off his head.

Day of the Dead (1985)

Choke on 'em! Choke on 'em!
~ Captain Rhodes before he dies from having his organs ripped out by the zombies

Death Race

I always win.
~ Hennesey

Die Hard

What was it you said to me before? "Yipee-ki-yay, mother**ker."
~ Hans Gruber, before he is pushed out of a window.
Too bad, McClane. I kind of liked you.
~ Major Grant
Happy landings asshole!
~ Colonel Stuart thinking he has made is triumphant getaway on his plane.
Get outta here!
~ Simon Gruber, just as McClane shoots a power line that causes his helicopter to crash.
On your tombstone, It should read "Always in the wrong place at the wrong time!"
~ Thomas Gabriel, torturing McCline, before getting shot in the chest.
What a shame your father won't be alive to see you promoted!
~ Yuri Komarov before he is hurled off by John McClane, Jr. into a helicopter's choppers.
(In Russian) This is for you, papa!
~ Irina Komarov, before failing to kill John and Jack with the helicopter, killing her, Vadim and the pilot in the process.

Dirty Harry

It will be my word against yours...and who's gonna believe you? You're a killer Harry. A maniac!
~ Lt. Neil Briggs gloating to Harry Callahan before he drives away but is blown up by the bomb Callahan left in the car.

The Divergent Series

It's been over 200 years, they don't know what's out there. (Evelyn Johnson-Eaton: They'll never find out.)
~ Jeanine Matthews, before Evelyn shoots her.

Django Unchained

I insist.
~ Calvin Candie, asking for a handshake from Dr. Schultz, only to get shot in the heart.
Django! You uppity son of a...
~ Stephen, before he is caught in the explosion of his mansion.


But I'm a f**king demon!
~ Azreal after getting mortally wounded in the chest by Silent Bob with one of the Cardinal's blessed golf clubs.
You're weak.
~ Loki as he decides to help the heroes against Bartleby's plan to erase all existence. Bartelby kills him afterward, saying that he lost the faith.
Thank you.
~ Bartleby who tried to erase existence by passing through the arch and getting back to Heaven. He was stopped by God (manifested as a woman) and fell on his knees in remorse. God kills him with Her extremely loud voice, causing his head to explode.
Semper fi, motherf**ker. Faithful to the Corps, John.
~ Sarge's last words, before fighting John "Reaper" Grimm while his mutation slowly manifests.

Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Reinfield you ***hole!
~ Dracula right before he bursted into flame after Reinfiled accidentally opened the window and let the sunlight in.


You can't afford to take the risk.
~ Ma-Ma before she gets shot by Judge Dredd.

Dumb and Dumber

Son of a bitch! (gurgling sound)
~ Joe Mentalino after Harry and Lloyd unknowingly feed him rat poison that was intended for them.

Evil Dead

Join Us!
~ Cheryl Williams before Ash tosses the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis into the fire.
Hey! I'll swallow your soul! I'll swallow your soul! I'll swallow your soul!
~ Henrietta Knowby before Ash blows up her severed head with a shotgun
I possess the Necronomicon! I've crushed your pathetic army! Now I'll have my vengeance!
~ Evil Ash to Ash before he sends Evil Ash flying into the air, where he explodes due to the gunpowder.


Ready for the big ride, baby...
~ Castor Troy after Sean Archer impales him with a harpoon.


What happened to the energy?!
~ Hexxus, before later being imprisoned in a tree.

Final Destination

Tell Candice... I love her.
~ Peter Friedkin, before Sam impales him and he was claimed by Death.

Friday the 13th

(Jason's voice) Kill her mommy, kill her! Don't let her get away! (normal voice) I won't Jason, I won't.
~ Pamela Voorhees before being decapitated by Alice.
I thought you were talking to me?
~ Roy Burns to a police officer, in his second and final line. He later dies after being impaled on a bed of spikes.
It's you... it's really you!
~ Charles McCulloch finding out that Jason really does exist, moments before being drowned in toxic waste.
You should have been watching him...every minute!
~ Pamela Voorhees in the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th before she is beheaded and killed.

The Frighteners

Bye Frank!
~ Johnny Bartlett as he grabs Patricia Bradley's soul from Frank in the Corridor of Life. Thinking that he pulled a fast one on Frank, both he and Patricia were about to go back to Earth to kill more people, but then the Corridor of Life became monstrous and demonic, enveloping both souls with worms and tentacles. The corridor became a giant worm and sent both souls straight to Hell.
Johnny... JOHNNY... JOHNNY!!!!!!
~ Patricia Bradley as both her and Johnny Bartlett were both sent to Hell.

Full Metal Jacket

What is YOUR major malfunction, numnuts?!? Didn't mommy and daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?!?
~ Gunnery Sergeant Hartman before he gets shot by Private Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence.
I am in a world of shit. Left shoulder! Huagh! Right Shoulder! Huagh! Lock and Load! Order! Huagh! This is my rifle! There are many like it but this one is mine! My rifle is my best friend, it is my life! (inaudible screaming)
~ Private Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence before he kills Gunnery Sergeant Hartman and then himself.

G.I. Joe

Yeah, I can see that was wrong.
~ Zartan, before being stabbed to death by Storm Shadow for betraying and killing the Hard Masrer.
You want that case? You're gonna have to come through me. Oh, yeah, that's right.
~ Firefly, before his fight with Roadblock, and defeat, and then getting blown up by one of his weapons.


~ Willy Lopez after dying and becoming a ghost, gets grabbed by demons from the shadows and is taken to Hell.
Sam? (Sam Wheat: "Oh Carl.") What?
~ Carl Bruner after dying and becoming a ghost sees Sam and just realized that he is dead. The demons from the shadows take him to Hell afterward.


The choice is made! The Traveller has come!
~ Gozer before the deity appeared as Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
No! I, Ray, am Vigo, shall rule the Earth! Begone, you pitiful half-men
~ Vigo (while temporarily possessing Ray Stanz), before being defeated and destroyed by the Ghostbusters via their positively-charged Mood SLime.

The Godfather

Not bad.
~ Luca Brasi, before one of Virgil Sollozzo's assassins garrotes him from behind.
Don't take too long.
~ Virgil Sollozzo, granting Michael permission to go to the bathroom. Michael returns with a gun and shoots both Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey.
Mike, please!
~ Carlo Rizzi, before Michael tells him to get out of his sight. He enters the car and Clemenza garrotes him with a chain.
Oh, no. That's a new trick. You run in there. Run in there...
~ Vito Corleone, before suffering a fatal heart attack.
Louder, I don't hear so good.
~ Francesco Ciccio, before Vito kills him by slicing his chest open, avenging his family.


We will escape into the future, the unknown future!
~ The Controller of Planet X, before self-destructing his ship.
Kubota, what went wrong?
~ The Chairman, leader of the M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens' invasion force, as he lays buried under burning rubble in the aliens' destroyed base.
I can't believe it. Mechagodzilla, the magnificent machine, has been defeated.
~ Kuronuma about Mechagodzilla's defeat, his last words before he is gunned down by Agent Nanbara.
~ Dr. Shinzo Mafune calls out to his daughter before succumbing to multiple gunshot wounds.
Ha! What do your bullets matter?
~ Mugal's final words before he tries to escape in his spaceship and is shot down by Godzilla.
What the hell is this? Did you set me up?
~ John Lee, an agent of Bio-Major, to Colonel Goro Gondo after he is fired at by SSS9, who later fatally shoots him in the head.
Have we time-warped yet?...Well go check.
~ Chuck Wilson to his partner Grenchko, before they are both incinerated by a blast of Godzilla's atomic breath.
So the Earth is getting its revenge, is it? Fine with me! I don't care! I don't care... I DON'T CARE!!!
~ Takeshi Tomokane screams defiantly as he realizes his company's actions are responsible for unleashing Mothra and Battra on Japan, and that he will be ruined for it.
What went wrong? Please, tell me!
~ Dr. Susumu Okubo lamenting that his Godzilla-controller failed before he is killed when the building he is in is destroyed by SpaceGodzilla.
~ Mitsuo Katagiri before he is killed by Godzilla.
~ Controller X, as the Xilien Mothership explodes around him.

Good Burger

You're crazy, man! You know who I am, huh?
~ Kurt Bozwell, being arrested for illegal food additive usage.
~ Roxanne to Kurt Bozwell, after getting horribly injured in her attempt to get Ed's sauce recipe.


See you in your dreams!
~ Slappy as he being pulled (along with the other monsters) into the new Goosebumps manuscript.

The Good Son

Mom help me! Mom!
~ Henry Evans' before Susan dropped him to his death.

Hannibal Lecter

Drop it. Do it now gumshoe. Your son is about to change. Then your wife. You can watch, then I'll take care of you.
~ Francis Dolarhyde

Harry Potter

What is this magic?!
~ Professor Quirrell before Harry touched him in the face and killed him.
I'll be welcomed back like a hero!
~ Barty Crouch Jr., before he is taken back to Azkaban Prison.
You have your mother's eyes....
~ Severus Snape's dying words to Harry, right after giving him his memories.
Avada Kedavra!
~ Lord Voldemort, unknowingly casting the curse that kills him
I killed Snape!
~ Lord Voldemort's last words to Harry Potter before Harry and his final battle (in the film adaptation).


Child, look what you have done. You have killed me, an insignificant man. But in my place, there shall rise...a god...
~ Grigori Rasputin, in his final moments as the Behemoth emerges from his body upon death.
Nuala, my sister.
~ Prince Nuada's last words before being turned to stone right after Nuala stabbed herself, which led to both her and Nuada's death


So... now it ends.
~ The Kurgan, as he goes to behead Connor MacLeod, only to be stopped by Brenda. Connor subsequently beheads the Kurgan after one last swordfight.
I'll see you in hell!
~ Kane, moments before being beheaded by Connor MacLeod.
Look on the bright side. At least you went down swinging.
~ Jacob Kell, to the apparently defeated Duncan MacLeod, before Connor's essence takes control of Duncan and decapitates Kell.
I am cursed forever!
~ The Guardian of the Source, as Duncan MacLeod passes the test of the Source, condemning the Guardian to a tortured existence for centuries to come.

Hocus Pocus

~ Winifred "Hocus Pocus" Sanderson, as the hallowed ground turns her into stone and the sunrise makes her explode to green dust.
Winnie...! Goodbye...
~ Sarah Sanderson, as the sunrise turns her to purple dust.
Uh-oh! Ew... Bye-bye.
~ Mary Sanderson, as the sunrise turns her to red dust.


I've been wishing I was dead for a long time. You, and your children, and your children's children, will dig for a hundred years, and you will never find it. Start digging, Trout.
~ Kissin' Kate Barlow, as she picks up a yellow-spotted lizard and lets it bite her, killing her.
You'll thank me one day.
~ Charles "Trout" Walker, in his old age, forcing his granddaughter, Warden Walker to dig as a child. He never found the treasure and died penniless and in disgrace, as Kissin Kate predicted.
Stanley, won't you just open it? Just let me see what's inside it, please!
~ Warden Walker, begging Stanley to open the treasure chest to see what her family had searching for for years. She is denied and then arrested.

Hollow Man

One last kiss. For old times' sake.
~ Sebastian Caine before Dr. Linda McKay detaches the elevator hook as Sebastian falls to his death.

The Hunger Games

Where’s lover boy? Oh, I see. You’re gonna help him, right? Well, that’s sweet. You know, it's too bad you couldn't help your little friend. That little girl. What was her name again? Rue? Well, we killed her. And now we’re gonna kill you.
~ Clove to Katniss, moments before she was killed by Thresh.
Go on. Shoot. Then we both go down and you win. Go on... I'm dead anyway. We always won it, huh? I didn't know that till now! How's that, is that what they want, huh?... Huh?!...I... I can still do this. I can still do this. One more kill. It's the only thing I know how to do. Bring pride to my district...Not that it matters...
~ Cato before he is shot by Katniss and devoured by the Muttations.

Indiana Jones

Adios Senor.
~ Satipo's last words before running away and getting killed by a spike trap.
It's Beautiful!
~ René Belloq as the spirits form the ark emerge moments before killing him.
The Stones Are MINE!!!!
~ Mola Ram.
What is happening to me?
~ Walter Donovan, after drinking from the wrong Grail and decomposing rapidly before dying.
I can reach it...I can reach it...
~ Elsa Schneider, attempting to obtain the Holy Grail, before falling into a large chasm.
~ Irina Spalko.

Into the Woods

All right, mother, when? Lost the beans again! Punish me the way you did then! Give me claws and a hunch, Just away from this bunch! And the gloom! And the doom! And the boom, Cruuunch!
~ The Witch singing Last Midnight cursing the remaining characters before she vanishes.
Where is the boy? (Cinderella: We have him.) Where?
~ The Giant asking where Jack is moments before falling into a trap and getting slain.

James Bond/OO7

Shut it down, you fools! It's running wild, shut it down!
~ Dr. Julius No on finding the disguised Bond overloading his nuclear reactor, before No is boiled alive in its cooling pool.
Who is Bond, compared to Kronsteen?
~ Kronsteen, before Blofeld has him executed for the failure of his plan to kill Bond.
I will deal with her later. At the moment she is where she ought to be, at the controls.
~ Auric Goldfinger mentioning Pussy Galore on the plane before Bond lets him get sucked out.
Get him, GET HIM!
~ Emilio Largo before his final battle with James Bond.
Mr Bond. It's good to see you again.
~ Tee Hee, returning to kill Bond in revenge for stopping Kananga. Bond beats him in a fight and flings him out of the train window, tearing off his prosthetic arm in the process.
~ Francisco Scaramanga readying for his duel with James Bond.
Yours too Mr Bond, yours too....and faster than you think!
~ Karl Stromberg, about to kill James Bond with a giant harpoon gun hidden beneath his dining table. Bond retorts by shooting Stromberg four times.
At least I shall have the pleasure of putting you out of my misery...Desolated, Mr. Bond?
~ Hugo Drax, moments before James Bond ejects him from a space station airlock.
~ Ernst Stavro Blofeld, as Bond finally disposes of his oldest enemy by dropping him down a chimney stack.
Yes... but tomorrow, I shall be a hero of the Soviet Union.
~ General Orlov, in response to General Gogol calling him a traitor and a thief, before Orlov dies from his gunshot wounds.
~ May Day giving her last request to Bond, before she dies preventing Max Zorin's bomb from destroying Silicon Valley.
Go, get him! Go!
~ Max Zorin to some henchman aboard his Zeppelin. Zorin subsequently dies from falling off the Golden Gate Bridge.
You could have had everything!
~ Franz Sanchez to Bond, who then sets him alight, in turn detonating a tanker filled with gasoline.
~ Viktor "Renard" Zokas, thinking Elektra King is not dead.
Yes! I am invincible!
~ Boris Grishenko before liquid nitrogen falls on him and freezes him.
For England, James?
~ Alec Trevelyan, before Bond drops off the antenna cradle. Said antenna subsequently falls on Trevelyan, finishing him off.
You're too late again, Mr Bond. It's a bad habit of yours. There's nothing you can do. The missile's fully programmed. It can't be stopped. In a matter of minutes, my plan will succeed. Thanks largely to your efforts, the British Navy will destroy the evidence. I'll be out of here in a Carver News helicopter covering the event. It's going to be a fantastic show!
~ Elliot Carver, anticipating the seemingly imminent start of World War III, before being ripped apart by his ship-destroying drill.
I can read your every move!
~ Miranda Frost before she is killed by Jinx Johnson with a sword.
You see Mr. Bond, you CAN'T kill my dreams... but my dreams can kill YOU! Time to face destiny!
~ Gustav Graves before Bond blasts him into his Antonov's engine.
I'll get the money. Tell them, I'll get the money.
~ Le Chiffre, after failing to learn the location of the money he lost. He is then killed by Mr. White.
Do it! Free both of us... with one bullet! Do it, do it, do it... do it!
~ Raoul Silva attempting to kill M, but gets a knife hurled in his back by 007.


Good lad. You're finally acting like a man. (aims his gun at Alan) Any last words?
~ Van Pelt before he shoots Alan Parrish and gets sucked back into the "Jumanji" game.

Jump Street

They're gone! Oh, I feel so ali-
~ Ghost, before the grenade kills him and the pilot in the helicopter.

Jupiter Ascending

I don't know what you said...You told me you hated your life! That's the truth, and you begged me to do it. YOU BEGGED ME TO DO IT! (Jupiter: I'm not your damn mother.)
~ Balem Abrasax's last words before falling to his death when his citadel crumbles down.

Kill Bill

You'll have to beg much better than that.
~ Gogo Yubari, ignoring the Bride's pleads that she run and not fight. The Bride eventually defeats and kills her when she hits her in the head with a chair leg, driving nails through her skull.
That really was a Hattori Hanzo sword...
~ O-Ren Ishii, moments before she is scalped by Beatrix Kiddo.
How do I look?
~ Bill, asked after Beatrix Kiddo used the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on him and she replied You look ready before he got up and took his last five steps before his heart gave way and literally he dropped dead.

Kindergarten Cop

The boy is mine! HE'S MY BOY!! You get your own goddamn family!!
~ Cullen Crisp, before he is bitten by John Kimble's ferret and then shot and killed by Kimble.
That's where you're going, you son of a bitch!
~ Eleanor Crisp, about to shoot John Kimble, but is knocked unconscious by his partner and then arrested.

Lethal Weapon

Diplomatic Immunity!
~ Arjen Rudd's taunt to Roger Murtaugh before he is shot in the head.
Go to Hell, Riggs.
~ Jack Travis, after attempting to run over Riggs with a bulldozer but the latter shoots him with his own armor-piercing bullets. Riggs responds to his last words with "You first" and puts the bulldozer in gear into a burning building.

Little Shop of Horrors

Oh her'
~ Orin Scrivello, after asking Seymour Krelborn what girl he was talking about and realizing he was talking about Audrey the girl Seymour loves before he laughed himself to death.......literally.
~ Audrey II, just before Seymour Krelborn blew him/her/ it into in a million particles and a thousand pieces with a live exposed electric wire.


Well, I guess I won't be seeing them.
~ Michael Booth, after begging Machete where his daughter, April and wife, June are, before he passes away.
You know, I could kill you right now very easily. Believe me, this is nothing. This ain't shit. But...I know you'll just be waiting for me in hell. So...I think i'll say goodbye. Fuck it.
~ Rogelio Torrez, before committing suicide with one of Machete's blades.
Stop. No, no.
~ Senator John McLaughlin, before he is shot by Billy into an electric fence.
Zaror, you're alive.
~ Marcos Mendez, before being decapitated by Zaror.
So, now what happens?
~ Blanca Vasquez, before She replied by shooting her in the head for shooting her eye out.
See you in space, Mr. Machete.
~ Luther Voz, after making his escape with his minions and the captured Network members, including She, meaning they will meet again.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

This is only a first, crude effort. Stark has perfected his design. He has made a masterpiece of death. A man with a dozen of these can rule all of Asia. And you dream of Stark's throne. We have a common enemy. lf we are still in business, I will give you these designs as a gift. And in turn, I hope you'll repay me with a gift of iron soldiers.
~ Raza
Hold still, you little prick.
~ Obadiah Stane, right before an electrical surge causes his Iron Monger suit to fail, causing him to fall into the Arc Reactor.
Any last words?
~ The Abomination to General Ross, before he is subdued by the Hulk.
You lose...
~ Whiplash, just before the self-destruct dead-man's-switch in his armor and drones is activated.
I am the first of many! Cut off one head...two more shall take its place...Hail HYDRA!
~ Heinz Kruger to Steve Rodgers, before biting down on a cyanide pill, killing himself.
What have you done?
~ Red Skull after his activation of the Tesseract causes him to be teleported to parts unknown.
That's all you got? Cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner?
~ Ellen Brandt
He's not here. Try the jet stream. Speaking of which, go fish!
~ Eric Savin
No more false faces. You said you wanted "The Mandarin"... you're looking right at him. It was always me Tony, right from the start. I AM THE MANDARIN!
~ Aldrich Killian, before Pepper Potts killed him with Iron Man's blaster.
He is an enemy of Asgard, he was locked in a cell.
~ Algrim aka Kurse.
You think you can stop me? You can't destroy the Aether!
~ Malekith the Accursed, before being sent back to his home realm and being crushed to death by his ship.
What?! Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea.
~ Jasper Sitwell
Hail... HYDRA.
~ Alexander Pierce, after he was shot dead by Colonel Fury.
Lower your tone! I may be your...
~ The Other, before getting his head twisted by Ronan.
You will never make it to Ronan!
~ Korath the Pursuer, before getting his electric pad pulled off from Drax off his temple.
You're mortal! How?!
~ Ronan the Accuser, before he is disintegrated by the Guardians of the Galaxy through the Orb.
You're unbearably naive. (Vision: Well, I was born yesterday.)
~ Ultron to Vision upon being destroyed by an energy beam (Mind Stone), disabling Ultron's being and his threat.

The Matrix

Oh, no no no no... no, it's not fair!
~ Agent Smith, as he watched his clones exploded before he himself exploded too.

Men in Black

I see...I put my hands on my head...Like this?
~ Edgar the Bug before revealing his true form, eventfully leading to him being blasted by Laurel Weaver (Agent L)
Oops.......... teeth.
~ Serleena before being devoured by Jeff the Giant Worm, later killing him to reveal her true form, leading her to be blasted to her real death by Agent J and K
Go ahead, arrest me!
~ Boris the Animal when he revealed his true alien self, and was killed when K shot him with a ray gun.
Ohhh....... not like this!
~ Alpha, taking a ride on a missile about to destroy the Earth, but Agents J and K ram their space car to collide with it, causing the missile to explode, killing Alpha and saving the world.


That'll do it.
~ The Great Goblin, after Gandalf slashed his stomach and before he stabbed him in the neck, killing him.
Tell me, wretch, how now do you challenge me?! You have nothing left but your DEATH!
~ Smaug taunting Bard and Bain before Bard fires the black arrow into Smaug's weak spot, killing him.
Slay them all!
~ Bolg ordering his orcs to attack the dwarves moments before his death.
Go in for the kill!
~ Azog ordering his orcs to attack Thorin Oakenshield moments before his death.
Let's put a maggot hole in your belly.
~ Grishnákh, preparing to kill Merry, before Treebeard stomps on him and crushes him.
You withdraw your guard, and I will tell you where your doom will be decided! I will not be held prisoner here!
~ Saruman, about to tell Gandalf where Sauron will attack next, before Gríma Wormtongue stabs him in the back with his dagger, then pushes him from Orthanc Tower, causing him to be impaled on a spiked wheel and die.
~ Gríma Wormtongue before killing Saruman and is then killed by Legolas.
~ Denethor, after his failed attempt to burn himself and his apparently dead son, Faramir, alive. In his final moments, he instead sees that Faramir is alive. Seconds later, he is engulfed in flames, and runs off and throws himself from the cliff.
You fool. No man can kill me. Die now.
~ The Witch-King of Angmar, right before he is killed by Merry and Eowyn.
And who is this? Isildur's heir? It takes more to make a King than a broken Elvish blade.
~ The Mouth of Sauron, moments before he is beheaded by Aragorn.
Precious! Precious!
~ Gollum, moments before he fell into the fires of Mount Doom and died with the One Ring.

Mighty Joe Young

Good Bye Jill. Meet your Hell."
~ Andrei Strasser attempting to shoot Jill Young before Joe grabs him and tosses him into a transformer ride, electrocuting him to death.)

Mission: Impossible

Hunt!, you should have killed me!
~ Sean Ambrose, after his defeat, and before his death by Ethan Hunt being shot.
May there be peace on Earth.
~ Kurt Hendricks believing he's won before he is defeated.

