The Vollige Verzweiflung

The Völlige Verzweiflung

Völlige Verzweiflung (FOHL-ikh-ə fer-TSVY-floong; German. "complete despair"), also known as "the Black Despair Mushroom" is a mushroom featured in the TV series Grimm.


Völlige Verzweiflung is a mushroom plant which can be found mostly in the Black Forest and it is featured in the television show Grimm. It is similar to a rare strain of fungus called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis from the tropics, which attacks carpenter ants, causing them to climb into trees where their insides burst, spreading the fungal spores.

When eaten raw, the mushrooms are harmless, but when cooked, they release a toxin fatal to Blutbaden.


In the episode "A Dish Best Served Cold", a Bauerschwein named Graydon Ostler opened a new restaurant, Raven & Rose, in Portland and used this mushroom to kill Blutbaden. The mushrooms were only dangerous to Blutbaden after they were cooked, so all customers at Ostler's restaurant were given tartlets as compliments of the chef, and any Blutbaden that ate one would die within 24 hours by having their stomach explode. It caused the victim to have a severely bloated stomach, and they would climb a tree where their stomach exploded and they died.


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