Monster Squad

Oh, God. Thank you.
~ The Wolfman, after getting shot with a silver bullet.
~ Count Dracula before being dragged by Van Helsing into Limbo.
~ Frankenstein before disappeared into Limbo.

National Treasure

Tell them I found it!
~ Mitch Wilkinson, to Ben and the others, referring to Cibola, before the room floods.

Night at the Museum

~ Kahmunrah, before being sent to the Underworld by Larry Daley and Ameilia Earhart.

The Old Dark House

Then STAY!
~ Cecily Femm right before she threw the butcher's knife to Tom Pendrall's shirt.

The Omen

Oh Damien!
~ Mrs. Baylock before she is killed by Robert Thorn.
Damien! Damien!
~ Ann Thorn (shouting Damien Thorn's name) before being burned alive by Damien's demonic power at the museum.
You have won nothing.
~ Damien Thorn upon being overpowered by the Messiah in the final act of the Omen trilogy.

Pet Sematary

No fair! No fair, no fair!
~ Gage Creed after his father Louis pricks him the lethal injection.
No Brain, no pain... think about it.
~ Gus Gilbert before Dr. Chase Matthews used the electric drill on him.
~ Renee Matthews who sat behind and burnt alive at the burning Matthews residence in Ludlow, Maine.

The Phantom

Fine. But I'm leavin', Drax. And I'm takin' my entire syndicate with me.
~ Ray Zephro before being impaled by Xander Drax with a spear.
~ Charlie Zephro after learning what "Shinaboo" (an ancient Asian pirate prhase meaning "fire the cannon") means.
You're not immortal. I know your secrets, Phantom.
~ The Great Kabai Sengh's final words before being eaten by his own sharks.
Drax, over here!
~ Quill before being accidentally destroyed by Drax via the magical power of the Skulls of Tuganda.
~ Xander Drax dies in awe at the power of the Phantom's mystical ring which is revealed to be the 4th Skull of Tuganda.

Pirates of the Caribbean

I feel...cold.
~ Captain Barbossa, after being shot
It's just... good business.
~ Lord Cutler Beckett as his ship is destroyed.
~ Davy Jones, after Jack Sparrow helps the dying Will Turner stab his heart.
Trickster! Devil!
~ Blackbeard, upon learning he drank from the Chalice that would kill him.

Planet of the Apes

This is the symbol of my god.
~ Mendez XXVI to the newly-arrived Ape army, as he lifts the Alpha-Omega bomb into view. Ursus responds by simply shooting him dead.
I'll find a way to stop it.
~ General Ursus as he attempts to stop the toxic fuel leak from the Alpha-Omega bomb, but nearly ends up detonating it. Ursus is later shot dead by Brent as fighting breaks out in the mutant church.
You ask me to help you?! Man is evil, capable of nothing but destruction!
~ Dr. Zaius, moments before the dying Taylor detonates the Alpha-Omega bomb, incinerating all life on Earth.
I'm gonna skin each and every one of you!
~ Dodge Landon, before attempting to kill Caesar with a taesar, only to get sprayed by him with a water hose, electrocuted to death.
Koba?? No! No! No! Stupid monkey!!!! (screams)
~ Steven Jacobs after the vengeance-seeking bonobo Koba pushes off the helicopter handle that Jacobs was on off a bridge.
I'm saving the human race.
~ Dreyfus, before committing suicide by exploding the tower, where Caesar and Koba were fighting, killing himself along with Fenny and Werner, but excluding Malcolm.
Ape not kill ape.
~ Koba, before Caesar refused to let him live and just dropped him to his death and crashing into a crate.

The Princess Bride

You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders- The most famous of which is 'never get involved in a land war with Asia'- but only slightly less well-known is this: 'Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line'! Hahahahaha! Hahahaha....
~ Vizzini, believing he had beaten Westley in their game of wits and suddenly dies laughing from the iochane powder in their wine glasses.
Yes. All that I have and more. Please... Anything you want...
~ Count Rugen, begging Inigo Montoya to spare his life in exchange for money and power. Montoya refuses and stabs him in the stomach.

The Punisher

You are one dumb son of a bitch, bringing a knife to a gunfight.
~ Harry Heck just before Frank Castle shoots him in the neck with a ballistic knife.
~ Howard Saint's last word after Frank had shot him and figured out that Frank set him up to kill his wife and best friend.


Kill that son of a bitch!
~ Colonel Zaysen ordering his pilot to attack Rambo before he is killed.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Brother Friar, you would not strike a fellow man of the cloth.
~ The Bishop of Hereford, begging for mercy from Friar Tuck, but the latter pushes him out of the window with all the money he stole from the poor.
Get ready!
~ The Sheriff of Nottingham, before striking Robin Hood, but gets distracted long enough for Robin to stick a knife in the sheriff's heart, killing him.
Forgive me! I did not know!
~ Mortianna, begging for Azeem's forgiveness but then tries to kill him only to be impaled with his spear. She runs in pain but returns moments later to strike Robin, but Azeem hurls his Scimitar at her, finally killing her.


She's nothing.
~ Amanda Young said this before shooting Lynn. Lynn's husband Jeff shot her in the throat in retaliation, killing her.
One final test. The rules are simple. Over on that table is a host of vicious implements... which you can use to exact your pound of flesh, to take your vengeance, to indulge your obsession. Or... you can choose to put your vengeance aside and you can forgive. You can forgive me for the pain that I've caused you and your wife tonight. Which is it going to be, Jeff? It's up to you. Live or die, Jeff... make our choice... [Jeff approaches him with the power saw]...Yeah...
~ Jigsaw's last words before his throat was slit by Jeff Reinhart.
What do you think you're doing? What the f**k do you think you're doing?! Huh?! No! You can't f**king do this to me! F**k you! No!! NOOOO!!!
~ Mark Hoffman, after he gets captured by Dr. Gordon for killing Jill, chained and locked up in the bathroom and left there to die.


No. Nooo. NOOOOOO!
~ Frank Lopez, before he is shot by Manny.
I'm still standin', huh! F**k! Come on! Go ahead! I take your f**kin' bullet! Come on! I take your f**kin' bullet! You think you kill me with bullets? I take your f**kin' bullets! Go ahead!
~ Tony Montana, daring his would-be assassins (while under the influence of cocaine), to shoot at him again after surviving several other shots.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This is impossible...! How can this be...?
~ Matthew Patel, before Scott punches and kills him.
~ Todd Ingram before disintegrating into 3000 points in coins in the Scott Pilgrim movie.
You'll never... be able to do this... TO HER!!
~ Roxanne Richter before exploding into a pile of coins and 4000 points in the Scott Pilgrim movie.
Ha ha ha... Who do you think you are, Pilgrim...? You think you're better than me...? I'll tell you what you are: a pain in my ASS! You know... how long... it took... to get all of the evil exes' contact information so I could FORM this stupid league?? Like TWO HOURS! TWO! HOURS!! (*coughs up his gum*) You're not cool enough for Ramona!! You're zero! You're NOTHING! Me? I'M linked!! I'M what's happening!! I'M BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW!!!
~ Gideon Gordon Graves, seconds before Scott finishes him in the movie.


I always had a thing for ya, Sid! Bitch.
~ Stuart "Stu" Macher, before Sidney crashed a TV on his head, electrocuting him.
Say hello to your mother!
~ Billy Loomis said this while threatening to kill Sidney like he killed her mother one year ago. Sidney fought him off, and Gale shot him in the chest. He came back for one last scare, only to get shot in the head.
Told you it was gonna work. Wait 'til the trial. It is gonna rock!
~ Mickey Altieri, who wanted to get caught and blame the killings on the movies. Mrs. Loomis told him that there's not going to be a trial and shot him. He came back for one final scare like Billy Loomis did in the first movie. Immediately, Sidney and Gale killed him with a barrage of bullets.
She sent you to prison for a year! Personally I think it's rather poetic.
~ Mrs. Loomis, trying to convince Cotton Weary to shoot Sidney for wrongfully convicting him, but Sidney agreed to appear on Diane Sawyer with Cotton, and Cotton shot Mrs. Loomis instead. Sidney shot her in the head just in case she would come back for a final scare.
F**king kill me! You can't f**king kill me!!
~ Roman Bridger who was wearing a bullet proof vest. Sidney told Dewey to shoot him in the head, and Dewey kills Roman by shooting him in the head.
~ Jill Roberts responding to what Gale had to say as her last word when she held her on gunpoint. Sidney snuck up behind her and zapped her head with a defibrillator. She tried to stab Sidney with a broken piece of glass, and Sidney shot her in the chest, killing her.
The heart? That's not the way we rehearsed it!
~ Charlie Walker, after he asked Jill to stab him in the shoulder, she stabs him in the heart, explains her plan of being the sole survivor, tells him he's a scapegoat for the murders, and stabs him in the heart again, betraying him and killing him.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

It's okay, children... Santa's gone.
~ Billy Chapman, before dying from his gunshot wounds.
You are being very, very naughty!
~ Mother Superior, in a futile attempt to talk down Ricky before he decapitates her.
...and a Happy New Year!
~ Ricky Chapman/Ricky Caldwell in a vision to Laura Anderson, as he's being driven to the hospital with a severe wound.

Small Soldiers

There will be no mercy.
~ Major Chip Hazard's last words as he is destroyed by the EMP blast.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I'll get ya! I'll crush your BONES!!
~ Queen Grimhilde as she tried to crush the seven dwarfs with a boulder before lighting flashed and she falls off thr cliff and gets crushed by the boulder herself.


You don't have the guts!
~ Jessica Priest before Spawn shoots her and then responds by saying "You're right."
If you kill me, you kill her!
~ Jason Wynn, before Spawn (thinking of Wanda's daughter Cyan) sparing his life after supernaturally removing the Heat-16 virus from his heart and later both destroying the virus and sparing Wynn's life.
You will never escape me!
~ Malebolgia, after both Spawn and Coligistro escape the dark realm of Hell with their lives.
Malebolgia, I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!
~ The Violator/The Clown after Spawn cuts off his head.


Peter...Don't tell Harry...
~ The Green Goblin/Harry Osbourn (saying Mary Jane's similar words) to Spider-Man, after he is impaled by his own Goblin Glider.
I will not die a monster.
~ Doctor Octopus, before bringing the fusion device on top of himself and sinking it in the river as an act of redemption for his crimes and for the death of his beloved wife Rosalie "Rosy" Octavius.
Peter, what are you doing?! No! NOOO!!!
~ Venom/Eddie Brock, as he is caught in an explosion of one of the New Goblin's pumpkin bombs thrown by Spider-Man/Peter Parker.
None of that matters, Peter. You're my friend.
~ The New Goblin/Harry Osborn, after he sacrafices himself in the battle against Venom, redeeming himself.
You should leave him alone!
~ The Lizard/Dr. Curt Connors telling Gustav Fiers to leave Peter Parker alone.
Spider-Man, bet you never saw this coming!
~ Electro before he blew up into a million particles, although, as everyone knows, electricity can never die.

Spy Kids

Oh, it's me alright, I owe my new look to your children.
~ Ms. Gradenko before she was attacked by the Spy Kids robots.
Children!'Tear them limb from limb! Minion! Tell them to put me down!
~ Mr. Lisp as he is thrown in the air by the Robots.

Star Trek

No, can't get away. To the last...I will grapple with thee. From Hell's heart, I stab at thee....For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee....
~ Khan Noonien Singh, quoting Moby Dick, before he died from the extensive injuries, which after he blew up with the USS Reliant after he unleashed the power of the Genesis Device.
Give me Genesis!
~ Kruge, demanding the secrets of Project Genesis from Admiral Kirk, shortly before he dies from falling into a lava pit on the disintegrating Genesis Planet.
I couldn't help but notice your pain. It runs deep. Share it with me!
~ Sybok to God, sacrificing himself to save the crew of the USS Enterprise.
~ The being posing as God, as it tries to kill Captain Kirk. Klaa's Bird-of-Prey, commanded by General Koord and Spock, then blasts "God" with its weapons, disrupting it long enough to rescue Kirk.
I'm... sorry. The attack on your vessel was not authorized by my government.
~ Klaa to Captain Kirk, after being relieved from command of his Bird-of-Prey.
To be...or be.
~ General Chang, quoting Shakespeare, before his ship is destroyed by both the Enterprise and the Excelsior.
Arrest these men!
~ Admiral Cartwright, attempting to have the Enterprise crew taken into custody, only for Spock to reveal that they have Valeris in their own custody, blowing open the conspiracy.
Target their bridge! Full disruptor!
~ Lursa, preparing to finish off the USS Enterprise-D. Instead, the Enterprise knocks out her ship's shields and weapons, before destroying it with a torpedo.
PICARD! Get away from that launcher! NOW!
~ Dr. Tolian Soran, before he is killed when his probe launcher explodes.
~ The Borg Queen, when she realizes she has been betrayed by Data, whom she had partial control over after grafting human skin onto him.
I'm glad we're together now. Our destiny's complete.
~ Shinzon, to Captain Picard, before he dies.
I would rather suffer the end of Romulus a thousand times. I would rather die in agony than accept assistance from you!
~ Captain Nero/Nero before being sucked into a black hole.
War is coming, and who's gonna lead us? You?! If I'm not in charge, our entire way of life is decimated! So, you want me off this ship? You better kill me.
~ Alexander Marcus, being arrested by Jim Kirk, until Khan crushed his skull.

Star Wars

Impossible! Nothing can get through our shield!
~ Daultay Dofine, minutes before the Droid control ship explodes.
I sense great fear in you, Skywalker! You have hate! You have anger! But you don't use them!
~ Count Dooku, before being defeated by Anakin Skywaker and decapitated by him in front of Palpatine.
Army or not... you must realize... you are doomed.
~ General Grievous, while dueling Obi-Wan Kenobi who destroys him shortly after.
The war is over! Lord Sidious promised us peace! We only want -
~ Nute Gunray, moments before he is cut down by Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.
That's the idea, I've been looking forward to this for a long time.
~ Greedo who was about to kill Han Solo before being shot and killed by him instead.
You may fire when ready.
~ Grand Moff Tarkin, minutes before the Death Star is destroyed with him on board it when it was.
Intensify forward firepower!
~ Admiral Piett's order before he and the Executor crew are killed in the Star Destroyer's explosion.
Now young Skywalker, you will die.
~ Emperor Palpatine before Vader threw him to his death.
You were were right about me. Tell your were right.
~ Darth Vader's last words after being redeemed.

Super Mario Bros. (film)

It's incredible!
~ Lena when trying to merge the Dinosaur World with Earth with the meteorite piece, but the force was too much for her and it wound up killing her. Only Princess Daisy can withstand the force merging the worlds.
~ Bowser/President Koopa before Mario and Luigi devolve him by turning him into a semi-humanoid T-Rex and then ultimately destroy him by turning him into primeval slime.


Take my hand, and swear eternal loyalty to Zod.
~ General Zod thinking he has won before Superman sends him to his death.
~ General Zod, leaving Superman no choice but to snap his neck for almost killing a family with supervision.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Benjamin Barker!
~ Judge Turpin before Sweeney Todd/Benjamin Barker slit his throat.

The Santa Clause

I think I liked it.
~ Jack Frost, after Lucy Calvin's warm magical hug made him good and unfroze both Dr. Neil Miller and Laura Calvin.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

~ Drayton Sawyer before he is killed by a grenade.
It's like... death eating cracker.
~ Chop Top Sawyer before Stretch kills him.

Thir13en Ghosts

You don't have a choice this time, Arthur. You will make that leap. The machine requires a ghost to be created out of an act of pure love. That's why I chose you, you and your pathetic family. CongratuIations, you get to become the 13th ghost. Get on your feet!
~ Cyrus Kriticos, before being knocked out by his angry nephew Arthur and later being thrown by the vengeful 12 Ghosts into the slicing rings at the heart of the Ocularis Infernum within the Basileus Machine.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Then so be it!
~ The Shredder/Super Shredder as he ignores Leonardo's plea to stop destroying the docks and risk killing himself to kill the Turtles. As the dock's supports were torn down, the Turtles jumped in the river to safety while the dock collapsed on top of Shredder, crushing him.

The Howling

Don't you know anything?
~ Eddie Quist before being shot twice in the throat and killed with sliver bullets by Chris Halloran.
~ Marsha Quist at the end of the 1981 original film at the time of her last appearance. What happened to Marsha afterwards is unknown.
Now, my brother, in blood and in flame, we will be wedded for eternity. For eternity...
~ Stirba as Stefan Crosscoe stabs her to death, causing Stirba to burst into flames, and taking Stefan with her.
~ Richard Adams calling out to his girlfriend (and erroneously using actress Romy Windsor's name rather than her character Marie's) as he undergoes his final transformation into a werewolf.
You were right, Janice. We ARE werewolves!
~ Dr. Coombes to Marie and Janice, as he transforms. Marie subsequently kills Coombes, Richard and all the other werewolves by setting fire to the tower they're in.
Well, aren't we smart? But do you really think you can kill me with that little gun, detective?
~ Cheryl (aka Mary Lou Summers) to Ted and the detective, before she transforms into a werewolf, and is killed by the assembled locals.


Die, like your brothers!
~ The Fallen, beginning to fight Optimus Prime.
~ Soundwave, when blowed up by Bumblebee.
I just saved a whole other world. You think you're a hero? YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO???!!
~ Dylan Gould before being electrocuted by a space bridge collision.
No, Optimus!
~ Sentinel Prime, before he is punished and killed by Optimus Prime for his betrayal.
Now, shall we need a truce? All I want is back in charge. Besides... who would you be without me, Prime?
~ Megatron, before Optimus ripped him apart.
Tough luck, Yeager! We all have families
~ James Savoy, before getting killed by Cade Yeager to fall to his death.
You see, it takes patience to make a man - the patience to watch and wait... To protect us all quietly, for God and country, without any recognition at all. There are no good aliens or bad aliens, Yeager! It's just us and them... and you chose them.
~ Harold Attinger, before he is shot to death by Optimus Prime for threatening Cade Yeager.
When you see my face, your life is done!
~ Lockdown, before he is killed by Optimus Prime.
We will meet again, Prime... for I am reborn!
~ Galvatron/Megatron, vowing to fight Optimus again.

V for Vendetta

We're Fingermen, pal.
~ A Fingerman before he gets killed by V.
You. It is you.
~ Lewis Prothero, discovering V's identity, before V kills him.
My fellow Englishmen, tonight, our country, that which we stand for, and all that we hold dear, faces a grave and terrible threat. This violent and unparalleled assault on our security will not go undefended. Or unpunished. Our enemy is an insidious one, seeking to divide us and destroy the very foundation of our great nation. Tonight, we must remain steadfast, we must remain determined, but most of all, we must remain united. Those caught tonight in violation of curfew will be considered a league with our enemy and prosecuted as a terrorist without leniency or exception. Tonight, I give you my most solemn vow that justice will be swift, it will be righteous, and it will be without mercy.
~ Adam Susan/Sutler giving a pre-recorded speech, before being kidnapped and taken to the London Underground, as part of Creedy's deal with V. He shows a helpless, agonized look as V gives him one of his roses, and then Creedy kills him.
Die! Die!!! Why won't you DIE?!?! Why won't you die?
~ Peter Creedy, trying to kill V during a shootout, before V subsequently kills him.
That is the most beautiful thing you could ever have given me.
~ V, dying from gunshot wounds suffered during the fight against Creedy and his men, in response to Evey saying she doesn't want him to die.

Van Helsing

Too bad. So sad...
~ Marishka, ready to kill the title character, but he dips his arrows in holy water and pins Marishka to a wall with them and the water kills her. She is the first of Dracula's brides to be killed.
~ Verona, realizing that Van Helsing booby-trapped his stagecoach full of stakes and when it explodes, the stakes fly everywhere and some stab Verona mid-air, killing her. She was the second bride killed.
Anna, my love. It is your blood that will keep me beautiful! What do you think of that? Hehehehe...
~ Aleera, the first bride, about to bite Anna Valerious but gets stabbed in the heart by a stake and explodes. She is the last of Dracula's brides to be killed.
Don't be afraid Gabriel. Don't be afraid. I can give you back your life. Your memory!
~ Count Dracula from Van Helsing, offering to cure his amnesia in exchange for an alliance. Van Helsing refuses, turns back into a werewolf and bites Dracula's neck, finally killing him.


It's a joke. It's all a joke. Mother forgive me.
~ The Comedian, after he is beaten up by Ozymandias, before Ozymandias throws him out of his apartment window.
Hurry Lloyd! I wanna smell this son-of-a-bitch cooking!
~ Big Figure's last words in the movie, giving an order to one of his thugs to kill Rorschach; he is later killed by Rorschach himself.
Well, what are you waiting for?! Do it! DO IT!!!
~ Rorschach, about to reveal a secret that would result in World War III and the nuclear Armageddon. He was blown apart by Dr. Manhattan's power before he could get the chance.

The Wizard of Oz

AHHHHHHHH! You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness? Aah, look out! Look out! I'm going. Ahhh.....
~ The Wicked Witch of the West
Poison...Poison to Nomes...
~ The Nome King after swallowing Billina's egg, which are poisonous to nomes, crumbling into nothing.
And that's a fact.
~ Mombi, agreeding to the fact that she no longer has her sorcerous powers as a witch with no magic after the defeat of the Nome King.


Well, I think you've less person be afraid of...
~ Senator Robert Kelly to Storm, who had commented that she was afraid of some humans, before his body liquefies due to Magneto using a mutation machine on him.
You owe me a scream.
~ Sabretooth to Storm, before Cyclops blows him off the Statue of Liberty.
One day someone will finish what I've started, Wolverine! One day!! One day!!!
~ William Stryker, after being chained to a standing wall, moments before the dam breaks, presumably drowning him.
What have I done?!
~ Magneto, after having been "cured", fleeing the battle at Alcatraz as Jean Gray loses control of her Dark Phoenix powers.
Save me.
~ Jean Gray, as the Dark Phoenix, to Wolverine, asking Wolverine to kill her to stop her rampage.
I don't want to hurt you, Erik. I never did. I want to help you. This is our time. Our age. We are the future of the human race. You and me, son. This world could be ours.
~ Sebastian Shaw, while trying to ask Erik to join him, which he agrees, as Charles distracted him taking off his helmet, and Erik took it, and killed Shaw with a coin through his brain.
Mariko, it's me...your grandfather.
~ Ichirō Yashida trying to convince Mariko to spare him, before Wolverine impales him and pushes him off the building.



I'm really... very disappointed with you, my sweet. The moment was perfect... and you... didn't have the nerve. Paralysis... really... Just an ounce or two more of pressure.. and... do I hear sirens? Yes, coming close... you won't get far... But then... it doesn't matter if you do, they'll kill you for this. And they'll never know that you didn't have the nerve. I'll see you in hell...
~ The Joker after Batman broke his neck, causing him to be paralyzed in The Dark Knight Returns. He then commits suicide by twisting his own neck until it snaps, giving the impression to the police that Batman killed Joker by strangling him.
Promise...keep me alive?
~ Tony Zucco, moments before he suffers a fatal heart attack.

Captain America

You could never hope to best me in a physical fight! What makes you even try? Has the hunger consumed you that much? Is your judgement that clouded?!
~ Colonel America, moments before Red Skull tears his brain out.

Star Wars

She is the best I have ever trained, Master.
~ Darth Ruyn commenting on Darth Talon's progression in her training before Darth Krayt orders Talon to kill Ruyn as part of her final test (Star Wars: Legacy 2: Broken, Part 2).
~ Darth Andeddu, as Darth Wyyrlok (III), destroys him. (Star Wars: Legacy 27: Into the Core)
Lord Krayt! I feel your power!
~ Darth Azard before Jedi Master Wolf Sazen slays him (Star Wars: Legacy 50: Extremes, Part 3).
Jedi fool!
~ Vul Isen before Cade Skywalker slices him in half (Star Wars: Legacy 50: Extremes, Part 3).
You are strong, Lord Krayt--But I know who you are, who you were, and where your weaknesses lie! I know your story. I know how you remember your past--Your illustrious father's death, the loss of the one you loved. The death of the Jedi Order. Your torture at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. Your death by my hand! How you cling to your past! How you cling to your pain! It defines you! It reveals you! For generations, the Wyyrloks served you, kept you alive, served as your voice when your physical frailties forced you into stasis! We hid your weakness! What do you know know of me? Of my own desires and plans? Nothing! I kept my own counsel and I waited! I am greater than you ever suspected. And you are so much less than you believed yourself to be.
~ Darth Wyyrlok (III) before Darth Krayt kills him (Star Wars: Legacy—War 1).
Death does not...matter. We millions...serve Lord Krayt...linked through the dark side. His will is...our will. His life...our life. We obey...Lord Krayt!
~ Unidentified Sith Trooper.
~ Morlish Veed surprised to see Morrigan Corde before she shoots him in the head.
Let's finish this, Jedi. The Dianogas hunger.
~ Darth Stryfe
Apprentice. Did you see? Do you understand what you are meant to be?
~ Darth Krayt as Cade Skywalker accepts his Jedi heritage before stabbing Krayt.
You must! The Sith have to end here. For the sake of the galaxy... and for the memory of my family!
~ Darth Wredd telling Jao Assam to strike him down, before Ania Solo shoots him (Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 #18).


Everything...go dark...hello, Superman...hello...
~ Bizarro, before commiting suicide with blue kryptonite.
~ Mister Mxyzptlk, before he is torn apart when he tries to return to the Fifth Dimension.


Do it!
~ Sabretooth, ordering Wolverine to behead him, which he does.

Video Games

Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge

You are too late street rat. In a matter of seconds, Jafar's life will be fully restored, and once his powers with mine, you and the entire world will bow before us!
~ Nasira's last words, before she and her twin brother Jafar were defeated for good by Aladdin in their final battle at her Lair.



You can't do this! I'm the Police Commissioner, dammit!
~ Commissioner Loeb seconds before being executed by the Joker (dressed as Black Mask).
No. They're weak! And so are you.
~ Anarky to Batman after being defeated.
I hope, in time, you come to realize how wrong you are about Gotham. It is not meant to be saved. It cannot be saved - Only cleansed. And from the ashes, reborn.
~ Shiva to Batman before vanishing in a puff of smoke.
Bane already has all he needs. He will find you. He will break you.
~ Bird before being knocked unconscious by Batman.
What are you doing!? Set me free, Pendejo! Argh!
~ Copperhead, before Batman locks her in an empty storage crate.
Just who the hell-are you?
~ Electrocutioner after The Joker reveals himself as Black Mask, before getting pushed out a window to his death.
This isn't over, Batman! I swear!
~ Deadshot after being trapped in a carriage by Batman.
Free me.
~ Bane after being locked behind a gate in the Krank Toy Co. building by Batman.
This is not over. It cannot be over. My blade will bathe in the crimson rivers of blood that will pour from the holes I cut into your body. You cannot deny me the mark. I need to make the mark. It's all I have left.
~ Victor Zsasz after being locked in a cage by Batman.
Computer: Activate... Protocol... 11... Pass...code:... Wayne.
~ Dr. Hugo Strange setting the self-destruct security measure codenamed "Protocol 11" to the Wonder Tower before succumbing to his wounds.
Easy... The role of a LIFETIME!
~ Clayface telling Batman why he impersonated The Joker, before battling him.
That actually is... pretty funny.
~ The Joker's last words before his death.
Pyg not good enough. Never good enough! So close until you stopped me. I can do better. So much better! It could have been so perfect!
~ Professor Pyg after being locked up by Batman.
What have I done? What have I done? What have I done? My sweet Francine...sweet, sweet, Francine...
~ Man-Bat/Kirk Langstrom mourning the loss of his wife in his cell, realizing he accidentally killed her.
My face...
~ Hush after Lucius damages his face, seconds before being knocked unconscious by Batman.
You will burn for this...all of you...
~ Firefly as he is taken away by the GCPD.
Still trying to preserve the balance of justice, eh Batman? Impossible! Think of all the crimes you missed while capturing us!
~ Two-Face after being locked up by Batman.
Look around you Batman. Look at what you seek to protect. Gotham is fallen. Why are you still fighting? This is over.
~ Deacon Blackfire to Batman as he is taken away by the GCPD.
I could've told Scarecrow a long time ago getting you involved in all this was a big mistake!
~ Penguin to Two-Face after being locked up by Batman.
I escape once, I escape again!
~ Killer Croc as he is taken away by the GCPD.
~ Ra's al Ghul to Batman before his inevitable death.
Oh Alice, no, this can't be how it ends. There's tea for two, we can still be friends.
~ Mad Hatter after being locked up by Batman.
We won't have much time. Days.
~ Mr. Freeze lamenting how much time he and Nora have left to spend together.
You forget, you bothersome, Bat. Every time you overcome my puzzles I learn that little bit more about you. Soon enough there will be a riddle that leaves you dead!
~ The Riddler after being defeated and locked up by Batman.
You think it's wise to put me in here with all these lesser warriors? You might not have any prisoners left when you return.
~ Deathstroke after being locked up by Batman.
Now that's... Unexpected. You're going to be… spectacular.
~ Henry Adams before committing suicide.
No, no, no! Not again.
~ Harley Quinn mourning the loss of potential Jokers, before being locked in a containment cell.
Nature always wins.
~ Poison Ivy after successfully ridding Gotham City of Scarecrow's Fear Toxin with an ancient tree, only to die after giving all her energy to use it's power.
You left me to rot in that abandoned wing of Arkham… for over a year…with HIM!
~ Arkham Knight to Batman after being defeated.
No, Bruce! Don't leave me! Please... I need you!
~ The Joker to Batman before fading away from his nemesis' mind forever.
Impossible... Without fear, life is meaningless.
~ Scarecrow to Batman before being defeated and subjected to his own Fear Toxin.
You don't need to do this. I'll give you money. Drugs! Guns! Weapons! Whatever you want. Please. I'll take a plane. Leave Gotham. Never show my face again. Anywhere you want! I'll go anywhere!
~ Black Mask pleading to Red Hood before being pushed out a window to his death.


The assassin has overcome my final defense, and now he's come to murder me. In the end, what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No, a man chooses, a slave obeys. You think you have memories. A farm, a family, an airplane, a crash, and then this place. Was there really a family? Did that plane crash, or was it hijacked, forced down, forced down by something less than a man? Something bred to sleepwalk through life, until they're activated by a simple phrase spoken by their kindly master? Was a man sent to kill? Or a slave? A man chooses, a slave obeys. Come here, stop, would you kindly? 'Would you kindly'. A powerful phrase, a familiar phrase. Sit, would you kindly? Stand, would you kindly? Run! Stop. Turn! A man chooses, a slave obeys... KILL! (Struck with golf club) A MAN CHOOSES... (struck again) A SLAVE OBEYS... (Struck again) OBEY!!!
~ Andrew Ryan, using genetic code words to order Jack to kill him with a golf club.
I had you built! I sent you top side, I called you back, showed you what you was, what you was capable of! Even that life you thought you had? That was something I dreamed up and had tattooed inside your head! Now if that's not family, I don't know what is! And now...
~ Frank Fontaine, moments before the Little Sisters drain his ADAM, killing him.
You would rip my only daughter from her home and family and feed her to a world without hope. Though Utopia may die with her, I would sooner see us fall. Goodbye, Eleanor. Mother will be waiting for you.
~ Sofia Lamb's presumed last words, depending on player action.
It... is... finished.
~ Zachary Hale Comstock, before being drowned in a baptismal by Booker DeWitt.


Ahahahahahaha!! Ragna! Ragna! It's impossible, Ragna! Nothing will change! You can't change anything! Hahahahahahaha! Ragnaaaaaaaa!!
~ Nu-13 preparing to merge with Ragna in the true ending, before Noel saves him and leaves her to plummet into the Cauldron alone.
Ugh... Makoto... why...?
~ Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto's Continuum Shift Extend Arcade Mode.
Thank you.
~ Tsubaki Yayoi, Noel's Continuum Shift Gag Reel.
Wait! That's all the screentime we get?!
~ Tsubaki Yayoi, Platinum's Continuum Shift Gag Reel.
Thank you for this food that we are about to eat.
~ Litchi Faye-Ling, Noel's Continuum Shift Gag Reel.
H-How could this happen...! How could I have lost to a little girl?! Oh what a world... oh what a world...!
~ Litchi Faye-Ling after taking a hit from Platinum's Star Boobie Breaker in her (Platinum's) Gag Reel, just before exploding.
...Finish it.
~ Yuuki Terumi before Ignis rips his neck, although he revives later after infecting Takamagahara with a virus.
P-p-play tag?! There's no way I can outrun them!
~ Yuuki Terumi in his gag reel before getting slaughtered by every cat and Kaka in Kagutsuchi
Die with me, four-eyes!
~ Hazama before he kill Trinity in true ending.


I'm... I'm... defeated
~ Megaton Bomber, before exploding
This really stinks!
~ Pretty Bomber, before exploding
~ Sirius, before fighting Bomberman and Regulus.

Brütal Legend

Hey what's the deal? I thought you were committed to this project. Get back inside right now!
~ Lionwhyte urging his troops to get back inside Pleasure Tower after getting defeated by Ironheade. The Pleasure Tower was getting destroyed, and a giant mirror was falling on Lionwhyte. He shattered it only to have the shards kill him.
No, I... Wait, Succoria?
~ Drowned Ophelia who was mistaken for Succoria by Eddie Riggs until Doviculus revealed Eddie's half demon heritage as Succoria's son. Afterward, Doviculus rips out Ophelia's heart.
You are half so many things, I doubt any part of you is whole. Is there even a word for a creature such as you?
~ Doviculus, moments before Eddie Riggs decapitates him.


Well at least my mom doesn't make her living on her back!
~ Gary Smith, insulting Jimmy Hopkins before the final battle. After being defeated, Dr. Crabblesnitch expels him from Bullworth, and Jimmy drags him out of the principal's office.

Call of Duty

Black Ops

Oh yes, the numbers, they're the key to...
~ Dr. Daniel Clarke's information to Jason Hudson before a Spetsnaz soldier kills him.
Killing me will not stop Nova!
~ Friedrich Steiner's warning before Alex Mason shoots him in the head.
Ha! "Tried"?!
~ Nikita Dragovich, implying that he was successful in programming Alex Mason to kill President Kennedy, before Mason kills him.
He's more powerful than you know...he even has people in the CIA!
~ Lev Kravchenko (Raul Menendez), while being interrogated by Mason and Woods, before Woods executes him.
Today is a difficult day, Section. Tomorrow, we all win.
~ Javier Salazar to David Mason, after revealing his true allegiance to Cordis Die, before either being executed by Harper or taken into custody (depending on the Player's previous actions.)
Martyr me...for Cordis Die...
~ Raul Menendez just before the player chooses wether or not to kill him.
This video is triggered to play upon my assassination. Cordis Die, you know how to proceed. My death will shine light upon ubiquitous darkness.
~ Raul Menendez, in a video broadcasted to the members of Cordis Die if the the player decides to kill him at the end of the game.

Modern Warfare

I don't want to tell you! I don't want to tell you! No! No!
~ Khaled Al-Asad resisting interrogation from Captain Price while speaking in Arabic. He is killed after Price hangs up his cell phone.
You're all going to die anyway.
~ Victor Zakhaev before killing himself
Our so-called leaders prostituted us to the West... destroyed our culture... our economies... our honor. Our blood has been spilled on our soil. My blood... on their hands. They are the invaders. All U.S. and British forces will leave Russia immediately... or suffer the consequences.
~ Imran Zakhaev's only spoken words in the game. He would be killed by Soap not far from his base in the Altay Mountains.
Five years ago, I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye. And the world just fuckin' watched. Tomorrow there will be no shortage of volunteers, no shortage of patriots. I know you understand.
~ General Shepherd before he attempts to execute Soap.
Paris! He oversaw the delivery in Paris!
~ Waraabe, referring to Volk, before he is shot by Captain Price.
Goodbye, Captain Price...
~ Vladimir Makarov, shortly before trying to kill Price, then being killed by him


Lament of Innocence

Th-that old man... His own daughter...
~ Succubus lamenting that she could have defeated Leon while still in the guise of his fiancé Sara.
Still it's no match for my master.
~ Medusa after Leon defeated her with the whip of alchemy.
Oh, if only I had the Crimson Stone...
~ Joachim Armster after Leon defeated him.
You betrayed me?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
~ Walter Bernhard after getting betrayed by Death and having his soul stolen so he can offer it to his true master, Mathias Cronqvist, who would later become Dracula.

Curse of Darkness

You will die a most gruesome death.
~ Isaac before battling Hector.

Rondo of Blood

Hmmm. Intriguing. Strong indeed. Very well. Face me!
~ Shaft before fighting Richter/Maria.
Humanity will call me back. It always does. Its desire is... insatiable. We will meet again, blood of Belmont!
~ Dracula

Symphony of the Night

No, wait, I beg of you!
~ The Succubus before Alucard kills her in his nightmare.
Then, for the master, I shall feast on your soul this night!
~ Death, before fighting Alucard.
But... my mission is complete... Count Dracula is come to purify this corrupt world with the searing flames of Chaos!
~ Shaft before exploding after Alucard defeats him.
Lisa, forgive me. Farewell, my son...
~ Dracula's last words.

Order of Ecclesia

I will give my life to undo the seal, master. Return to us, Lord Dracula!
~ Barlowe before destroying the tablet and himself with it to resurrect Dracula.
But this power is... NO! It can't be my--
~ Dracula realizing that Shanoa used Dominus against him in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.

Castlevania 64

Cocksure youth! I'll wait for you in Hell! Be sure I will keep a warm place for you!!
~ Death after Reinhardt Schneider has defeated him.
It can't be! You have defeated me! Me! Me!!!
~ Actrise after Carrie Fernandez has defeated her.
Darkness will rule! Die weak fool!
~ Gilles de Rais when he was impersonating Dracula. After getting defeated by Reinhardt Schneider or Carrie Fernandez, he is revealed as Dracula's servant in the "true ending" of Castlevania 64.
Prepare to face the true form of Dracula!
~ Dracula after his disguise as a boy named Malus was revealed by Charlie Vincent after throwing a vial of Holy Water on him. Dracula turned into a dragon-like demon and was eventually defeated by Reinhardt Schneider or Carrie Fernandez.

Portrait of Ruin

I just... I just wanted to protect my family.
~ Brauner, seconds before being killed by Death.
My power... Use my power!
~ Death before offering up his soul to transform Dracula.
Say what you will. But I can see it... One day, my power will be fully revived! (Jonathan: Fully or not, you're never, ever going to win.) I look forward to seeing who will get the last laugh.
~ Dracula

Aria of Sorrow

Noooo! This cannot be! Does this mean I'm not Dracula?!
~ Graham Jones upon being defeated by Soma with the correct souls equipped.

Dawn of Sorrow

Wh-What did you do, punk?! My power... it's gone... (Soma: I destroyed the demon fused with your soul. And your power with it.) My... my power! (Soma: Having power doesn't mean you can abuse it. Haven't you learned your lesson?) Aiiiyyyeeeeeee!
~ Dario Bossi, realizing that Soma stripped him of his powers upon defeating Aguni, before he runs away frightened.
Soma Cruz, I take back what I have said to you. It seems that death is your only destiny.
~ Celia Fortner's last known words before she departs for the Abyss alongside Dmitrii Blinov. She is later sacrificed by him in the center of the Abyss itself.
I am the chosen one! I am the dark lord! I shall not succumb to the power!
~ Dmitrii Blinov before succumbing to his copy of Soma's power of dominance as the demons under his influence burst out of his back and merge together to form Menace.

Castlevania Judgment

I come from ten thousand years hence.
~ The Time Reaper before fighting whichever playable character gets to him in his/her story mode.

Lords of Shadow

I will have such fun with your Marie. I will introduce her to such pleasures.
~ Satan taunting Gabriel Belmont that he will torture his dead wife in Hell with Gabriel responding that her soul will go only to God. Then he performs a ritual that banished him back to Hell.
Who's there... who? No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
~ Zobek, before he is burned alive by Satan's spell. Satan then pops out of Zobek's body revealing that Zobek was possessed by the devil. However, he survives Satan's attack and escapes never to be seen again for the rest of the game.
May you and your spawn be damned forever!
~ Zobek, before fighting Dracula. He is stabbed by Dracula's void sword, freezing him before breaking him to pieces resulting in his ultimate demise.
I yield to you... Mercy my liege...! Mercy...
~ The Forgotten One when Dracula/Gabriel Belmont absorbed the Forgotten One's power. After realizing that he is no longer a match for Gabriel, the Forgotten One pleaded for mercy, but Gabriel cut him down with a swift lightning attack.
Now you are coming with me!
~ Carmilla before preparing to take Marie Belmont away gets impaled through the heart by Dracula and then through her mouth.
You cannot destroy me. You and I are one. I will be with you always! Always!
~ Inner Dracula after Dracula defeats him.
Christus vivit. Christus regnat. Christus ab omni malo te defendat. Maledicti et excommunicati daemones. Invirtute istorum factorum dei nominum. Mesias, Emmanuel, Sohter, Sabahot, Agios, Inchiros, Athanatos, Jehova, Adonai. (Inaudible praying) Ubi fuerint haec nomina, et digna dei. Praecipimus vobis atque ligamus vos ut non habeatis. Potestatem per pesten, nec per aliquod. Quodeumque maleficium nocere ei incantationem, neque.
~ Roland de Ronceval before Dracula used Roland's own spell to kill him.
How fortunate that you should crawl out of your hiding place. So the Dragon still lives. We thought you dead, no matter. You want to know where the Acolytes are? Behold before you a child of Satan! My father fears you. He fears that you may ruin his plans. I cannot allow that. Nothing will stand in the way of his return. You see my father takes this all very personally as you will soon find out. You and your lackey have a date with Hell. And my Father will know that it was I, his beloved daughter who sent you there! Lucifer in omnium meum negotia. Regnas et in ilos res quem! Me resistunt, vincite! Amen.
~ Raisa Volkova before she fights Dracula. She is chopped in half by the void sword.
My power is running out in damned place, but I will not be defeated by you! I will not fail!
~ Nergal Meslamstea (about Castlevania) after being lured into Dracula's castle and possessing the Riders of the Storm. After Dracula destroyed the last Rider, he finds a weakened Nergal trying to crawl out, but Dracula caught him and crushed his head.
My Lord!
~ Guido Szandor after bringing Satan back to Earth. Satan, angered by his Acolytes' failure to kill Dracula, dug his fingers deep into Guido's throat and ripped off his face.
I know you Gabriel Belmont. Your feelings will betray you. You won't kill your son to destroy me!
~ Satan possessing Dracula's son Alucard, telling him that he won't kill Alucard to kill Satan. Dracula told Satan that he doesn't know him at all, and just when he was going to kill Alucard with the Combat Cross, Satan gets out of his body, and Dracula catches him and stabs him with the cross instead, killing him.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Oh no, I think I had too much! OHH S*******T!!!
~ Count Batula before falling into the grinder.
Suzie nine milimeter!
~ Haybot before he self destructs when his button is pressed three times.
Oh! Oh no! Vat is? Oh! I forgot about ze airlock! Oh shit! What the fuck!? Oh I didn't put ze high powered-I knew I should have done zat! Whose idea was it to go into space!? Oh it was mine! Shit! This is it! This is the end! No legs, and now no life!
~ Professor Von Kriplespac before he was sucked into space via the open airlock.

Crash Bandicoot

Darn Crash Bandicoot!
~ Dr. Neo Cortex before his first defeat.
Dr. Cortex will be very displeased with your resistance. PREPARED TO DIE, CRASH!!!
~ Dr. N. Gin
Noooooo!!! You haven't seen the last of me, Crash Bandicoot!
~ Dr. Neo Cortex after his second defeat.
Crash! Coco! Stole the pretty Crystals! Tiny take them back in gladiator arena!
~ Tiny Tiger before the fight against Crash Bandicoot in the Roman Coliseum.
You thrashed me, mate. No worries. But you'll soon be up against much worst.
~ Dingodile after his defeat.
My time is up. But yours, soon will be, too...
~ Dr. Nefarious Tropy before his disappearance.
Not again!
~ Dr. N. Gin after his second defeat.
Defeated again! This is not fair! Maybe I should retire to a nice, big beach with a nice, big drink. And a woman with nice, big... bags of ice for my head...
~ Dr. Neo Cortex before being banished by the Time Twister machine upon his first defeat.
No... it cannot be! Not a prisoner of time again! Aaaaaaagh!
~ Uka Uka before being banished by the Time Twister machine upon his second and final defeat.
Aaahh!! You beat me once again! Now I have to go back to the planet Gasmoxia a complete loser! I must be getting slow in my old age... That's it. I'm finished racing in these mushy backward worlds. Keep your miserable planet! I'm outta here for good!
~ Nitros Oxide about to leave the Earth in peace.
This isn't the end! I invented endings! Why don't people take me seriously?
~ Dr. Nitrus Brio leaving the heroes.
Oh, is the crybaby going to cry?
~ Madame Amberly before getting her comeuppance.
Oh boy! I do love roast chicken! Now this is one heck of an ending...
~ Victor and Moritz before getting eaten alive by Evil Crash.
And as for you, I really didn't want to do this myself. I really wanted one of my idiot underlings to destroy you. I really didn't want to get hair all over my clothes! But if you want something done right, use a giant spider-bot!
~ Nina Cortex

Dante's Inferno

No! No, please!
~ Death, attempting to convince Dante to spare him, before Dante finishes him off with his own scythe.
Divine power made me. Eternal, I endure.
~ Charon, before Dante shoves his severed head into the abyss.
You said we would be together for all eternity...
~ Marc Antony, after he is defeated by Dante.
It wasn't supposed to end this way! We had a deal!
~ Cleopatra, before attempting to seduce Dante after Antony is defeated, before being killed herself.
I'm not responsible for the man you are!
~ Alighiero Alighieri, before he is absolved by his son Dante.
~ Francesco, after he is defeated and absolved by Dante.
My cross...?
~ Beatrice, after Dante uses the Holy Cross to purge all of Lucifer's influence from her, before the archangel Gabriel takes her to Heaven.
Dante! I can reunite you with Beatrice. Together, we will rule the three kingdoms of the afterlife!
~ Lucifer, attempting to convince Dante to spare him, before he is re-imprisoned within Lake Cocytus in Hell.

Dead Space

~ Kendra Daniels before she was killed by The Hive Mind.
Please, Sergeant. I'm not an arrogant man, merely devout. My reward will be- aaaaah!
~ Warren Eckhardt before he was attacked and killed by a Leaper.
Oh, we don't want to cure you, Isaac. We need precious little head of yours just the way it is. Now would you escort Isaac to the shuttle and put him in stasis. The last thing we want is for him to die.
~ Daina Le Guin before she was killed by a EarthGov Gunship.
The research in that marker is worth EVERY life we just lost! I won't let you throw all this away!
~ Hans Tiedemann before Isaac impales him with his own Javelin gun.
I've done it! I've finally done it! The darkness is at an end! Let the evolution begin!
~ Jacob Danik after activating the Alien Machine and before getting impaled by falling debris.


You disgust me!
~ Arclight after losing to Deadpool. The platform fell apart, and she was impaled on a pole.
Yes Sinister. All my satellites are in place, waiting for your broadcasts.
~ Chance White to Mister Sinister. When Sinister said that White had outlived his usefulness, he ordered Blockbuster to kill him.
Deadpool, you're a repugnant, revolting, disgusting abomination with no place in this world!
~ Mister Sinister before he was about to attack Deadpool, A Sentine's foot that Deadpool used to get closer to Sinister's hideout earlier crushed Mister Sinister.


You think you can destroy me? Destroy! Me?
~ The Master
I... don't think that I can continue. Continue? To have done the things I have done in the name of progress and healing. It was madness. I can see that now. Madness. Madness? There is no hope. Leave now, leave while you still have hope...
~ The Master, after realising his plans were wrong before committing suicide, alternative death ending
You (cough), you haven't won here. You and your mutie-bastard friends are gonna join me in a big ol' mushroom cloud sendoff. I just triggered the self destruct. (Heh, heh; cough, cough,...) The work will go on. You didn't do nothing here, c'ept seal your own death warrants. Duty, (cough) honor... courage... Semper Fi....
~ Frank Horrigan, as he succumbs to his wounds.
May there be... a hell for you... a Tartarus... bleak, unending...
~ Mr. House, in his true decrepit form, before being killed by the Courier
I would sooner spit on my dead mother's grave than have some Courier walk-the-wasteland-f**k talk to me like that.
~ General Lee Oliver before fighting the Courier (depending on player choice).
I see you fight with words, like all beneath the flag of the Bear. Let us hope your skill with weapons proves greater.
~ Legate Lanius before fighting the Courier (depending on player choice).

Fatal Frame

I must stop the Calamity, or else it'll happen again! Don't worry about me... You must go...
~ Kirie Himuro's purified spirit, closing the Hell Gate once again.
I kept waiting... In a dark, dark place... Shall we begin?
~ Sae Kurosawa, speaking through Mayu Amakura before the ending.
...Please... Let me sleep...
~ Reika Kuze, after Rei Kurosawa puts her to rest.

Far Cry

Take me into your heart! Accept me as your savior! Nail me to the f**king cross and let me be reborn!
~ Vaas Montenegro, before Jason Brody stabs him in his hallucination.
Time to die, Ajay Ghale. Time to do what Pagan would never do himself! Time to kill you and mix your mother's ashes in pigs' slop!
~ Yuma, before Ajay Ghale kills her in his hallucination.
Who threw that? Fucking Savages! Let go! Wait wait, that's my cell phone! Ajay, that's my cell phone, it's in my back pocket. I need my cell phone man! Ajay, please! Please! I need my cell phone! Get off me you monkey fuckers! Ashley! Ashley baby, daddy's here!
~ Paul "De Pleur" Harmon screaming hysterically to Ajay Ghale and everyone around him before being taken away and interrogated by the Golden Path. His final fate is unknown.
But I'll tell you what, I call a do-over! Hm? I say you have two choices. One, you could shoot me, boring. Or you could sit down, enjoy some food and you and I will go scatter your mother's ashes, together.
~ Pagan Min offering Ajay Ghale to sit down and enjoy having dinner with him. If the player refuses his plea, Ajay will shoot him in the head before fading to the end credits.


Beckett! Help... me...
~ Harold Keegan. Michael Beckett performs a mercy killing on him by shooting him in the head to end his psychological suffering.

Final Fantasy

The body dies, but the spirit lives on.
~ Zemus after Golbez and Fusoya defeat him. His hatred has transformed him into Zeromus.
I will never long as there is darkness in the hearts of men! Urrrgh...Gaaaaah!
~ Zeromus, after getting defeated by Cecil and his party.
I am Neo-Exdeath! I shall erase all memory... All existence... All dimensions...And then I too shall disappear... For eternity!!!
~ Exdeath while transforming into Neo Exdeath, later dying in battle.
The world is about to learn...the meaning of...fear.
~ Emperor Gestahl, after he is betrayed by Kefka and realizes the extent of Kefka's insanity.
Life... Dreams... Hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go...? Such meaningless things... I'll destroy them all!
~ Kefka Palazzo before fighting Terra's party.
The end comes... beyond chaos.
~ Kefka Palazzo if he charges up his "Goner" attack before being defeated.
I will...never be a memory.
~ Sephiroth after his defeat and upon his death.
I shall not grant you the pleasure of killing Rosso the Crimson. No one will stand above me. No one! No one! NO ONE!
~ Rosso the Crimson, as she sends herself falling to her death after losing to Vincent Valentine, preferring to die at her own hands than at his.
~ Azul the Cerulean, after Chaos-Vincent impales him with his own gun and blasts him out of an elevator.
~ Nero the Sable as he merges with Weiss so they can always together.
~ Weiss the Immaculate, merging with Nero; he is subsequently defeated in battle by Vincent, presumably killing him.
No! Stop it! You can't! This is my body now! NOOO!
~ Professor Hojo, as his digitized spirit is destroyed by Weiss and Nero merging
I can't...disappear yet.
~ Ultimecia, before giving her Sorceress Power to Edea Kramer and then disappearing in a cloud of smoke (she could not die until she passed on her powers to another person.
Eliminate... all!
~ Black Waltz No 3, who was already badly damaged from the previous fight. He was finally defeated by the heroes in the second fight.
This is not the end. I am long as there is life and death.
~ Necron, upon being defeated by Zidane's party.
After you guys beat me, I had nothing left... nothing more to lose. Then, I finally realized what it means to live... I guess I was too late.
~ Kuja after Zidane returns to be with his brother's soul after Kuja himself teleports Zidane's party to safety
So it is you after all who will send me. But even after I'm gone, Spira's sorrow will prevail
~ Seymour Guado before Yuna sent his spirit to the Farplane.
Yuna, there's no time. The aeons, call them!
~ Jecht before dying from his defeat urging Yuna to call and destroy the aeons so they can defeat Yu Yevon.
Ah... Zaon... Forgive me... Spira has been robbed of the light of hope... All that remains is sorrow.
~ Lady Yunalesca, after Tidus and his allies defeated her.
Spend your pity elsewhere. If you're so bent on running, shouldn't be best be off? Fool of a pirate.
~ Dr. Cid to Balthier, as he fades away in a cloud of magical mist.
The Cryst is sundered. Age of stones complete. From the undying ones, the world is freed. You shall not tread this path alone. Together we go. Come.
~ Venat to Vayne Solidor, before sacrificing itself to give him its power.
Won't Cid be eager to learn what has happened here. History begins anew.
~ Vayne Solidor, seconds before transforming into the Undying and dying in battle.
Release! At last, release!
~ Barthandelus after being defeated by Lightning and her party.
You overreach yourselves. (Lightning: No, we overreach you.) Is that so?
~ Orphan telling Lightning's group that they are overstepping their boundaries, only to be condemned by Lightning for its cruelty and nihilism; it is defeated and killed afterward.
God shall punish you!
~ The Order of Salvation's High Priestess, before she and her worshippers of Bhunivelze were obliterated in a explosion of the now destroyed Holy Clavis which signals the end of the Order of Salvation themselves.
Never! Is this your last resort? Your final desperate ploy? Do you think you can survive me? The power of divine light is mine!
~ Bhunivelze's final words before his demise at the hands of Lightning and her beloved friends.

Fire Emblem

Marth... Your highness... I have finally awakened... From my deep dream... Your highness... I am deeply sorry... I fought with my inner demon. However I was too weak... I resisted with all my might... But I still lost... I hoped for your highness' hand to end my life... That way I could be saved... Your highness... Nyna... Please take care of Nyna... She... I hope you... can tell her... In the... end... I still... loved her... I hope... She can... forgive me...
~ Hardin after he is slain by Marth.
It’s already too late... This world is done for...
~ Gharnef thinking Marth is too late to stop Medeus's resurrection.
...So, you have defeated me... But remember... My dream shall never die... As long as...humans retain control...madness will persist...
~ Zephiel after being given mortal wounds from Roy.
Why? Why must I lose? More power... I must be...stronger... I... Why? Why did I... want power? ......Aenir? ...Don't...under...stand... but... Gaa... Not like this... I will not this. With my last breath... tremble...and...despair. Hwah ha ha... Ha...ha ha ha...
~ Nergal before he unleashes the 3 fire dragons.
Bla...Blast...A bit more, and...a crown...would have been...mine.
~ Caellach as he dies of his wounds.
Gh-ghuahh... I am...sorry for nothing. I regret...nothing. Because I did it my way... You win, Priestess. You must be delighted. Enjoy it while you can... Because...sooner or
~ Commander Jarod's warning to Micaiah before he dies of his wounds.
Urrgghh... Take note, Celice! While greed exist in men's hearts...I will return!...You've been warned! Gaaahhh...
~ Yurius' warning to Celice before he is reduced to dust.
Y-Your... Your Majesty... Forgive me...please... Oh, I don't want to die... So...scared...
~ Petrine before dying of her wounds from ike's attacks.

Freedom Planet

Please remain still during the incineration process. Thank you.
~ Syntax's Incinerator Mode before fighting Team Lilac.
NO! My beautiful creation!
~ Prince Dail despairing as the Shadebeast is destroyed by Team Lilac.
I'd like to see you try.
~ Lord Brevon before fighting Lilac and Carol.
Impossible... IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
~ Serpentine despairing over the loss of his mechanical arms.


You haven't seen the last of me Frogger!
~ Mr. D's last words, before he gets defeated by Frogger.

Gears of War

Hubris! Ah, so pious and moral, even now! Your father always thought he had all the answers. But he had none! Nothing but clever ways to kill! The Hammer of Dawn... Jacinto... and now, this. And his arrogance finally killed him!
~ Queen Myrrah before Marcus Fenix killed her with Dom's knife.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

I am a god!
~ Ivo Shandor boasting his false godhood before being defeated and blasted away by the Ghostbusters' proton packs.

God of War

That night... I was trying to make you into a great warrior!
~ Ares, moments before he is killed by Kratos.
Take my kingdom, my women, my gold.
~ The Persian King, attempting to unsuccessfully barter with Kratos for his life.
Your suffering will never end, Ghost of Sparta.
~ Persephone, after Kratos has impaled her with the Gauntlet of Zeus.
Your fate lies in the hands of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta.
~ Thanatos, before he is defeated by Kratos.
You have caused me pain for the last time, Spartan!
~ Megaera before being killed in her final battle with Kratos.
You bring this curse on yourself!
~ Tisiphone before attacking Kratos and eventually getting killed by him.
My death will not free you from this madness!!!
~ Alecto before she is killed by Kratos.
They will torture me, if I fail!
~ Castor before Kratos kills him.
I am but an innocent!
~ Pollux begging to be spared before being crushed by Kratos.
Kratos... murderer of children. Yes I am aware of the misery you have brought upon my brood! ... Ruthlessly cutting down my line; your hands wear their blood. Praise to the Sisters! For on this day, Kratos... You will meet your end!
~ Euryale, referring to how Kratos murdered her sister Medusa, before Kratos kills her too.
I am through playing games with you, Kratos. This power was never meant for a mortal like you!
~ Lahkesis before she and Atropos are defeated by Kratos.
The death of Olympus means the death of us all!
~ Poseidon, before he is beaten to death by Kratos.
~ Hades, before Kratos snatchs his soul using the Hades Claws.
My death will not lead you to Zeus!
~ Helios, before Kratos rips his head off.
Leave me alone! Go Away!
~ Hermes as Kratos slices his legs off.
Kraaaatoos!! Nooooo!!
~ Cronos before getting stabbed by Kratos.
Good luck with that little whore you call Pandora!
~ Hera before Kratos furiously snaps her neck.
My beautiful Pandora... Please...Spare her... Pandora... forgive me...
~ Hephaestus, after he is impaled on his own anvil.
Enough! Father and son will die together!
~ Gaia before Kratos and Zeus jump inside her and then Kratos stabs both Gaia's heart and Zeus with the Blade of Olympus.
~ Zeus's final words to Kratos, before he dies.
My vengeance...ends now.
~ Kratos, before commiting suicide with the Blade of Olympus after defeating Zeus at the end of God of War III.
That was meant for me! They will not know what to do with it! You disappoint me, Spartan
~ The spirit of Athena, disgusted at Kratos' final betrayal to her, after he sacrificed himself with the Blade of Olympus to release the power of Hope instead of giving it to her at the end of God of War III.

Grand Theft Auto

I think we have a deal, my friend.
~ Victor Vance, moments before he is gunned down by Ricardo Diaz's men while conducting a drug deal with Tommy Vercetti.
I said I had enough of that at school!
~ Lance Vance, betraying Tommy for making fun of his name, before Tommy kills him in the ensuing fight.
Yeah...can I f**k your sister?
~ Eddie Pulaski, slowly dying after suffering a fatal gunshot wound, when Carl asks him if he has any last requests.
I had no choice... I had to do it... I just see the opportunity. When I'm gone, everyone gonna remember my name... Big Smoke!
~ Big Smoke, after suffering a fatal gunshot wound from Carl, in response to Carl asking why he turned on the Grove.
Come on, a$$holes. I'll take you all. You're mine! Mine! I run this town! Hey, over here! Hey! Officer down! Come on! HEY! [pause as he realizes no help is coming] Assholes! You never understood what I did! Fifty of me and this town would be OK. I took the trash out! I did! And I'd do it all again...
~ Frank Tenpenny, shortly before he dies from wounds he suffered from a severe car crash.
Hove beach is a small place. My friends will find you.
~ Vladmir Glebov before he is shot in the head by Niko Bellic. Blood spurts out of his head and he falls over dead. His body is dragged by Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic and thrown into the river to cover up the murder.
BETRAYED!! Betrayed by Dimitri and by you! TOO KIND!! That's what I was, too kind! I led the snakes into the nest, and they destroyed EVERYTHING!! I gave them everything, and they took everything from me! Now they've sent YOU to take the only thing I have left! You have cut the corners! There's nowhere for me to go!
~ Mikhail Faustin, moments before he is killed by Niko Bellic.
Dimitri, what's the problem? Me and you is partners now! We're back on top!
~ Jimmy Pegorino, in the Deal ending, before being killed by Dimitri Rascalov.
~ Jimmy Pegorino, in the "Revenge" ending, as he lies bleeding on the ground, after Niko tells him that the Commission thought that he was a 'fat f**king joke'. As Niko begins to walk away, he raises his gun in one final attempt to kill him, but Niko reacts quickly and shoots him in the head.
F**k you... you d**k.
~ Dimitri Rascalov, in the Deal ending, as he dies from his wounds from his fight with Niko Bellic (his last words are spoken in Russian).
Your the one whose going to learn a lesson! People aren't going to be happy if you kill me! Stupid motherf**ker!
~ Dimitri Rascalov, in the "Revenge" ending, before Niko Bellic kills him (stupid motherfucker is spoken in Russian).
You can't shoot me; you'll blow whole plane up.
~ Ray Bulgarin trying to talk Luis out of shooting him by threatening him with a grenade.
Check mate, dude. Come on. Get it over with. Do it! (Johnny Klebitz: I'm doing it!) What? You waiting for a speech or something ? COME ON!!
~ Billy Grey when Johnny Klebitz hesitates to shoot him, before Billy lunges at him with a knife, forcing Johnny to shoot him.
Quit pissing me off!
~ Marty Jay Williams, before Victor Vance kills him.
Me? Are you kidding me? I'm your best buddy!
~ Bryan Forbes, as the Vance Brothers leave him tied up. He escapes, and gets chased down and killed by them.
~ Armando Mendez, calling his men, as Victor Vance slowly kills him.
F**k you.
~ Diego Mendez, to Sergeant Jerry Martinez, before they're both killed by Victor Vance (last words spoken in Spanish).
You first.
~ Sergeant Jerry Martinez, in response to Diego Mendez before they're both killed by Victor Vance.
Enough talk! I will take care of this private business in a private place.
~ Wei Cheng moments before he along with his car is blown up by Franklin Clinton.
Aw f**k! I thought I was with one Judas. I'm surrounded by them! You fake motherf**kers! You want a piece of me? F**kin' come get me! You wanna kill me? Take a fucking shot!
~ Trevor Phillips, before being set on fire by either Franklin Clinton or Micheal De Santa during the mission "Something Sensible".
Franklin! You greedy prick!
~ Michael De Santa, to Franklin Clinton before he let's go of Franklin's hand and falls to his death in the mission "The Time's Come".
You ain't getting this O'Neil brother.
~ Elwood O'Neil's final words.
I messed up.
~ Johnny Klebitz's, final words before being killed by Trevor Phillips.

Guilty Gear

If only we could have talked one last time... Just the three of us...
~ Justice, breathing her last with these words before dying after being defeated by Sol Badguy.
~ Eddie as he melts after a failed attempt to possess Sharon, Slayer's Wife, in one of his GGXX Story Mode endings.
What is this power?! My body... it's burning! Impossible! I'm I-No! I can't die! Someone... please... hel...p...
~ I-No as she is obliterated by Dizzy's attack in one of her GGXX Story Mode endings.


No, Arbiter! The Great Journey has begun, and the Brutes, not the Elites, shall be the Prophets' escort!
~ Tartarus, before he is killed by Thel 'Vadam.
The Elites are blind Arbiter! But I will make them see.
~ Sesa Refumee, before he is killed by Thel 'Vadam. (NOTE: These are his only last words if the player plays Oracle on Easy, Normal or Heroic.
How did the Prophets buy your loyalty Arbiter? With a new command? A new fleet? Or was it the promise, their Great Journey? Look around you Arbiter! This facility and dozens like it resulted in the study of the parasite. But where are the weapons Arbiter? What was the result? All that time and effort and the best the Forerunners could do was put these foul creatures on ice! And now where are these "Gods" the Prophets would have us worship? Transcended? (evil laughter) Hardly. Come Arbiter, let me show you where they went.
~ Sesa Refumee during his battle with Thel 'Vadam before he is killed. (NOTE: These are his last words if the player plays Oracle on Legendary.
Earth. To finish what we started, and this time, none of you will be left behind!
~ The Prophet of Mercy dying from the infection form choking him. The Master Chief peforms a mercy killing by grabbing the flood infection form. This causes Mercy to asphixiate from the pressure, killing him.
~ The Prophet of Truth, before he is stabbed by Thel 'Vadam.
Unacceptable! Unacceptable! That is absolutely unacceptable! Protocol dictates action! I see now that helping you was wrong! You are the child of my makers, inheritors of all they left behind. You are Forerunner, but this ring... is MINE!
~ 343 Guilty Spark, going rampant, before he is destroyed by the Master Chief.
My face will be the last thing your pathetic eyes ever see!
~ Ripa 'Moramee, before Sergeant Forge stabs him in the neck, then runs him through with his own Energy Sword.
Your compassion for mankind is misplaced!
~ The Didact before Chief manages to plant a grenade in his armor and throw him off the hardlight bridge as a result.

The House of the Dead

What happened? Why don't you follow my instructions?
~ Dr. Roy Curien, upon being betrayed and killed by the Magician.
You... haven't... seen... anything... yet!
~ The Magician, upon being defeated by Thomas Rogan and G.
I am... I am...
~ The Emperor, upon being defeated by James Taylor and Gary Stewart.
In time, a successor will come. Farewell friends.
~ Caleb Goldman, before throwing himself off the roof of his building.
This is the world you humans wanted... The world is... overpopulated... Even you... must realize that! Daniel, you need me...
~ The Wheel of Fate, after Daniel Curien and Lisa Rogan defeat it.
Nothing can erase my pain...
~ The Magician, upon being defeated once again by G and Kate Green
Clement! Clement! What the f**k are you doing?! This wasn't part of our deal. I got the compound refined for you. I...
~ Papa Caesar before warden Clement Darling executes him.
Then I can die happy. Goodbye, boys.
~ Clement Darling bidding G and Isaac Washington farewell.


Trish, I love you. Please forgive me.
~ Kessler after being shocked from a lightning storm.
Fetch? Come on honey, what do you say huh? Find a way out of here? You back off now. Damn you. I ain't afraid of no junkie. What? That it, bitch?! I knew I should have killed you straight out! I didn't kill him, you did!
~ Shane before he is finished off by Fetch.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

I know it's soon but... think you'll ever love again? Maybe you won't kill your next family...
~ The Joker taunting Superman after he made him kill Lois Lane and his unborn child when he thought he was fighting Doomsday. Superman then kills Joker in a rage.
You'll have to kill me.
~ Superman, after being defeated and captured by the Insurgency. Instead of killing him, however, they imprison him in a cell exposed to red sun radiation.

Jurassic Park

No, Gerry! This isn't up for debate! We have to show InGen- Yaaaaah!
~ Laura Sorkin before being attacked and killed by the Mosasaur.

Kid Icarus

No! I'm too pretty to die!
~ Hewdraw head #1 as it is slain by Pit.
Look how far you've come, Pit! I'm so proud of you.
~ Hewdraw head #2 as it is slain by Pit.
Before I die, I just wanna say-
~ Hewdraw head #3 as it is slain by Pit.
~ Arlon the Serene (presumably) after being defeated by Pit.
Aaah! Farewell cryyyyyyyyy!
~ Thanatos once Phosphora kills him.
I take back what I said before. You're not cute at all!
~ Phosphora after being defeated by Pit. She returns later.
~ Pandora/Amazon Pandora
No! How dare you?!
~ Medusa before Hades kills her after her intervention in his attempt to kill Pit.
GGWWWWWWAAAAHHHHH! It's hard to believe... but you actually got me, Pit. The nerve of you...
~ Hades, moments before the Great Sacred Treasure's cannon destroys him.
Well, I must say I am impressed. Such a teeny little angel defeating such a big, bad god of the Underworld. Why, Pitty... that must make you the most powerful Nintendo character of all time! I'm actually rather proud of you. 8-bit Pit would have never made it this far. But don't worry, I'm not going to tear up the credits again. The game really is over. Which is why I'm here to delete your save data! 1, 2, 3, GONE! Nawwww, I'm just messing with you, buddy.. Settle down. Your saves are, er, safe. I mean, I don't even have a body anymore. Couldn't delete a save file if I wanted to. I'm not even sure I can be resurrected in this state. There's the real tragedy. This dashing physique, this literally godly body, gone forever?! Ladies everywhere are no doubt weeping as we speak! Your fault! Oh, well. I'll figure something out. I have, what, 25 years until the next sequel? Anywho, you can always revisit me and the chapters you've beat. You can play our battles over and over again like a favorite book, or a broken record! Oh, and if the mood strikes you, throw some hearts into the Fiend's Cauldron. Hearts spice up the difficulty of the level and can net you some sweet rewards! And because I'm not a sore loser, I've unlocked Boss Battle mode for you. So here's to Kid Icarus: Uprising - my new favorite game of all time. Thanks for playing! Hades...out!
~ Hades' last thoughts at the end of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

King of Fighters

No, I am being heaven...
~ Goenitz
You sick psychopaths!
~ Krizalid
Farewell, you fools! Disintegrate into the light of a brand new world!
~ Zero
Now... go to him, unless all of you wish to perish with this ship.
~ Original Zero, before his airship falls to Earth with the tournament's champions reaching space to confront Igniz.
If these humans do not desire the advent of a new god... I shall become a demon! All shall return to nothing!
~ Igniz, before dropping his NESTS base to Earth.

Kingdom Hearts

This is what happens when you go against my wishes.
~ Lady Tremaine, before she and her 2 daughters are killed by the Cursed Coach Unversed that was conjured by the darkness in their selfish hearts.
Magic Mirror, instruct this knave! Give him the answers he doth crave!
~ Queen Grimhilde (in her Queen form) asking the Magic Mirror to give Terra the answers about Master Xehanort's whereabouts.
Must you all menace a poor granny so?
~ Queen Grimhilde (in her Old Peddler Woman form), before she killed Snow White with the Poison Apple and later being driven away to her doom by the Dwarves.
The Queen is gone. My service done. Adieu, oh victorious one.
~ The Magic Mirror bidding Aqua farewell.
Perhaps... But remember one thing-as long as there is light, there will be darkness. And in time, Many more will be drawn to it. And then they will all belong to me!
~ Maleficent after her first defeat in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
~ Vanitas after Ventus defeats him and destroys the Χ-Blade.
This is it! This power! (evil laughter) Darkness... The true darkness!
~ Maleficent, before being defeated and killed (in her Dragon form) by SOra and his friends.
Light...? But why?
~ False Ansem, as he sees Kingdom Hearts is really light and is thus obliterated.
No... please don't! I don't want to--
~ Vexen moments before Axel destroys him.
No... Nooooo!! I refuse to lose to such a bunch of losers! I think I'm... I'm fading?! NO...this isn't...the way I... I won't...ALLOW...
~ Larxene before fading into nothingness after she was defeat by Sora.
...Insolent brat!!!
~ Ansem the Seeker of Darkness, when he is defeated by Riku in Re:Chain of Memories.
This...This is the heart of a hero...
~ Marluxia's last words, after Sora defeated him.
You are the Superior's-- Forgive me Zexion. This is a fight I should not have started.
~ Lexaeus after Riku, possessed by Ansem, ran him through with his sword, killing him.
You can't do this!
~ Zexion to Axel before he commanded the Riku Replica to drain his life force.
A faithful replica until the very end. That's... okay.
~ Repliku after his defeat by the real Riku wondering where fake hearts go after they die before fading away.
~ Demyx after Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeated him.
Is this the end?
~ Xaldin after Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeated him. He is the only member of Organization XIII who does not say anything in the cinematic before fading into nothingness.
Wouldn't you like to know?
~ Xigbar's response to Sora after being defeated mentioning Roxas.
How could you, Roxas?
~ Luxord after Sora defeats him.
Why...? Kingdom Hearts... Where is my heart?
~ Saix after Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeat him.
Cursed... Keyblade...
~ Xemnas after he is defeated by Sora and Riku.

Legacy of Kain'

To be killed by you, AGAIN? Is that your answer to everything?
~ Moebius

The Legend of Zelda

YOU... CURSE YOU...ZELDA! CURSE YOU...SAGES!! CURSE YOU...Link! Someday... When this seal is broken... That is when I will exterminate your descendants!! As long as the Triforce of Power is in my hand...
~ Ganondorf, just before the Sages imprison him in the Sacred Realm.
The wind... it is blowing
~ Ganondorf, as he dies and turns to stone from Link stabbing him in the head.
Midna... Foolish Twilight Princess... The curse on you cannot be broken... It was placed on you by the magic of my god! The power you held as leader of the Twili will never return! Already he has descended and been reborn in this world... As long as my master, Ganon, survives, he will resurrect me without cease!
~ Zant, taunting Midna that she will never be free from her curse, before she uses the power of the Fused Shadows to destroy him.
Do not think this ends here... The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!
~ Ganondorf upon being beaten on his return, just before the spirit of his disciple Zant snaps his spiritual neck, breaking the bond of power between them forever and finally killing Ganondorf.
Your majesty? ...PLEASE, NO!
~ Chancellor Cole, before Malladus possesses him and both are killed by Link and Zelda
This my spirit. I'm...slipping from it... I can't hold on for long... But the world will crumble in the time I have left!
~ Malladus, declaring his intention to destroy the world before the body of Chancellor Cole, which is incompatible as a vessel for his spirit, eventually rejects him, although he is killed by Link and Zelda shortly thereafter.
Welcome back to us, Master.
~ Ghirahim, after resurrecting Demise, before Demise transforms him back into his sword.
Extraordinary. You stand as a paragon of your kind, human. You fight like no man or demon I have ever known. Though this is not the end. My hate... never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end! I will rise again! Those like you... Those who share the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero... They are eternally bound to this curse. An incarnation of my hatred shall ever follow your kind, dooming them to wander a blood-soaked sea of darkness for all time!
~ Demise, after being defeated by Link, declaring a reincarnation of his hatred will be reborn to plague Link and Zelda's descendants

Lollipop Chainsaw

No no, I'm not done screaming yet! Uurg, that really fucking hurts, man!
~ Zed before Juliet sends him back to the Rotten World
Heavy. Peace out. Way out.
~ Mariska before she is decapitated and sent back to the Rotten World
Funk me.
~ Josey before Juliet destroys his ship and sends him back to Rotten World.
Noo! Impossible! I can't be beaten by a little girl... I'm a warrior!
~ Vikke before Juliet slices him up and sends him back to the Rotten World
Aw man... it's ruined!
~ Lewis Legend when Juliet destroys his elephant motorcycle. He's the only one of the Dark Purveyors who doesn't have any direct last words after Juliet destroys his motorcycle and sends him back to Rotten World.
Meus Vita, Rege, pro nefario coepto!
~ Every one of the Dark Purveyors when killed by Juliet so the Zombie of Zombies, Killabilly would be summoned to destroy the world. Translation: My Life, King, for your dark enterprise!
So f**k all of you! Your eternal screams of horror will be my pop music!
~ Swan before he kills himself.

Lord of the Rings

~ Gollum in the The Return of the King video game. When he is defeated in the Crack of Doom, Frodo pushes him off the ledge and falls into the lava, ending the game.


Cash, I made you!
~ Lionel Starkweather about to be killed by James Earl Cash.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

~ Doctor Doom in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance before his soul is ripped from his body.

Marvel vs. Capcom

How dare you...I now must squash you like the bug that you are!
~ Galactus in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds after the heroes defeat him.

Mass Effect

No light? They always said there would be-- Ah...
~ Matriarch Benezia, dying from her injuries after her fight with Shepard.
Goodbye, Shepard. Thank you.
~ Saren Arterius, before committing suicide.
I am Sovereign, and this station is MINE!
~ The Sovereign, speaking through Saren's corpse, while fighting Shepard and their squad. After Shepard destroys the husk, Sovereign loses it's defenses and the ship is destroyed by the Alliance fleets.
And they call me a monster!
~ Morinth as Shepard restrains her, allowing her mother Samara to kill her.
Don't you dare judge me! Don't you...
~ Tela Vasir, before dying of her injuries.
It's pointless to challenge me asari. I know your every secret, while you fumble in the dark.
~ The Shadow Broker, taunting Liara, before attacking her and Shepard. After he is killed, Liara becomes the new Shadow Broker in his place.
No. We cannot.
~ Dr. Amanda Kenson, saying that she and Shepard cannot leave Project Base, before detonating explosives that kill her and incapacitate the Commander.
To hell with this!
~ Donnel Udina, during the Cerberus coup, before he is shot by Shepard of Kaiden/Ashley (depending on who survived Virmire).
Alright. Take her. But I want out alive. Deal?
~ Henry Lawson, releasing Oriana, before Miranda kills him.
For what?
~ Shepard's clone, before willingly falling to it's death.
Admit it, Commander. You'll miss me.
~ Maya Brooks, before she is shot down by Shepard or a squadmate after trying to escape.
Even if you win, you're too late to stop what's coming!
~ Kai Leng during his battle with Shepard. After being defeated, gets up and attempts to kill Shepard from behind; but Shepard detects him, dodges the attack and stabs him with the omniblade.
There... Earth... I wish you could see it like I do... Shepard. It's so... perfect...
~ The Illusive Man, if Shepard shoots him, gazing out through the Citadel's arms before dying.
I tried, Shepard.
~ The Illusive Man, if Shepard convinces him that he is indoctrinated, before committing suicide.

Medal of Honor

I admire a man who doesn't give up! Today, you die American!
~ Rudolf von Sturmgeist's challenge issue to Jimmy Patterson before he dies in the resulting gun battle.
Say goodbye, American fool! This as close to your brother as you'll ever get!
~ Masataka Shima, escaping the super carrier with Joseph's brother Donnie.

Mega Man

Mega Man

Nice shot...
~ Sword Man
That felt good!
~ Grenade Man
See you in my dreams.
~ Clown Man
~ Frost Man
This is regretful.
~ Tengu Man
That was luck!
~ Aqua Man
Wily Banzai!
~ Search Man
Oh great!
~ Astro Man
After our battle, I realized I was wrong. This is all I can do for you, Mega Man. Good-bye.
~ Ballade to Mega Man, before he self-destructs, creating a hole which allows Mega Man to escape Dr. Wily's exploding spaceship.
You fool, Mega Man! You have mettled [sic] with my plan for the last time. We could have created a new world for all robots! How can I face my master now? I must redeem myself by blowing you to pieces!
~ Terra to Mega Man before their final battle.
Maybe... but I will never know. My fusion reactor is going critical, and when it explodes, it will destroy this entire fortress. Leave now!
~ Sunstar to Mega Man, after the latter claims that Robots are not necessarily predestined to fight. Sunstar subsequently explodes and takes Dr. Wily's base with him.

Megaman X

It was a good fight...
~ Armored Armadillo
I don't care... what happens to this world... By defeating X... I have validated my existence. And that's all that matters to me now. My name... is Vile. I am... I...
~ Vile as he lays dying at the end of Vile mode's ending in Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X.
What?! How could he have overloaded my circuits?! Arrrggghhh...
~ Violen, after being defeated by X.
This is impossible! The prophecy must be fulfilled!
~ Serges, after being defeated by X.
NO!! This cannot be!!! Master, avenge me!
~ Agile, after being defeated by X.
Don't think this is the end, X! I will haunt you until the day you die...
~ Vile after being defeated by X in Mega Man X3.
This Reploid's special abilities are too... N... No, it can't be... Gahhhhhh!!
~ Bit, if defeated by his weakness weapon.
X, you fought well to defeat Byte. But I will not go down so easily! The victory over Byte was your last!
~ Bit, if encountered alone at Doppler Stage 1, before fighting X.
No! How can this great power can be generated from within such an ancient machine!? Well done X. The victory is yours.
~ Byte, if defeated by his weakness weapon.
X, I've been waiting for you. It was an impressive victory over Bit. Unfortunately, it was your last!!
~ Byte, if encountered alone at Doppler Stage 1, before fighting X.
We've been waiting for you X! Dr. Doppler modified us after our first battle against you. Take a look at these new upgrades!
~ Bit & Byte, if both are left alive by the end of Doppler Stage 1, before fighting X.
X... it's... time to say goodbye...
~ Dr. Doppler's last words before self-destructing his lab.
...was worth it... for a final duel...
~ Magma Dragoon before exploding after being defeated by X.
I couldn't... refuse the offer... Sorry Zero...
~ Magma Dragoon before exploding after being defeated by Zero.

{{Quote|Ha ha ha ha ha! That naiveness may be your fatal flaw! Good bye, X! See you again in the afterlife!|[[Double before exploding after being defeated by X.}}

Data-wise, I've surpassed you... There's no chance for me to lose!
~ High Max before fighting X for the last time.
Just die! Die, original one!
~ High Max before fighting Zero for the last time.
Kugh. I lost even though I used Zero's DNA... No... Ugh... I should've... analyzed it more... Wa... was there a... fault in the program...? But... ack... this is not the end. I don't... ack... give up so easily... I prepared for this just in case. Ha ha. I really... don't want to use this... I might be destroyed as well, but... I brought back the evil... Si... Sigma...
~ Gate before being blasted by Sigma.
Axl... He's right... It's my time... Let me go first... You're still young... No need to rush...
~ Red, after being defeated by X, Zero, and Axl and activating the self-destruct mechanism of his palace afterwards.
I can't believe it...!
~ Dark Mantis
Ha Ha ha... I suppose it'd be a waste to just destroy you now. Maybe I'll wait till the last possible moment and have a little fun with this.
~ Vile before fighting X/Zero/Axl for the last time in Mega Man X8.
Impossible! How... could you... You couldn't... destroy... the old... world... new age... Hrgh!
~ Sigma upon being defeated in Mega Man X8, just before exploding
Ha ha ha. You really don't have a grasp of the situation, do you? Oh well... You'll find out soon enough...
~ Lumine, seconds before destruction.
The Federation has labeled us Maverick. What other options do we have!? As long I am in operation, I will...
~ Epsilon just before being blasted and destroyed by X.
Stay in our place, be friendly to all, decade after decade...Indefinitely... Is this all Reploids will ever be? Some'll see...We'll...Change the world...
~ Colonel Redips words to X, Zero, and Axl just as he was finally defeated.

Megaman Zero

Impossible... How could I... I won't... I won't allow you to reach where master X is... I'll take you with me... Arrrgggghhhh!
~ Phantom before self-destructing.
Why... Why... I was... supposed to be... the perfect copy... How can this be... possible... I was supposed to be... a hero... I won't forgive you. I'll take you with me...
~ Copy X's last words, before self-destructing in Mega Man Zero 1.
Gee...gagaga?! I...can't...can't move... Gagagaaa... Aaaaaaarggh!
~ Copy X before exploding due to his second form's bombs being within him, revealing himself to be a pawn of Dr. Weil.
Bwahahaha! Are you even capable of it!? The Reploid hero... Protecting justice and humnanity! I am one of those humans you were sworn to protect! Do you have it in you to defeat me!?
~ Dr. Weil before merging with the Ragnarok and fighting Zero.

Metal Slug

See you in hell!
~ Allen o' Neil, everytime he "dies."


~ Herobrine to Steve before he defeated him

Mortal Kombat

Yes, Emperor?
~ Shang Tsung, before Shao Kahn sacrifices him to increase Sindel's power.
We share blood. We are not brothers.
~ Noob Saibot, moments before Nightwolf throws him into the Soulnado, thus dissolving him.
Today, I become the Elder God!
~ Shao Kahn before fighting and losing to Raiden and the Elder Gods.
Shao Kahn conquered my realm. I owe him my loyalty. I honor his will.
~ Baraka before getting killed in combat by D'Vorah.
Enough of your prattle. Finish me, that I may join my father.
~ Mileena to Kotal Kahn, who decided that she was not worthy of death by an emperor. Instead, he allows D'Vorah to carry out her execution with a "kiss of death", swarming her face with flesh-eating bugs.
Amulet... noh i no ti stoh day.. meezdk nykoma.. nikon I ay.. koda... humh.
~ Quan Chi releasing Shinnok from his amulet via the needed incantation moments before Scorpion decapitates him.
You cannot hope to survive!
~ Lord Shinnok in Corrupted form, before beaten by Cassie Cage and his increased mystical powers absorbed by Raiden to restore Earthrealm's Jinsei.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

No!! Not again! My precious bugs! My precious bugs, my precious bugs....
~ Oogie Boogie's second final words before Jack Skellington defeated him once again and saved both Halloween Town and Christmas Town once and for all.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

How could this happen?! None have beaten me until now!!
~ Polygon Man


The past three years have been a waste... How can a kid like you manage to destroy my dream once again? The precious dream of Team Rocket has become more than an illusion...
~ Giovanni, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver; it was revealed he survived in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.
One day, you will awaken to a world of my creation. A world without spirit.
~ Cyrus
Shut your mouth! Shut up! Shut up! Shut UP! Don't talk like a person, you freak! No real person could talk to Pokémon!
~ Ghetsis, right before he becomes so insane he goes vegetative.
Let us live forever... That's right! I shall grant you eternal life! I'll give you the pain of endlessly waiting for a beautiful world to finally be built!/The ultimate weapon is a flower that bloomed to no avail... Just like me... But this ends here! I will show you what its remaining power can do!
~ Lysandre, preparing to force immortality on the player and their friends/attempting to destroy Team Flare's Secret HQ and take the player and their friends down with him (depending if the game is X or Y).


I wish I could take it all back. I honestly do. I honestly do wish I could take it all back. And not just because I'm stranded in space...I know you are, mate. Yep. We're both in space. Anyway, if I was to ever see her again, you know what I'd say? I'd say, "I'm sorry". Sincerely. I am sorry I was bossy. And monstrous. And...I am genuinely sorry. The end.
~ Wheatley as he drifts aimlessly in space with the space-obsessed personality core

Professor Layton

Sophia is dead? No, it can't be! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR LIES!
~ Anthony Herzen, before destroying his own castle.
Oho, well done, Hershel. It was foolish of me to make this so easy for you. I suppose you're free.
~ Dimitri Allen, accepting his defeat in a battle of wits
This isn’t happening. It can’t end this way! IT WON’T END THIS WAY!
~ Clive, while his Mobile Fortress is destroyed and before being knocked out by a falling pipe.
Wha- What is happening?
~ The Masked Gentleman/Randall Ascot, as his plan to destroy Monte d'Or is foiled.
No, you don't... Hershel Layton. Farewell.
~ Leon Bronev, after Professor Layton said that he well not take back his real name.


Huh... Welcome to the top of the food chain.
~ Alex Mercer to Heller before being consumed

Ratchet and Clank

You can't kill me, Lombax... Only I know your true purpose in this galaxy! Only I know your true name! The Cragmite return is inevitable... Your kind will never be safe! Do you hear me!? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Tachyon's Final Word before he banished into another Dimension.
~ Gleemen Vox's Final Word before the Battledome explode.

Red Dead

Now get out of here before I kill you too!
~ Edgar Ross before being shot by Jack Marston

Resident Evil

I want you to suffer just like Ashley!
~ Ramon Salazar, post-transformation.
Prepare for your death, Leon!
~ Jack Krauser's last words before battling Leon, who defeats Krauser in battle.
Oh, I think you know... The "American prevailing" is a cliche that only happens in your Hollywood movies! Oh, Mr. Kennedy... you entertain me! To show my appreciation, I will help you awaken from your world of cliches...
~ Lord Osmund Saddler, before transforming.
Now my candle burns dimly. Ironic, isn't it? For one who has the right to be a god! To face his own mortality...
~ Ozwell Edward Spencer, before he is killed by Albert Wesker.
~ Albert Wesker, after being killed by Chris Redfield.

Saints Row

You're going to die here son, but if it's any consolation, I'll be sure to thank you in my acceptance speech. Now if you excuse me I have a city to-
~ Richard Hughes just before his boat explodes.
I know that you will fix this.
~ The General's last spoken words in the game; he is talking to Mr. Sunshine, having just cut off his ear after he failed to protect the Loa Dust shipments from being destroyed. He would later be killed by The Protagonist during a massacre at the Rounds Square Shopping Center.
This fight... is far from think that will stop me?!
~ Mr. Sunshine, getting up repeatedly after the Protagonist supposedly shot him to death, before the Protagonist shoots him a dozen more times, then beheads him with his own machete.
Die with some honor!
~ Jyunichi's challenge to The Protagonist before they engage each other in a swordfight in the Kanto restaurant, which would end with the Protagonist killing Jyunichi.
Just kill me, damn it! Don't do this!!
~ Shogo Akuji, before Johnny Gat and the Protagonist literally bury him alive, as revenge for the Ronin killing Aisha then interrupting her funeral.
When I escape, the world will not be big enough for you to hide in.
~ Kazuo Akuji, after losing a swordfight to The Protagonist, before the Protagonist leaves him for dead on the burning junk boat.
Go to hell.
~ Maero, in response to the Protagonist asking him if he has any last words, before shooting him in the head.
Well I guess that makes us even.
~ Julius Little, before the Protagonist shoots him in the head.
Believe me, right now I'm agreeing with you one hundred percent. But you have to look at the positives: you're alive, they're dead, and you have the Saints' number one fan running Ult–
~ Dane Vogel, attempting to convince the Progatonist to spare him. The Protagonist shoots him in the mouth with such force, he's blasted out of his office window.
Did you really expect to waltz right up to my office while I control the building?
~ Phillipe Loren, during the Saints attack on Syndicate Tower. He is later crushed by a huge metallic sphere while attempting to escape.
No one will remember me? You were a f**king clown, selling energy drinks and lunchboxes. You didn't care about the crowd, just the paycheck. And I changed that. Mark my words, when these hands are crushing your throat, your dying breath won't be an appeal to God, or a message of love to your family. It'll be "Thank you, Killbane.
~ Killbane, before he is killed by The Protagonist as he was attempting to flee Steelport in his personal jet(non-canonical).
Really? Lin. Carlos. Aisha. Johnny. All you do is let your friends die.
~ Kia, insulting the Protagonist during the final battle on Magarac Island.
They can give you the key to the goddamn city, but soon as you screw up, we'll be back. And next time, STAG is gonna put you down.
~ Cyrus Temple's last words in the canonical ending to the game.
Best to just give up now!
~ Cyrus Temple's last words after his VTOL is shot down in the non-canonical ending to the game.
~ Andy Zhen, before The Protagonist and Jenny kill him by ramming him with the Aegean.
Still an ignorant child!
~ Cyrus Temple, before falling into a vat of nuclear waste.
You can kill me, but my people WILL avenge my death! Then your race will be wiped from it's pitiful existence in this universe!
~ Zinyak, before the Protagonist rips his head off.

The Simpsons

Kang: At least our show was a success. Kodos: Why did we go to Earth heaven when we died? Kang: At least we don't have to sit through the stupid video game credits. ..NO!!!!!!!
~ Kang and Kodos, in The Simpsons Hit & Run, hovering over the Simpsons' house as angels after being killed by Homer. They are then forced to watch the credits.
So long, suckers!
~ Matt Groening, escaping in a helicopter after setting the video game engine to self destruct.


You haven't seen the last of ME!
~ Kaos shouts when sent to the real world in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.
I just wanted to drink SodaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
~ The Gulper shouts, before trapped by the Portal Master.
I'm totally allergic to vortexes! AH-CHOOOOOO!!!!!
~ Tussle Sprout shouts, before trapped.
Is it too late to say I'm SORRYYYYYYY?!?!
~ Slobber Trap/Bruiser Cruiser shouts, before trapped.
Oh, boy. What's gonna happen to Broccoli GUUUUUUUUUY?!?!!
~ Broccoli Guy shouts, before trapped.
What did I do to deserve this?! Oh, yes! All that stuff I did! WHOA! Who will look after the ChomPIIIIIIIIIEEEEEES?!!!?
~ Chompy Mage shouts, before trapped by the Portal Master.
"Don't you think that vortex is a good thing, Troll 2?" "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
~ Shrednaught shouts, before trapped.
Remember me! AS A HEROOOOOOOOOO!!!!
~ Chill Bill shouts, before trapped.
Guess It's Bye-Bye BIRDIIIIIIEEE!!!
~ Cuckoo Clocker shouts, before trapped.
Bombs and Bomber...AWAAAAAAAY!!!!
~ Bomb Shell shouts, before trapped.
I don't know where I'm going, but I hope they got good BARBEQUUUUUUE!!!!!!
~ Chef Pepper Jack shouts, before trapped.

Sly Cooper

~ El Jefe as Sly defeats him in Feudal Japan and before he is arrested.
Ah, my ear holes, eee ouch.
~ Sheriff Toothpick as he is defeated by Sly with the train's whistles and furnace and left in the Old West
Dang, that smarts!
~ The Grizz as Murray chucks him towards an ice wall to open a path for the Cooper Gang and Carmelita.
I'm nobody's puppet! Too bad I can't say the same for you. I'm sorry, Bentley, but I guess it's time to make this breakup official!
~ Penelope before Bentley defeats her in a one-on-one mech fight.
Why you filthy, back-stabbing, two-timing scoundrel!
~ Ms. Decibel as Le Paradox betrays her and the rope supporting her breaks.
Au contraire, Sly Cooper. I do not think we will meet again! Hahahaha!
~ Cyrille Le Paradox as he attempts to escape, only to plummet after hitting a plane and be retrieved/arrested from the River Seine.

Sonic the Hedgehog

~ Professor Gerald Robotnik, having nothing left to say after announcing his vengeance on humanity, before his execution.
GUOOOO!! Why?! I had it all! I am the ultimate overlord, Metal Sonic! I AM THE REAL SONIC!!!
~ Metal Sonic/Metal Overlord after being defeated by Super Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.
I-Impossible! I am the supreme being who rules this universe! I am the immortal lifeform! I AM THE ULTIMATE POWER! GAAAAAH!!!
~ Black Doom after being defeated by Super Shadow, before he falls to his demise below.
AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Finally, the seal is broken! At long last, I'll be able to join with you! IBLIS!!! Now, Chaos Emerald! It's time for the final curtain call!
~ Mephiles the Dark before merging together with Iblis to form the resurrected Solaris, who does not speak before his final destruction.
Shahra, I know you're there! Please, stop him! We can start over, the two of us! I swear! I swear it! The world is mine! I cannot be denied by that flithy rat! WHYYYYYYYY??!!!
~ Erazor Djinn before being sealed in his lamp by Sonic's third wish, after which his lamp is later tossed into a pool of lava by Sonic himself.
Aaaaaaaaah! But, I... I... Aaaaaaaaah!!!
~ Merlina as the Dark Queen, after Sonic defeats her with Excalibur. Following her defeat, he convinces her that all worlds must end, and that she just needs to live her life to the fullest in the time she has.
The boss is gonna beat me!
~ Zazz, when Sonic strikes the deathblow at Lava Mountain
Mom was right, I'm a failure!
~ Zomom, when Sonic defeats him at Lava Mountain
You've beaten an old man. Are you proud?
~ Master Zik, when Sonic defeats him at Lava Mountain
I can't believe I lost to a boy.
~ Zeena, when Sonic defeats her at Lava Mountain
In this pain I finally find comfort. I long for death's cold embrace.
~ Zor, just before Sonic knocks him into the lava
This is the first time ever that I reached full power.
~ Zavok before Sonic knocks him into the lava once and for all


Ilona...I just...just wanted you to...
~ Iska Farkas calling to his dead sister before dying of his wounds.


Hmm, I liked the idea. Dragon, you just sealed your fate!
~ Ripto, before his first defeat by Spyro and his death at his arena in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.
You haven't heard the last of me, you little demon! I'll be back, and you'll be sorry! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU WILL BE SORRY!
~ Ripto after his second defeat in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.
Get away from me, you horrid little dragon!
~ Red, after Spyro defeats him and the Professor shrinks him down to a tiny size.
Hmph. Persistant little fellow, aren't you? This is where it REALLY ends! (Spyro: Bring it!) No mercy this time.
~ Cynder's last words as a villain, before fighting and losing to Spyro, which breaks her free of Malefor's control.
What are you waiting for, dragon? Finish me! ...Heh heh heh heh heh...coward.
~ Gaul after being beaten by Dark Spyro, who promptly turns him to stone and breaks his statue to pieces.
What is this?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
~ Malefor, as the spirits of the dragon ancestors ultimately seal him away in the Earth's core forever.

Star Fox

If I go down, I'm taking you with me!
~ Andross before exploding after being defeated by Fox.
You will regret this!
~ General Scales before his possible death.
And now, to destroy the Lylat System!
~ Andross, before fighting Fox again one last time.
No. We are truth. Only us. No.
~ The Aparoid Queen before taking her final form, after which Fox destroys her

Star Wars

I am glad to leave this last.
~ Darth Sion before ultimately dying at the hands of Meetra Surik.
They will remember. Revan knew this.
~ Darth Traya's last words before dying.
Foolish child. Your reliance on the teachings of the Jedi will be your downfall. Only through the power of the Dark Side will you gain full understanding of the Force. I cast you out of my sanctum!
~ Darth Thulsa Gaul (as his spirit; spirit's last words), before again duelling the Jedi Exile and getting destroyed.
It seems that Loqi has won.
~ The recording of Darth Serpentis's last words in a datapad before he got killed by his rival Darth Loqi.
Through victory, my chains are...
~ Ezer Arden (as his spirit; spirit's last words), spirit destroyed by the Jedi Exile along with visions of Darth Revan, Darth Sion, Darth Malak and Darth Nihilus.
By your command, my master.
~ Darth Loqi, before he was killed with two other Sith Lords by the Jedi Exile in a lightsaber duel.
A shame. Instead of freedom and power, you have chosen death. So be it.The Sith Master on Dxun before being killed by Meetra Surik's allies.
If you do not kill me now, I shall hunt you through the paths of your mind until you die.
~ Hanharr to Mira before he dies.
Goto, I didn't...I wasn't...Please, take the Jedi. I offer the human as a gift, as I would my own li...
~ Visquis before being killed by Ubese bounty hunters.
So it begins. (or) Foolish Jedi.
~ DarkTaskMaster, killed with 4 Sith Assassins and 3 Sith Templars by the Jedi Exile in a lightsaber duel.
Foolish Jedi.
~ Darth Fang, killed outside Darth Poxus's secret Sith Academy along with two other two Sith stundents by the Jedi Exile in a lightsaber duel.
This planet is evil. It corrupted me! But you... you can save me. Just let me get away from here. Just let me go free, and I'll turn my back on the Dark Side...
~ Maris Brood, before fleeing into the wilds of Felucia.
I cannot die!
~ Darth Baras before being ultimatly killed by the Emperor's Wrath.
I will not be your trophy. If I must die, I chose how. And everything dies with me.
~ Darth Vitiate upon his ultimate death.
And in the end, as the darkness takes me...I am nothing.
~ Darth Malak upon his defeat.
And in the the darkness takes me, I am nothing. Now I know how you felt, old friend.
~ Darth Revan speaking Darth Malak's last words before his second disappearance.
Then I shall try to make this both quick and painful!
~ Darth Bandon before getting killed by Revan and his companions.
He Is Here
~ Komari Vosa who about to be Force strangled By Count Dooku.
Can't the villain win just once?
~ Kannos before being killed by Revan.


Do your worst, then, girl. You ain't taking Edmund Duke without a fight.
~ General Edmund Duke, shortly before his demise.
You've already lost. Amon lives. You will see him soon.
~ Narud, after Kerrigan kills him.
I made you into a monster, Kerrigan!
~ Arcturus Mengsk before Kerrigan kills him.

Sunset Riders

Bury me with my money!
~ Simon Greedwell

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario RPG

Listen up, gang! These guys are gonna put a stop to our party! Are we happy about this?!
~ Mack before fighting Mario & Mallow.
NYAAAAA! Now three against one! Nyat fair! Fix it I will, nya! Shoot an arrow, I shall. When a target it hits, that button... LOCKED!
~ Bowyer before assuming the rest of his fight against Mario's party after they land their first attacks on him.
Eee hee...! I guess we'll have to take our disguises off now... GROUP FORMATION!
~ Yaridovich before revealing his true form and fighting Mario's party.
Ahhh! Your spirit... is strong! Thank you, brave knight. I will treasure this memento of my journey here. Perhaps, in another time, another game, we may have been mortal enemies... let us part as comrades in arms. Take this. Treasure it as a keepsake of our fight. Farewell, champion knight!
~ Culex as he gives Mario the Quartz Charm before departing for his homeworld after being defeated by him and his party.
I broke my shades!
~ Axem Black when defeated by Mario's party.
I'm... hungry!
~ Axem Yellow when defeated by Mario's party.
I've got a headache.
~ Axem Green when defeated by Mario's party.
This isn't possible! We are... invincible!
~ Axem Red after Mario's party defeats the robotic head known simply as Axem Rangers.
Can this be happening to the Axem Rangers?
~ Axem Pink after the Axem Rangers' demise occurred.
Ack! This is absurd! I can't be beaten by them! I won't let that happen! I... urk... having an attack... gasp... I don't need your sympathy! I am a soldier... I am prepared... to go... Take a dive, Chandeli-ho! See you later, kids!
~ Boomer before cutting his Chandeli-ho's chain and plummetting to his demise.
Guoooooo! My b... body and head are burning! It's not... possible...! I can't believe it...! I'm... finished... done for...! Guooooo... nooooooo...!
~ Smithy after being defeated by Mario's party, just before exploding.

Mario & Luigi

EEYARGH! It can't be!!! Impossible!!! I... No... How could I... And to this filthy little pair! HOW COULD I LOSE?????
~ Bowletta before coughing up Cackletta's spirit, which disappears forever and reverts her back to Bowser.
Now it's your turn... SIS...TER!!!
~ Princess Shroob, calling out to her big sister (whom Baby Bowser unwittingly just freed) after being fatally injured by the Mario Bros.
Foolish mushroom heads... You may have bested me, but the Shroobs will live on... One day, the Shroobs will dance on the buried remains of this pathetic kingdom...
~ Elder Princess Shroob before she turns into a plain, purple-colored mushroom.
Here Fawful goes... The disappearing... Forever disappearing... WITH YOU!
~ Fawful before he selfdestructs.

Paper Mario

Mario! So, uh... good fight and all that! I must warn you, however... if you happen to find a strange switch hidden somewhere, you must not press it. It's dangerous. Understand? ...You what? You already pressed it?! Oh noooooooooo!!!!
~ The Goomba King before his tower that he was standing on collapses and turns into a bridge, sending him flying into the horizon in the process.
I'm actually a really sensitive guy trapped in a huge body. I don't wanna be invincible anymore if it means I have to fight guys like you!
~ Tubba Blubba before he runs away crying after releasing all the ghosts he ate following his defeat by Mario and his party.
NO!! I cannot lose!
~ Huff N. Puff before exploding into thousands of Ruff Puffs after Mario and his party defeat him.
Oh no! The last Star Spirit! King Bowser, forgive meeeeeeee!!!!
~ The Crystal King before vanishing after being defeated by Mario and his party.
B-But... I... I... GURK! How? Why? There's still so much I wanted to do with my life... So many meals...
~ Hooktail before she tumbles over after being defeated by Mario and his party.
Urrrgh... Prince Mush... He... He...discovered the secret of my... power-suckin' machine... I had him...urgh...disappear. Any which way you look at it...oooog...he ain't around these parts no more.
~ Grubba when being asked by Jolene about Prince Mush after he was beaten by Mario's party.
~ Lord Crump after Mario and his party destroy his Magnus von Grapple 2.0.
No... No... Is it true? Can I...expire?
~ Gloomtail before tumbling over after being defeated by Mario and his party.
Impossible... unthinkable... how could I... I cannot be beaten by lesser beings such as these... And I had just been reborn into this world... I cannot... I must not... Aiiiyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!
~ The Shadow Queen before disappearing forever after being defeated by Mario and his party.
~ Fracktail before exploding in shame after being defeated by Mario.
BRRRAARGH! How... Impossible... How could you puny worms... destroy... a master... of the cold dark?!
~ Bonechill after being defeated by Mario and his party.
You think this is the end? This isn't finished...You can't...stop this now...You can't escape...I've been saving one last surprise...Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...Ciao!
~ Dimentio before exploding into the ground.
WRAAACK! ARGH... I'M DONE! But... you have not yet won! I am not the only monster created by the Ancients! Greater terrors await you in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials! WRRAAGH!
~ Wracktail before exploding after being beaten by Mario's party.
I was... so very... close to... defeating... the heroes... With the... power of... the Pixls... I almost... got revenge... on... the Ancients...
~ Shadoo before disappearing after being beaten by Mario's party.


Tales of Phantasia

Ugh, I am close to death... nothing can stop that now... before I die, please listen... what... was this fight about in the first place?
~ Dhaos before dying from his wounds given to him by Cress' party.

Tales of Symphonia

Kratos... you pathetic inferior being!
~ Kvar after he is slain by Lloyd's party.
Dammit... Lord Yggdrasill, glory to the coming Age of Half-elves!...
~ Magnius as he lays dying.

Time Crisis

It's too late... No one can stop the missiles now...
~ Giorgio Zott, after he is defeated by Alan and Wesley.


~ Jacob Crow's last words.

The Walking Dead

Stop! I mean it!
~ Brenda St. John threatening to kill Katjaa before getting killed by a reanimated, legless Mark, eventually becoming a Walker.
Get back here and finish this Lee!
~ Andrew St. John if Lee decides to kill him either by shooting him or kicking him to the electric fence.
~ Andrew St. John if Lee decides to spare him. The St. John Dairy Farm was overwhelmed with walkers after the fence shorted out. Heartbroken, Andrew presumably accepted his fate and was turned into a walker.
You son of a bitch! Just go away! DIE!
~ The Stranger while trying to kill Lee before Clementine shot him in the head.
That's funny comin' from you. How's that eye? Just follow my voice... It'll get you there. You got a thick f**kin' skull Kenneth. Should've put you out of your misery right then... Now look at you. You're a mess. The fuck are you looking at bitch? Don't act like you didn't love every second of it--
~ William Carver moments before Kenny kills him by bashing his head in with a crowbar.
Man, you smell really bad. You gotta get a bath before we- AHH! YOU SHOT MY D**K OFF! BITCH!
~ Troy when Jane seduces him and then shoots him in the crotch, leaving him to be devoured by walkers.

The Witcher

Avallac'h has tricked us both. He set us against each other...and he's made of with Cirilla.
~ Eredin Bréacc Glas to Geralt of Rivia, revealing Avallac'h's alleged betrayal before succumbing to his wounds.
Funny... There was a time I'd have asked you not to do this...
~ Sheala de Tancarville to Geralt of Rivia moments before being given a merciful death by the latter.
Who taught you to fight like this?
~ Imlerith to Geralt of Rivia while holding him by the neck before the latter burns his helmet with Igni and then crushes his head with his own mace.
Open up! I command you to open the door!
~ King Radovid, shortly before being blinded and stabbed to death by Philippa Eilhart.


The boy believed you could be saved... But he didn't know, what burns within your soul... when in your heart, you know, we are the same!
~ Mannoroth, shortly before Grom Hellscream kills him.
Thrall... the blood haze has lifted... the demon's fire has burnt out in my veins....I...have...freed...myself...
~ Grom Hellscream, after killing Mannoroth before dying.
At last! The way to the World Tree is clear! Witness the end, you mortals! The final hour has come!
~ Archimonde, before he ascends the World Tree, and is ultimately destroyed by the wisps of the forests.

World of Warcraft

The Brotherhood shall prevail!
~ Edwin VanCleef, moments before being murdered and decapitated.
Then come, hermit!
~ Grand Inquisitor Isillien, challenging Tirion Fordring after killing his son, Taelan. Isillien would be killed by Tirion.
Arrrgh! Do not... rejoice! Your victory is a hollow one, for I shall return with powers beyond your imagining!
~ Kel'Thuzad after being defeated in his lair.
The true Horde... will prevail.
~ Kargath Bladefist after he is defeated in Hellfire Citadel.
Maybe me fall...but da Amani Empire...never gonna die...
~ Zul'jin, upon his death in Zul'Aman.
The wheel...spins...again...
~ Teron Gorefiend, when he is killed in the Black Temple.
You have won, Maiev. But the huntress... is nothing without the hunt. You... are nothing... without me.
~ Illidan Stormrage after being defeated by his former jailor, Maiev Shadowsong.
My demise accomplishes nothing! The master will have you! You will drown in your own blood! The world shall burn!
~ Kael'thas Sunstrider, right before he dies in Magister's Terrace.
Aggghh! The powers of the Sunwell...turn...against me! What have you done??? Noooooooooo!
~ Kil'jaeden, upon his defeat at the Sunwell Plateau.
UNTHINKABLE! The mortals will sister... what have you...
~ [Malygos, after being killed at the hands of Alexstrasza.
Your fate is sealed! The end of days is finally upon you, and all who inhabit this miserable little seedling! Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'ssh!
~ Yogg-Saron, shortly before his death.
Another will take my place! Your world is doomed!
~ Lord Jaraxxus upon being killed in battle at the Crusader's Coliseum.
I have failed you, master...
~ Anub'Arak's last words shortly before his death in the icy depths below the Crusader's Coliseum.
I see...only
~ Arthas, the Lich King, after being defeated and freed from the Lich King's power.
After ever storm... comes the calm...
~ Al'Akir as he is killed in his realm, the Skywall.
~ Ragnaros, upon being slain in the Firelands on Heroic mode.
~ Deathwing, before he is defeated by Thrall and the Dragon Aspects.
I sought only to finish...the work of the gods...
~ Lei Shen after being slain in the Throne of Thunder
You would reject this gift? And did you bring, just to watch you die?!
~ Mannoroth to Grom Hellscream in the Warlords of Draenor intro, before being ambushed and slain by the Iron Horde.
~ Garrosh Hellscream to Thrall, shortly before he is slain in a Mak'gora duel in Warlords of Draenor.
My power... Will ripple... Across eternity...
~ Ner'zhul, after being defeated in the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
I am sorry Garrosh. I have failed you...
~ Warlord Zaela, killed by adventurers before she can destroy Stormwind in Upper Blackrock Spire
And that's... one hundred...
~ Kargarth Bladefist, referencing the encounter at Tanaan Jungle, after being slain by adventurers at Highmaul

Xenoblade Chronicles

Time's up, pipsqueak. I'm gone!
~ Xord
~ Mumkhar
I've fulfilled... my promise... live... Sharla.
~ Gadolt
Shulk, for both our worlds, you must succeed. Lady Meyneth.
~ Egil
My body! No! I was promised immortality!
~ Lorithia
Looks like the student finally surpassed the teacher.
~ Dickson
All that I am is fading. The memories of a god's existence, born from the chaos of creation. It is... vanishing...
~ Zanza


Akame Ga Kill!

What's so wrong with that?! You're all worthless hicks from the country! The same as cattle! I'm free to do whatever I want to them, aren't I? And that woman... Even though she was just cattle, her hair was smooth! Who does she think she is? When I struggle with my unruly hair! That's why I made sure she suffered as much as possible! She should be grateful anyone paid that much attention to her!
~ Aria before Tatsumi kills her with a single slash of his sword.
Exactly who is your client? If it's recent, it must be the fiancée of the guy I just took out. I'm right, huh? I knew I should have taken care of her then, too... No, it wouldn't be too late even now. First, I'll find that woman. Then I'll frame her entire family, and murder them, one by one, in front of her eyes... After I kill you, of course!
~ Captain Ogre before having his arms sliced off and then being slashed to death by Tatsumi.
The noises have stopped. S-Splendid... Splendid. Thank you, Akame...
~ Zank before succumbing to his wounds from Akame's Murasame.
Looks like I can get some great experience!
~ Daidara before being sliced in half by Bulat.
The poison will course through someone like you, one with no resistance. You cannot be saved. I will... be going... ahead.
~ Liver before succumbing to his wounds and blood loss courtesy of Bulat.
Go ahead and try!
~ Nyau before being punched across the ship to his death by Tatsumi.
There were still so many human experiments I wanted to do... Wh-Why do I have such bad luck?
~ Dr. Stylish after being slashed by Akame.
I always knew... That one day, I'd have to face retribution. But... Even so, I must get home. They're both waiting for me... I have to get home...
~ Bols before succumbing to the poison injected into him by Chelsea.
I see... You can't regenerate anymore. But we haven't finished purging all of the evil. I don't want to... In a place like this...
~ Seryu Ubiquitous, to Coro, in a tearful plea not to perish away from the Empire, right before the bomb inside of her body she activated earlier beforehand in a last ditch attempt to kill Mine detonates, which kills both herself and Coro with it alone.
What!? The... hell...
~ Champ before his Die Leaguer's Flame Orb reflected back at him by Run incinerates him into a skeleton.
Run! Before you die, let's have some fun-!? Huh? What?
~ Cosmina being shot in the back by Mine. She doesn't speak again after that, and is later turned into a Danger Beast by Dorothea. She was killed for real by Tatsumi, who sliced her in half.
Ugh...! So... strong...
~ Enshin after being slashed by Akame.
Kurome... Your psyche was warped... to this extent? This is why... the Empire that raised such a miserable girl... has... to... change...
~ Run, stabbed by Kurome, before becoming one of her corpse puppets. (Manga only)
Wa...wait... You're kidding me. I'm gonna surpass Pops, and take the title of Emperor for myself! How... can I...!!
~ Syura after his neck has just been snapped by Lubbock. (Manga)
You've gotta be joking... I can't die here. I need the throne, so I can change this boring world! Crap, I can't... In a place like this... I was supposed to...
~ Syura before his heart is crushed by Lubbock. (Anime)
~ Budou before being obliterated by Mine's Pumpkin.
How could you... betray the last request of... a fellow katana user...?
~ Izou before dying from his wounds courtesy of a second slash by Akame.
N...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I DON'T WANT TO DIIIIIIIEEE!!!! I WANT TO KEEP ATTAINING MORE KNOWLEDGE AND STAY BEAUTIFUL FOREVER~!!! (Leone: All the people you've killed... I'm sure not one of them wanted to meet their maker either.) STOP~!!! The life span of a human doesn't have to be this short!! We can extend it and live way beyond what was...
~ Dorothea before being crushed underneath a boulder by Leone.
Wave... Thank you for coming. I wish we could've been closer in a different situation. I need this to deal with my regret from back then. So I can finally move on. Let's do this, Sis. That's right. I love you, Sis.
~ Kurome before being killed by Akame.
I suppose it is time to die. Tatsumi, I wish that you had been beside me.
~ Esdeath before freezing both herself and Tatsumi and shattering the ice they are both encased in after she has received the fatal blow from Akame.
Well, well... I said this about the emperor, too, but dealing with fools is tiring. (gets punched by Leone) H-How do you have so much strength...
~ Honest before being beaten to death by Leone.
Please build a peaceful kingdom without any more bloodshed.
~ Emperor Makoto, to Najenda, requesting her to build a better kingdom without war and bloodshed, before being executed.

Black Lagoon

Never mind, there must be some kind of misunderstanding here. I don't know what kind pathetic rumor is floating around town. If we just sit down over lunch you'll see that there is a perfectly good explanation. It's plain to see.
~ Chen. He attempted to betray and destroy the Lagoon Company and was killed in retaliation by Balalaika.
You're evil! You're the devil!
~ Chaka. He was drowned in the swimming pool by Ginji Matsuzaki in retaliation for the kidnapping of Yukio Washimine.


Ha ha! Too bad, shinigami! The sky is my domain! A sword that freezes the ground has no effect on a flying opponent! DIE!
~ Zigzag before he is crushed by a ship.


Ha ha! Too bad, shinigami! The sky is my domain! A sword that freezes the ground has no effect on a flying opponent! DIE!
~ Di Roy Rinker, before being frozen in a pillar created by Rukia.
Ikkaku Madarame... Good thing you told me your name.
~ Edrad Liones after having been wounded by Ikkaku.
Retreat! Retreat for now!
~ Shawlong Kūfang before being killed by Hitsuyaga.
Grimmjow, you bastard!
~ Luppi Antenor before being blasted away by Grimmjow after being impaled by him.
Why does this hurt so much!? It hurts!! It hurts so much!! I don't want to die! I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't... nononononononono...
~ Aaroniero Arruruerie.
Damn it.
~ Aaroniero's other face.
Leave your chocolate behind and become a demon, niño. Just as strong as a demon and just as wicked. You must realize that... the only way to stand up to the coldhearted is to become coldhearted yourself. Because if you don't, niño...
~ Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio, redeemed, as he stays behind to fight the Exequias, allowing Ichigo to escape.
Dammit... he took pity on me?! Dammit.
~ Cirucci Sanderwicci before being taken away and killed by the Exequias.
Long live and prosper Aizen-sama!
~ Zommari Rureaux as he is dying after having been slain by Byakuya.
~ Tesra Lindocruz as he is dying after fighting Nnoitra and Kenpachi.
How long must I agonize before this blade puts me out of my misery? Quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly free me from this torment!
~ Szayel Aporro Granz after having been stabbed by Mayuri Kurosaki.
Oh fuck off... Every fuckin' one of them... They all have the gall to take pity on me... and they don't even know... how much they're hurting me by doin' it. Strong, weak, infant, monster... I just smash 'em all to pieces... I don't give them a chance to get up a second time. I don't...
~ Nnoitra Gilga as he charges Kenpachi only to be killed by him on one blow.
You're really something.
~ Charlotte Chuhlhourne after having had his spiritual pressure drained by Yumichika.
~ Abirama Redder before being beheaded by Izuru.
It's over! With 90% of my mask shattered, my power is equal to that of a captain! A lieutenant like you doesn't stand a chance! ...Damn it...
~ Findorr Calius as Hisagi slashes off his claw.
Wha...What is... this thing? What the- What on earth... are YOOOOOOOUUUUUU?
~ Choe Neng Poww before being killed by Komamura.
I see. Well, then, I'll just stretch your nose out.
~ Nirgge Parduoc before being killed by a rock thrown from Soifon's fight with Ggio.
Don't underestimate me!!! Don't underestimate my strength!! I'll show you my true strength!! Just watch!!! This is the battle form of Tigre Estoque! "Tigre Estoque El Sable"!
~ Ggio Vega before being killed by Soifon.
Hmph. Even in the end... you never do what I want... I'm finally starting to find you guys interesting. ...Are you scared of me? Girl. ...I see.
~ Ulquiorra Cifer, to Orihime, before fading into dust after having been slain by Hollow Ichigo.
Oh, I get it. This is it. This here in my hand. The heart... it's right here in my hand...
~ Ulquiorra's last thoughts referring to his earlier conversation with Orihime.
I'll never forgive you! You insects! Insects! Insects! Insects! You... in...sects...
~ Baraggan Luisenbarn before dissipating after failing to kill Aizen.
I will kill you. With my own hands. I will make you regret giving me power. I am the king. I am god. I will never die. And I will hunt you for all eternity, Sōsuke Aizen.
~ Baraggan Luisenbarn's last thoughts.
Sorry, Aizen. It looks like I won't be able to repay you.
~ Coyote Starrk
~ Tier Harribel when cut down by Aizen.
No world is without sacrifices. Doesn't he realize it? This sea of blood covered in ashes...we refer to this hell as the world.
~ Tier's last thoughts.
Hisagi, please show me more of your face. As I am still in my Hollowfication form, I am still able to see with my eyes. While I still can, I want to try and remember your face...
~ Kaname Tōsen
If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow and begin devouring humans, and from the same mouth you started devouring humans, you cried out to me 'I love you,' would I still be able to say 'I love you' the same way I do today?
~ Gin Ichimaru, to Rangiku, in his dying thoughts.
Yes. Your gaze has grown strong. Now I can finally die and leave the rest to you.
~ Gin Ichimaru upon noticing the confidence in Ichigo's eyes after having been slain by Aizen.
I am to receive judgment from the likes of you? That seems rather comical, don't you think?
~ Sōsuke Aizen before his sentencing during his trial
Stupid dog. Why did you follow me?
~ Yammy Llargo, as he is dying while wondering why his dog followed him.
This... is... impossible...
~ Giriko Kutsuzawa upon being slashed by Kenpachi.
Ichigo. If you had become a Substitute Shinigami before me, would our point of view be the opposite now? Would you have become... like me?
~ Kūgo Ginjō's final thoughts.
Thank you, Shishigawara-kun. Because of you, I was never alone.
~ Shūkurō Tsukishima.
I see it now, Ginjō. It was only after you died that I was able to realize it. Maybe you knew all along.
~ Shūkurō's final thoughts.

Code Geass

Yes... I... destroy... the world... and... create it... anew.
~ Lelouch Vi Britannia before dying from being stabbed by Suzaku.

Soukyuu no Karma

I must kill you...
~ Ares


Digimon Adventure

You have used up all your power. That wasn't very smart, Angemon! Now you're no use to anyone. You can't get away from the dark forces. Evil is everywhere, so don't savor your victory. There are other Digimon who are just as powerful as I am. Some of them are just stronger. I wonder what you'll do when you run into them. You haven't won at all! What a waste of time! Hahahaha....
~ Devimon as he was dying.
Those computer viruses I dropped into the black pit will keep growing and absorb all the dark energy of our network, including yours, fool!
~ Datamon's last words before being killed by the Dark Network
You must not defeat me! I'm just too important to die....
~ Etemon's last words before being sucked into a wormhole.
Nothing like a speeding planet to give him the ultimate headache!
~ Vademon's last words before being collapsed with his pocket dimension.
No, don't!
~ Myotismon's last words before he was destroyed by Angewomon
Hey, hang on! What are you doing?
~ DemiDevimon before he was consumed by VenomMyotismon.
Curse you Digidestined! Curse you and your lousy crests! Ah, let go! Ahh, let go!
~ VenomMyotismon's last words before being destroyed by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.
I'm tired of playing around with you, WarGreymon. Say goodbye! River of Power!
~ MetalSeadramon's last words before being killed by WarGreymon.
~ Kiwimon's last words before being destroyed by Birdramon.
Oh, the horror!
~ Cherrymon as he was killed by Puppetmon.
You'll pay big time!
~ MetalEtemon's last words as he was dying.
Cherrymon, what is it that those kids have that I don't...?
~ Puppetmon before he died.
He shot my paw!
~ WaruMonzaemon after his paw was blasted off by Machinedramon.
Now I will finish you once and for all!
~ Machinedramon's last words before being sliced away.
I'm melting!
~ LadyDevimon's last words as she is destroyed by Angewomon.
Most impressive. Trump Sword! ...Huh?
~ Piedmon before he was blasted into the Gate of Destiny
Ha ha ha... Is that your best shot? (Matt: You know you're beaten. Face it like a 'mon!) You think so, huh? Ha ha ha. Well, I may be beaten, but I won't go down that easily. I'll take you and both worlds with me. (Tai: What?!) You still haven't seen my ultimate attack. Total Annihilation!
~ Apocalymon's last words before being completely destroyed by both his own power and the power of the DigiDestined's Digivices.

Digimon Adventure 02

~ Kimeramon screaming to his death at the hands of Magnamon's Magna Explosion attack
The Dark Ocean? Very impressive, my little DigiDestined. Remind me not to take you so lightly next time. You may think you've seen the last of me, but I will be back!
~ Daemon before being sealed away in the Dark Ocean by Digimon Emperor/Ken and the other DigiDestined.
No. My strength is my final gift to you, my friends. I will seal the Highton View Terrace gate with my own body. (WarGreymon: Don't do it!) I must!
~ BlackWarGreymon, who had taken a fatal blow from Yukio Oikawa, before sacrificing himself to seal the Highton View Terrace gate just like he said after redeeming himself.
Please! NO! NOT THAT!
~ Arukenimon, as she is about to be obliterated by MaloMyotismon.
You don't scare me! You've taken away my Arukenimon, and now I'm going to make you pay for what you did to her! (MaloMyotismon: Hah. What do you plan to do, wrap me in another useless Snake Bandage? You scare me even less than these DigiDestined fools from the other world.) Then I will teach you to fear me!!
~ Mummymon, attempting to avenge Arukenimon's death by attacking MaloMyotismon but the latter deflects his attacks and obliterates him with his Crimson Mist.
No! This can't be happening! These paltry children can't make me disappear! I won't allow it!
~ MaloMyotismon's last words before being finished off for good by Imperialdramon.
Hold on to your optimism, your dreams, and especially your friends, Cody. Perhaps if I had been more like you, I could have had adventures, too. (Cody: You still can. You finally made it to the Digital World and found your Digimon partner, didn't you? Mr. Oikawa...!) Don't worry. I'll always be here, inside the Digital World. I shall protect it. Goodbye, DigiDestined, and thank you.
~ Yukio Oikawa as his body is deleted and turns into butterflies after redeeming himself following MaloMyotismon's final demise, promising to protect the Digital World with his form of butterflies and thanking the DigiDestined for showing him it and protecting it for him.

Digimon Tamers

Playtime's over.
~ Gorillamon before being destroyed by Terriermon.
Gotcha! ...Uh-oh.
~ Vilemon before being destroyed and loaded by Renamon.
How is this possible? I always hated the Ice Age!
~ Allomon before being destroyed and loaded by Renamon.
Not so fast, hot shot!
~ Dokugumon before being destroyed and loaded by Kyubimon.
Going up?
~ Devidramon before being destroyed and loaded by Growlmon.
Let go! No, NO!
~ IceDevimon before being destroyed and loaded by Guilmon.
Goodbye, human. Shogun Sword!
~ Musyamon before being destroyed and loaded by Gargomon.
Wind Seeker!
~ Harpymon before being destroyed by Kyubimon.
Oh, no! Let me out of here! NO!
~ DarkLizardmon as she is being scan-tortured by Hypnos before being deleted.
Fool! You and your humans! Digimon could have supreme power of both worlds, but you have to ruin everything! Ahhhhhhh....
~ Mihiramon as he is being destroyed by WarGrowlmon.
Prepare yourselves to be conquered. We are the Digimon who refuse to be tamed by mere humans. We will rule your realm, and there's nothing you can do to stop us! The twelve Devas will destroy you all!
~ Sandiramon before he was deleted.
Positron Pump!
~ Sinduramon before being blasted into the water by Growlmon, where his electricity is conducted by the water and destroys him
You foul insect, let's see what you can do when I have a human sheild. Which one of you would like to go first?
~ Pajiramon before being destroyed by Rapidmon.
What's happening? This cannot be! No!
~ Vajramon before being destroyed by Taomon.
~ Indramon's last words before being obliterated by WarGrowlmon.
You're about to be outnumbered, ya oversized alley cat! Deva Clone!
~ Kumbhiramon's last known words before he is defeated and destroyed by Gargomon and Leomon.
Stop now while you still have a choice!
~ Vikaralamon's last words before being destroyed by WarGrowlmon.
Magma Blast! Ahahahahahaha! Whoa, whoa!
~ Meramon before being trampled by a Jagamon stampede
Flaming Arrowheads!
~ Majiramon's last known words, as he doesn't speak again afterwards, before being squeezed to the point of being destroyed by Cyberdramon
Nothing, except that the snakes you sought to silence are simply simulations. Inferno Blast!
~ Orochimon's last known words in response to Leomon asking him what is so funny, moments before Leomon destroys him with a Darkness Wave attack through Jeri's LadyDevimon Digimodify card
This can't be happening! Mka!
~ Makuramon, as Beelzemon destroys him.
Long live the Sovereign!
~ Caturamon before being destroyed by Gallantmo.n
Easy for you to say, pineapple head! Forget about me, just save Jeri!
~ Beelzemon, redeemed, as he devolves back into Impmon after having been struck down by ADR-09's blades.
~ The D-Reaper, through ADR-01's body.
The nightmare finally ended. It still seems strange that a misguided program could cause so much damage believing it was doing the right thing. Maybe we have more in common with the D-Reaper then we'd like to believe. But today, we won by coming together, which makes me believe there's hope for us... all of us.
~ Mitsuo Yamaki, redeemed, as he watches the D-Reaper shrink on the monitor as a sign that MegaGargomon has turned it back into a harmless program

Digimon Frontier

A human child defeated me? Nooooo!
~ Cerberumon after defeated by Agunimon, and before being purified by Agunimon.
Ultimate Twin Sickles!
~ Snimon's last words before being defeated by Beetlemon and purified by him.
Uh oh!
~ Gigasmon before being defeated by BurningGreymon and purified by him
Don't be hasty now, friend!
~ Grumblemon before being blasted by MetalKabuterimon.
Giving the Beast Spirit to you puny humans is like giving piles to pigs! So why don't you do yourselves a flavor and hand them over!
~ Petaldramon before being defeated by all five Beast Spirit Digimon and purified by Lobomon.
Yesterday's I don't like the day sending me off!!!
~ Arbormon after he was killed by Duskmon.
I tried to warn you, now you have to live with a sad and lonely that you're alone, J.P.!
~ Volcamon's last words after defeated by Beetlemon and purified by him.
Huh? What are you, nuts? You blow that thing in this range, we're both gonna go down!
~ ShadowBeetlemon's last words before being blasted away by MetalKabuterimon.
What? He's gone. He's serious!
~ Karatenmon's last words before being defeated by KendoGarurumon and purified by Lobomon
Let's see you dodge in mid-air!
~ Asuramon's last words before defeated by Korikakumon and purified by Kumamon.
Sonic Destroyer!
~ Parrotmon's last words before being defeated and purified by Agunimon.
Ooh, I'm so scared. Not! Yeah! Cherry Bomb!
~ Cherrymon's last words before being defeated and purified by Beetlemon.
You said you'd be nice, remember?! (Zephyrmon: For you, I'll make an exception. Plasma Paws!) Ahhhh!!!!
~ Ranamon/Calmaramon's last words before being defeated by Zephyrmon and purified by Kazemon.
Smug fool. No one controls IceLeomon!
~ IceLeomon's last words before being defeated and purified by Agunimon.
No, stay back!
~ ShadowSeraphimon before being defeated and purified by Aldamon, who then transfers Seraphimon's data back to his Digi-Egg.
No, stop! Though cannot get past my shield! It shall repel thy attack!
~ Mercurymon before Aldamon kills and purifies him
Oh, can it! Do as you wish! You'll never stop me!!
~ Sakkakumon before being defeated by Beetlemon, Kazemon, Kumamon, and Aldamon
It's time to end this game. Duskmon, Slide Evolution!
~ Duskmon's last words before Velgemon is defeated and both are purified by BeoWolfmon.
No talking! Dark Vortex!
~ Velgemon's last words before he is defeated and both he and Duskmon are purified by BeoWolfmon.
Once trapped, you can never escape. Join them.
~ The Phantomon before being defeated and purified by Loweemon.
It's not possible! I'm cracking!
~ IceDevimon before being defeated by JagerLowemon and being purified by Loweemon
No! Stay back! Get away from me!
~ Cherubimon's last words before being defeated by EmperorGreymon.
What are you doing?
~ The SkullSatamon before being defeated an purified by EmperorGreymon
Crusadermon! My dear fallen comrade! We were to rule Earth together! You will pay for this ruinous wound! Breath of Wyvern!!
~ Dynasmon's last words before being defeated by EmpeorGreymon and killed by Lucemon.
Now I will absorb the Knights' data and become unstoppable.
~ Lucemon's child form's last lines as he absorbs Dynasmon and Crusadermon to become his Chaos Mode
~ Crusadermon's dying word before her data was absorbed by Lucemon to become his Chaos Mode.
Those pesky children won't give up. I was so close to my goal...
~ Lucemon's Chaos Mode's last words after being defeated and before his good data is purified by Susanoomon
~ Lucemon Shadowlord Mode screaming to its death from Susanoomon's Celestial Blade attack.
(Susanoomon: Even this will not bring you victory.) If I'm defeated, I'll take you with me! (Susanoomon: So be it. As long as you're defeated! Now let's take care of that thing for good! Once again, the forces of good have triumphed over you.) No! It's...IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!
~ Lucemon Larva's true last words before being destroyed for good by the 10 Legendary Warriors.

Digimon Data Squad

I'll be back, and even juicier than before!
~ Citramon's last words before he got blown up by his own citrus bombs.
Getting smart with me, huh? How about a daily dose of this? (GeoGreymon: Sorry to shatter your dreams, pal!) Huh?
~ Vilemon's last words before being destroyed by GeoGreymon.
No, Vilemon! Run!
~ The 3 DemiDevimon's last words after seeing Vilemon get destroyed by GeoGreymon and before being destroyed by GeoGreymon's Mega Flame attack.
What's that?
~ MetalPhantomon's last moments before MachGaogamon destroyed him.
That's it, I've had enough! Spiral Flower!
~ Blossomon's last words before being destroyed by RizeGreymon.
Mama! Aaaahhh!!!
~ Hagurumon before being obliterated by RizeGreymon.
No! Nooo! I cannot be defeated!
~ SaberLeomon's final words as he got obliterated by RizeGreymon.
Merukimon, help!!!!!!!
~ Gotsumon's (as Meteormon) last moments as he was destroyed by RizeGreymon's Rising Destroyer (Note: Gotsumon returned later in the series to redeem himself and join DATS to battle the Royal Knights.
Keenan, be strong.
~ Merukimon, redeeming himself, and his final words after Gizumon XT killed him.
I'll get the girl!
~ BioQuetzalmon's last words before she, BioThunderbirdmon and BioStegomon are defeated by ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, and Rosemon.
They're Mega-level now! We can't compete with them!
~ BioStegomon's last words before he, BioThunderbirdmon and BioQuetzalmon are defeated by ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, and Rosemon.
I don't care what level they are. I will find a way to beat them!
~ BioThunderbirdmon's last words before he, BioQuetzalmon and BioStegomon are defeated by ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, and Rosemon.
What? I lost to such a foolish plan? That's impossible.
~ BioRotosmon's last words before using the last of her energy to destroy the waterfall after being defeated by MirageGaogamon, reverting back to Nanami, who lost her power.
I accept defeat because I didn't lose to you, Thomas H. Norstein. I lost to something else. I lost... to Marcus Damon's power.
~ Nanami after having reverted back from BioRotosmon and losing her power.
~ BioSupinomon's last words before being defeated by Rosemon and reverting back to Ivan, who lost his power.
Those... are my boys and girls. Give it back to me.
~ Ivan, referring to the picture of his children, after having reverted back from BioSupinomon and lost his power.
~ BioDarkdramon's last word after ShineGreymon defeats him and before reverting back to Kouki, who lost his power.
Those who defy me will face judgment! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
~ Belphemon's last words as he begins his rampage with Kurata's consciousness swallowed. He doesn't speak again before he is destroyed by Marcus and ShineGreymon.
You still haven't won, Marcus. All my dreams... all my plans... they're not over yet! (Yoshino: What was that explosion?) (Thomas: Oh no. It can't be!) Not this...! Please, no...! This isn't WHAT I WAS TRYING TO DOOOO! (Keenan: Ravemon!) (Ravemon: Right!) AARRGH, NOOO! Help me... Please!!
~ Akihiro Kurata, soon before he vanishes.
You will not get away with this!
~ Gallantmon before he and Kentaurosmon both freeze over from Kentaurosmon's Icy Breath attack. Gallantmon returns later.
~ LoadKnightmon/Crusadermon, before being destroyed by MirageGaogamon in his Burst Mode form.
Humans, you will suffer for repulsing King Drasil!
~ Leopardmon's last words after Rosemon and Ravemon defeated him in their Burst Mode forms.
Cannot compute! Cannot compute! The probability of you defeating me was 0%! Fatal error!
~ King Drasil's 2-9000-WZ form after receiving the fatal blow from Marcus and Agumon.
Very well, then. I shall lay myself to rest and protect you from afar without any further meddling. I don't know if a world can exist where humans and Digimon live together in harmony. But if it IS to become a reality, then it will be completely up to you.
~ King Drasil before entering sleep.

Digimon Fusion

I'll crush you!
~ MadLeomon, before Shoutmon X3/X4 destroys him.
Come back so I can crush you!
~ Octomon's last words.
But if I go down, I'll take you with me! Feel my Waves Of Depth!
~ Neptunemon's dying words before destroyed.
Traitor! At last you get the punishment you deserve!
~ SkullMeramon's final words after fatally wounding BlueMeramon and before being destroyed by Shoutmon.
At least... I finally paid you... in debt.
~ BlueMeramon, redeemed, to Dorulumon as he was dying from SkullMeramon's attack.
Maximun Big Bang- fire!
~ AncientVolcanomon, before being destroyed by the Varooma Boomerang attack.
Wait! Don't leave me! I thing this thing's gonna blow!
~ IceDevimon's final words after he was destroyed by Shoutmon X4 (as X4K).
Neuro Destroyer! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
~ Ebemon's final words before destroyed by Shoutmon X4.
The barrier's still strong! We can't get through!
~ The SkullScorpiomon leader's last words before Laylamon kills him.
Gentlemen, get them good, boys! You saw what she did to the captain! Rahhhhh!!!
~ The SkullScorpiomon's last words during the battle and being killed and absorbed by Machinedramon.
At last... Thank you.
~ Reapmon, redeemed, as he was dying in Shoutmon X4's arms before being revived as Beelzemon.
Of course. I don't need the Code Crown anymore... now that I have this power!
~ Lucemon's last words before digivolving into his Wild Mode. He does not speak again before being destroyed by Shoutmon X5.
No way! I can't lose! Although, I just did!
~ Kongoumon's last words as he and his fleet of GranKuwagamon are destroyed by Beelzemon and Shoutmon X4.
Say goodbye, no-wheeler! Crushing Ball!
~ GrandLocomon's last words before his Crushing Ball attack is deflected back at him by Shoutmon X4, destroying him.
Hey! You're just not funny at all!
~ Etemon's last words after destroyed by Shoutmon's Sun Sword attack.
Intruders?! Howl of Power!
~ Caturamon's last words before being destroyed by Dorulumon.
Destroy the intruders!
~ Kabukimon before he and his squad are knocked out by Jeremy and Dorulumon's group.
Say hello to my Bit Blade!
~ Musyamon's last words before being destroyed by Shoutmon X5.
~ Bulbmon screaming to his death from Shoutmon X4's attack.
How did this happen?! A superior being like me cannot be defeated like this!
~ Blastmon before his body explodes from Shoutmon X5B's attack, leaving only his head behind.
Alright, time to power up food! Mega Heartburn!
~ GigaWaruMonzaemon's last words before being blasted away by Shoutmon X4S.
His strength... has taken the Code Crown from me! You can have it! Adios!
~ Matadormon's last words as he is being destroyed by Shoutmon X5.
The good thing about changing sides is... I know where their weak spots are!
~ Grademon, redeemed, before sacrificing himself to destroy Tactimon's tower that was blocking off all access to and from the Sword Zone.
What is this!?
~ Tactimon's last words before being destroyed by OmniShoutmon
The individual data is moving all on its own...! I won't let you!!
~ Quartzmon, before Tagiru "hunts" him (rough translation).

Digimon Movies

Connection... terminated. Willis...
~ Diaboromon before being deleted after being stabbed by Omnimon.
Thank you...
~ Cherubimon after being defeated by Magnamon and Rapidmon.
Hah! You missed!
~ Mephistomon before the ship blasted by Growlmon falls on him. He doesn't speak again when reviving himself as Gulfmon, before Gulfmon is finally destroyed for good by WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon.

Dragon Ball

Tr-transient joys... are the sweetest. Just ask... your fellow insects.
~ Raditz as he dies from the Special Beam Cannon wounds. (FUNimation dub)
What's wrong? You look so depressed all of a sudden, green man! Don't be so glum! We can't all have the last laugh!
~ Raditz as he dies from the Special Beam Cannon wounds. (Ocean dub)
Please don't hurt me!!
~ King Moai before being shot through his chest by one of the rocks psychically lifted by Vegeta.
~ Nappa before being destroyed by Vegeta after being thrown into the sky by him. (FUNimation dub)
Why, you dirty rat!
~ Nappa before being destroyed by Vegeta after being thrown into the sky by him. (Ocean dub)
Damn you Goku!
~ Dr. Wheelo as he is destroyed by Goku's Spirit Bomb. (Movie 2)
AAAAAAHHHHHH! Master Frieza!
~ Dodoria before being blown away by Vegeta while trying to escape from him.
B-But we can... we can work together. Together, we could defeat Frieza!
~ Zarbon before Vegeta mortally wounds him sending him falling into a lake. (FUNimation dub)
~ Zarbon as Vegeta mortally wounds him before he falls in a lake. (Ocean dub)
I n-never thought I'd be killed by a monkey-butt Saiyan like you! That ticks me off...
~ Guldo before Vegeta destroys his head with a Ki blast. (FUNimation dub)
Game over, now!
~ Guldo before Vegeta cuts his head off and destroys it with a Ki blast. (Ocean dub)
Say your prayers, you...
~ Recoome before Goku knocks him out and Vegeta kills him.
He is?
~ Burter to Jeice in response to him saying Goku's the one beating them up, shortly before Goku knocks him out, and Vegeta kills him.
~ Jeice before Vegeta blasts him into oblivion.
Please, spare me! I beg-
~ Jeice before Vegeta obliterates him (KAI dub)
Kakarot, please... Defeat Frieza... He made me what I am... Don't let him do it to anyone else... Whatever it takes... Stop him... Please.
~ Vegeta's last words as a villain as he is dying from having been beaten to death by Frieza. He is later revived, redeemed, by the Dragon Balls.
I am Frieza, emperor of the universe. And you are nothing but a filthy monkey. I will kill you IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!!!!
~ Frieza as he attempts to attack Goku, but to no avail, and nearly dies afterwards. He returns later. (FUNimation dub)
Now learn... Learn what happens when you mess with the most powerful being in the UNIVERSE!!!!
~ Frieza as he attempts to attack Goku, but to no avail, and nearly dies afterwards. He returns later. (Ocean dub)
The likes of you are only fit to gravel at my feet. Or better still, to die, in disgrace, AT THE HANDS (to be crushed, like an insect, AT THE WHIM) OF YOUR MASTER!!!
~ Frieza as he attempts to attack Goku, but to no avail, and nearly dies afterwards. He returns later. (DBZ Kai FUNimation dub)
No way! Darn, yes way! Oh no! Argh!
~ Spice and Vinegar as Gohan destroys them.
What? No! It can't be!
~ Garlic Jr. before being sucked into the Dead Zone forever.
You dare challenge me with such a low-level attack!?
~ Frieza's true last words before Future Trunks slices him in half. (FUNimation dub)
When I get my hands on...
~ Frieza's true last words; his threat sentence is interrupted by Future Trunks who slices him in half. (Ocean dub)
Fool! You missed by a mile!
~ Frieza's true last words before Future Trunks slices him in half. (DBZ Kai FUNimation dub)
Wait! You can't! No! Please! I'm defenseless! Please? I'm not bad... My son was evil, but not I! I wanted nothing but peace! I meant you no harm! I swear it! I... It's the truth!
~ King Cold begging for his life before Trunks blasts him to pieces with a second God Breaker to him. (Ocean dub)
Wait, no...Please, spare me. Ahhhh, mercy. I surrender. If you let me go, I'll give you one of my finest planets. No wait, I'll give you an entire solar system. I'll change my wicked ways, I'll give my word. Yahhhhhhhhhh!
~ King Cold begging for his life before Trunks blasts him to pieces with a second God Breaker to him. (DBZ Kai FUNimation dub)
Malfunction. Mal...
~ Android 19 as his life power is dropping.
Damn... Pieces of junk.
~ Dr. Gero before 17 crushes his head. (FUNimation dub)
That does it! Now I am mad!
~ Dr. Gero before 17 crushes his head. (Ocean dub)
You fool! Any last words before you die?
~ Bojack about to finish Gohan before he is killed. (Movie 9)
But I don't wanna die! I don't believe it!
~ Cell as he is disintegrated by Gohan's Kamehameha. (FUNimation dub)
~ Cell as he is disintegrated by Gohan's Kamehameha. (Ocean dub)
No! This can't be! I am perfection!!!
~ Cell as he is disintegrated by Gohan's Kamehameha. (DBZ Kai FUNimation dub)
~ Broly (shouting Goku's real name) as he is blasted into the sun. (Movie 10)
It does, sir!
~ Yamu before he is killed by Babidi later on
When you're as strong as us, this kind of job is like taking baby from candy!
~ Spopovich before he is killed by Babidi later on
~ Pui Pui before he is killed by Vegeta.
I am going to make a meal out of you!
~ Yakon before he is exploded by Goku's light energy.
What? No!
~ Dabura as he is turned into a cookie and eaten up by Majin Buu.
You said that already! Just cough it up so we can get on with the serious stuff!
~ Babidi before Majin Buu kills him.
~ Van Zant before he is killed by Evil Buu later on.
~ Smitty as he attempts to run from Kid Buu after having been spotted by him, before being devoured by him.
Me Buu, not you.
~ Kid Buu's final words, as he speaks no more lines before Goku destroys him
Damn you Goku!
~ Frieza as he is destroyed by Goku's Kamehameha in Resurrection F
Choke on them, choke on them!
~ Super Kami Guru as he is promptly killed by his followers after he revealed that he caused the drought, and blamed the Albino Namekians for it.
No! This...this can't be happening!!!
~ Baby's last words before being destroyed by SS4 Goku.
Fool! Haven't you learned yet? It will only make me stronger!
~ Super 17 before being impaled by Goku's Dragon Fist.
Wait, wait. Hold on!
~ Syn Shenron/Omega Shenron before he is destroyed by the Universal Spirit Bomb.

Fairy Tail

Your town? oh, yeah... Hikaru and I were there back then, too. Ultear promised? Except that it was Ultear who destroyed the town herself! HA HA HA!!!
~ Zancrow after cruelly telling Meldy that Ultear was responsible for destroying her home and before he was killed by Zeref's death magic.
No! Hold on! There are so many questions I yet to ask you!
~ Hades before he was killed by Zeref.

Fist of the North Star

Lord Ken-Oh!
~ Amiba in his fall before he splits apart.
Cassandra has another legend... In the end, Cassandra will be reduced to a wasteland...
~ Uighur's last explaination before he truly dies of Kenshiro's Hokuto Shinken powers
You think it's over?! You fool! Your journey to hell has only just begun! Did you not know you still have two other brothers?! I only wish I could be there, when they find you!
~ Jagi warning Kenshiro of his other brothers before he dies.
If death is here for me, so be it. But i will not die by your techniques. Kenshiro... FAREWELL!!!!
~ Shin before he falls from his palace to his death.
That was good. No...
~ Kemada before Rei splits him apart with Nanto Suicho Ken then explodes from the Hokuto Senjukai Ken.
My life was one lived without a single regret!
~ Raoh, as he gives his life to Heaven to bring Light and Hope to the world and, presumably, go kick God's ass.
It looks like my final moment has come... but it's not your technique that will kill me!
~ Shin, preferring to throw himself off a cliff than allow Kenshiro to kill him with the technique.
~ Han warning Kenshiro to leave the land of Shura.
It doesn't hurt. What has happened?
~ Kiba Daioh before Kenshiro kills him with the Ganzan Ryozan Ha.
My hands are moving by themselves. HELP ME!!
~ Bron when his own hands and swords are turned against him by Kenshiro.
~ Gallon begging for his life before dying in a fiery explosion.

Full Metal Alchemist

Damn you! I come so far...
~ Security Chief Atlas before being killed by Ashleigh Crichton.
Open it again! The doorway! Do it, now! I must destroy It! Shambella!
~ Dietlinde Eckhart to Noa just before she was shoot and killed by Officer Hughes.
Bradley...! Hahahahaha! Perfect!
~ Isaac McDougal before he is swiftly killed by Wrath/King Bradley.
Now you, too!? Everyone is mocking me! I won't stand…
~ Father Cornello before he is killed by Lust mid-sentence.
Who are you? Not military... Who are you?! How did you get in here?! There were military police out front!
~ Shou Tucker before Scar kills him with alchemy.
You killed me. I hate losing... but there are worse ways to die than at the hands of a man like you. I love how cold and focused your eyes are. I look forward... to the day when those eyes will be wide with agony... It's coming... It's coming...
~ Lust as she is reduced to dust by Colonel Mustang.
Holey moley... That was way too damn close. I hope someone can fix me... I'd rather not live my life as sheet metal. Ah! What the...?! How the hell are you still alive?! Hey... Oh, no! Put me down right now! I- I've got a second chance to terrorize the city! You're gonna ruin everything!
~ Barry the Chopper as his human body scratches away his Blood Rune, killing both at the same time.
I was going be immortal...
~ Lieutenant General Raven before he is killed by Olivier Armstrong.
No...Don't eat me....It hurts....Please help me....Lust...
~ Gluttony calls out to Lust as he's eaten by Pride.
Goodbye... Edward... Elr­ic...
~ Envy committing suicide after Edward reveals its jealousy toward humans.
Hey... Am I dying now...? For real...? What is dying like...? Such a pain... to think about it... but such a pain... living too...
~ Sloth disintegrating after overexerting his Philosopher's Stone.
My life was lived on the rails that were laid down for me...but thanks to you humans, it some degree, a good worth living.
~ Wrath speaking his final words before passing away.
If you think that, then you still don't know Edward Elric!
~ Solf J. Kimblee to Pride before willingly vanishing into oblivion with Pride's core.
Stop this. Stop this. PLEASE STOP!!!
~ Pride before he is defeated by Edward Elric and reduced to his original form.
Hmm. I can't believe I let Ling and the little runt talk to me that way. Aw, I've had enough. Yeah. That's all I really need. They gave me everything I could want. Hehehe. Thank you, and goodbye, my friends.
~ Greed thanking his friends before disintegrating.
Don't do this to me. I can't... I can't go back. Please stop! I can't bare to be bound any longer! WAHHH! AHHHHHHH! No! No no no no! Just tell me what I was supposed to do! What I do wrong? What should I have done!?
~ Father before being absorbed back into the Gate of Truth, uselessly pleading for a second chance.

Ghost in the Shell

I'll go on ahead...
~ Hideo Kuze in his last moments of life.

Golgo 13

"If I hadn't been holdin' your goddamn arm, I could've drawn my weapon faster than him. Leave it to Golgo to wait for...a chance like this!"
~ Billy admitting his mistakes after being shot by Golgo 13.
So it's a custom M16A2 huh? Then it is a masterpiece of an assault rifle.
~ Kaizer admiring Golgo's new rifle before he is executed.


Lalah Sune was a young woman who may very well have become a mother to me! You took away her life, so don't you dare judge me!
~ Char Aznable to his nemesis Amuro Ray, as his mobile suit escape pod, now embedded in the rear piece of the falling asteroid "Axis", burns up in the Earth's atmosphere.
Do you understand? Even if only one man breaks through, head for the Axis fleet so that all future generations will know the truth of the battle that we have fought.
~ Anavel Gato after the successful completion of Operation: Stardust, before kamikazing into one of the Federation's Salamis class ships.
Enough of the jokes.
~ Gihren Zabi before his sister Kycilia shoots him in the head for the crime of patricide, avenging the death of their father.
Is that Char?
~ Kycilia Zabi as she attempts to flee A Baoa Qu, before Char fires a bazooka through the bridge of her Zanzibar-class ship, decapitating her in the process and causing a chain reaction that destroys both her ship and A Baoa Qu
I'm not going to die alone. I'm gonna take your soul with me when I go...Kamille Bidan...
~ Paptimus Scirocco as he dies with the Jupitris.
Sieg Zeon.
~ Aiguille Delaz before he is executed by Cima Garahau.
Listen to me, Kamille! If it weren't for you...!
~ Jerid Messa before the Baund Doc he pilots blows up with him inside.
~ Kacricon Cacooler as he burns up.
Huh?! Impossible! Didn't the pilot pass out?!
~ Tokwan realizing his mistakes against Gundam.
My Asshimar!
~ Buran Blutarch after Amuro hits his Asshimar before he dies in the resulting explosion.
Glory to the nation of Zeon!
~ Garma Zabi before he blows up in his Gaw plane


Shut up! You're nothing but the Hellsing family toy! A dog for the church of England not even fit to call himself a vampire! A puppet-!
~ Luke Valentine's taunt before Alucard silences and devours him.
SEE?! I SO F**KING TOLD YOU! Well, since I'm f**ked, how about I piss a little wisdom on you dipshits? You can take this clue, and shove it up your a$$, b**ch! Beware... the... Millennium!
~ Jan Valentine, being incinerated by Millennium in order to prevent him from talking.
~ Enrico Maxwell's final words after being impaled by Alucard's familiars.
I can hear them... The children... They're all playing and... I should go. They're all waiting. Is that... Is that really you Maxwell? You mustn't cry, children. Say you prayers before you sleep. Amen, children...
~ Alexander Anderson, after being defeated by Alucard, as his body crumples to dust.
W-what is this? What's happened to me? What the hell's going on here?
~ Luke Valentine, after emerging from Baskerville, before Walter kills him again and uses him as a puppet to control the dog's corpse. His remains are later used by Alucard to trick Walter into thinking he has killed him.
Without a scream, or a single slash. I've nothing left, and my will tumbles to it's end.
~ Yumie Takagi's final thought, as Walter cuts here to pieces.
Excellent... This is exactly what I hoped my war would be...
~ The Major, after Sir Integra shoots him in the head.
Shut your mouth!
~ The Doctor, attempting to kill Walter before Walter severs his arm, before he is crushed by a, piece of falling debris.
It's a damn shame. I'd hoped to give Alucard a proper sendup. We had a good run, Master Integra.
~ Walter C. Dornez, having redeemed himself by killing The Doctor, before being engulfed in the Deus Ex Machina's explosion.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Sorry, Brother!
~ Miyo Takano as she is sent flying into the horizon by Nail Ripper's explosion after Rika and Satoko destroy it with 07th Explosion.


It's so warm
~ Naraku.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

So you want it?! Take it! HERE!
~ Slice n' Splice, referring to his Moon Rod, before Kirby eats it, transforms into Cutter Kirby, and slices him in half
Heh heh heh heh heh... so, you found me out. Now I will show you the real me!
~ Popon, disguised as Chef Shiitake, before revealing his true from and fighting Kirby. From that point on, the only thing he says is his own name (at least in the original Japanese version) before Cook Kirby cooks him by sending him flying around the sun with his frying pan.
Adieu, Kirby.
~ Monsieur Goan (at least in the original Japanese version) before Kirby eats Chef Kawasaki's atomic curry and blows fire all over his restaurant, which sends him flying off its top and incinerates it.
Goodbye, Kirby!
~ MT2 before Fighter Kirby destroys him with Rising Break.
It's Steppenwolf.
~ Fang before being bested by Steppenwolf for the second time. He doesn't speak again after transforming into the Wheelie Bike shortly afterwards.
~ Fryclops before being destroyed by Cook Kirby.
NO! How did Kirby discover the secret?! That pitiful little Star Warrior has found my only weakness! I am helpless against the power of the Star Rod!
~ Lord Nightmare as he is blasted by Kirby using the Star Rod before he disintegrates back outside of Kirby's dream.
I am but a dream that lives in your heart. Therefore, I am immortal. For as long as there is fear in your heart, I will someday return.
~ Lord Nightmare in the original Japanese version of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! during Tiff and Kirby's search for their friends in his base after having defeated him.
I was completely disgusted!
~ Customer Service as he brushes his teeth to get the taste of Chef Kawasaki's liver out of his mouth before learning that Nightmare's Fortress is going to be destroyed and trying to escape only to be taken out with it when it explodes

Mon Colle Knights

No. How is this possible? My plan was going perfectly, but now, it's ruined! Aaaahhhh...
~ Redda before disintegrating after Gabriolis slashes him with his sword.

Monster Rancher

~ Gali, seconds before Mocchi kills him with the Mocchi Cannon.
If only we...
~ Gray Wolf, redeemed, before dying from his fight with Tiger.
So that's why you're all so strong...
~ Naga, just before he lets go and falls over the edge of his castle
Have you forgotten who you’re speaking to? I am the immortal Evil General Durahan! How dare you betray me, Lilim!
~ General Durahan, seconds before his ship is shot down taking him with it
Now I understand. You and I are destined to eternal battle for as long as we live. In that case, I can't let you exist. Nor myself!
~ Moo, before he and the Phoenix destroy each other.


You and Konan… You've gotta stay alive somehow… You're… the saviour of… the world… You… can… bring… real--
~ Yahiko after his wounds begin to kill him.
Cower in awe! Recoil in despair! Cry your heart out! Because my art... IS AN EXPLOSION!!
~ Deidara attempting to use C0 on Sasuke before he is consumed in the blast.
Forgive me Sasuke... It ends with this.
~ Itachi Uchiha, poking Sasuke's forehead like he did in their youth before dying.
I am not his pawn! He is the one, the only one who ever gave my life meaning! But how could the likes of you ever understand that!?
~ Kimimaro Kaguya before his illness kills him.
You were always at my side, the least I can do is to be beside you at the end. I know it cannot be, but I wish I could go to where you have gone. How I wish I could join you there, Haku.
~ Zabuza Momochi dying of his wounds near Haku.
Itachi… It seems that in the end… I'm not so terrible after all.
~ Kisame Hoshigaki dying of his wounds.
Dying like trash… never ending hatred… pain that never heals… that is war… Naruto… this… is what you must face… The book… and you… It's like… someone… set this all up… Or… maybe… this… is… the hand of the real God… My role is over now… Naruto… you… can really—
~ Nagato after giving up all of himself.
What is this? What are you?
~ Dosu Kinuta as he is killed by Gaara.
Wa...wait! Can we talk?
~ Jirobo before he is slain by Choji Akimichi in one fatal chakra punch.
Beaten by... a bunch of kids...
~ Kakuzu after he is fatally wounded by Naruto's new powerful technique.
Shinobi don't cry... Come on, crybaby! I'll break you apart!
~ Kakkou moments before he is killed by Kakashi.
Bluffing until the end... I haven't been this close to death since "Kimimaro". Fuck dammit...
~ Kidomaru in his dying moments after losing to Neji Hyuga.
A subordinate of Orochimaru is a spy of mine... he will meet with them there...
~ Sasori dying under Chiyo's attack.
I won't die you know. Someday I'm gonna get out and come after you. Teeth! That's all I'll need to bite your throat. Teeth!
~ Hidan before he is burned alive by Shikamaru.

Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror

No! Don't look at me! Nooo!
~ The Baron, now unclothed, as he runs away from his own men after Theo has ripped him back out of Haruka's mirror.

Outlaw Star

What are you doing?! Do not interfere!
~ Soi Len's last words before Hilda commits suicide taking Soi Len with her.


Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off agaiiiinnnn...!
~ The Team Rocket trio every time they get "blasted off" after defeat by Ash and his friends in almost every episode.
Fool! Trying to stop our battle!
~ Mewtwo, last words as a villain.
Increase engines to max power! Maintain our speed!
~ Hunter J, before her ship crashes and explodes from Mesprit and Uxie's attack, killing her.
It's mine! Mine alone!
~ Cyrus, before jumping into the dimension that is destroyed by Dialga and Palkia seconds later.
Stop, I've had enough of this endless whine, Pikachu use Thuderbolt NOW!!
~ The King of Pokelantis' last words before his defeat.
Every single one of my glorious plans... They're ruined...
~ Zero, admitting his defeat as his ship crashes.
We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon... and we succeeded.
~ Dr. Fuji's final words before Mewtwo blows up the laboratory thus killing him and the other Team Rocket scientists.

Princess Tutu

Think a mere duck had that much hope? My beautiful tragedy is ruined. I never dreamed the characters inside the story were to be able to change the story themselves. But wait. What if it happens that all this time I've been a character in someone's story too? Oh well, even if I am I'll just do what I want. Huh? Oh Uzura, you're here. This story is over. You can't stay over there. Now why don't we go to another story. This time actually be useful to me.
~ Drosslemeyer moaning that his latest tragedy is ruined, accepting the belief that he is a character in someone else's story and heads off to another village with Uzura.

Ringing Bell

You have learned well. To turn up like this is the fate of every wolf. I always would be like this, that I would die at some field at the hands of someone stronger. But I'm glad that the one who did it was you, Chirin
~ Wolf as he was dying after being stabbed by Chirin.
Wolf? Wolf? WOLF! Wolf, you accepted me. You taught me how to live like you did, forgive me. I wasn't able to become a wolf, because of that I was the one that caused your death. But I'm still alive, where do I go now? WOLF! WOLF!
~ Chirin going through despair as the snow slowly fell.

Sailor Moon

Japanese version

I'm so sorry, Naru... I guess I won't be taking you out for a chocolate parfait...
~ Nephrite's final words before dying, redeemed
Thank you... You have no idea of how much I love you, my dear Kunzite..."
~ Zoisite, as he dies in Kunzite's arms
Zoisite! Please, take me wherever you are...!
~ Kunzite, as Sailor Moon destroys him with his own attack
Queen Metallia... Please, share your power with me... I need it to defeat that accursed girl! Please!
~ Queen Beryl, before she merges with Queen Metallia. It is unclear if Beryl still properly lives or if Metaria/Metallia has completely taken over her.
Esmeraude! Help me! ESMERAUDE!
~ Rubeus before he and his spaceship are blown up.
Forgive me... Petz... Brother...
~ Sapphire, redeemed, before dying from Wiseman's attack.
I, Death Phantom, God of Darkness, will not be defeated!
~ Wiseman/Death Phantom just as he is being destroyed by Usagi and Chibiusa.
What are you doing?! Hey, let go! Stop it!
~ Telulu before her plant monster self-destructs and kills her.
That planet will continue to shine in this universe eternally...
~ Sailor Galaxia in the manga. The planet she refers to is Sailor Moon.
~ Chaos in the manga. Not exactly its last words; it will exist as long as there is evil, after all, but these words are the last thing it says before Sailor Moon seals it away.

English dub

Queen Beryl! Wait! No!
~ Jedite before Queen Beryl condemns him to eternal sleep.
Don't forget me. I just want you to know, you're in my heart.
~ Neflite, final words before dying, redeemed.
The only one who failed is me, Malachite. You told me not to seek revenge, but I didn't listen. Promise... just promise me one last thing, Malachite. Don't forget me.
~ Zoycite, as she dies in Malachite's arms
Zoycite, it's me! I'll be coming to join you real soon, Zoycite! Do you hear me?
~ Malachite, as Sailor Moon destroys him with his own attack
I can't be defeated again! I've waited too long for this! Tell me how to win this!
~ Queen Beryl, before merging with the Negaforce.
This can't be! No!
~ Queen Beryl and the Negaforce, in their combined form Super Beryl, as Princess Serena destroys them
No! Emerald, come back here! EMERAAAAAAAAAALD!
~ Rubeus before he and his spaceship are blown up.
~ Emerald, as she falls into her death.
Prizma, I'm sorry.
~ Sapphire, redeemed, before dying from Wiseman's attack.
Sailor Moon... Sorry I lied. I did love you.
~ Prince Diamond, redeemed, before dying from Wiseman's attack.
What? This can't be happening! No one is as strong as the Doom Phan...
~ Wiseman/Doom Phantom just as he is destroyed by Serena and Rini.
No! This can't be...!
~ Kaorinite as Senishenta's crystal beam is turned against her by Sailor Uranus before she falls to her death.
~ Eugeal as she crashes her car over a cliff.
I'll be good, I promise!
~ Telulu before her plant monster self-destructs and kills her.
No more clowning around!
~ Mr. Magic Pierrot as Sailor Moon destroys him with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.
I haven't even done anything!
~ Togetoge before Sailor Moon destroys her with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Believe in the song of your heart.
~ Fine, upon defeated by Hibiki and the rest of the Symphogear Magical Girl warriors before being turned to dust.


You don't need to do this. aren't you afraid of dying?
~ Tatsumi, before he and Natsuno are killed by the dynamite explosion.

Sonic X

Yes, sir! Whatever you say!