Were-Cow on the Rampage

"Were-Cow" is a song sung by Dan Povenmire with chorus by Danny Jacob in the episode "That's the Spirit" from Phineas and Ferb. It is played when Heinz Doofenshmirtz, then turned into a Were-cow, causing mayhem throughout Danville during Halloween with Perry giving chase in an attempt to capture it, and is played when a mob of Danville's citizens chase the Were-cow with torches and pitch-forks due to the damage the were-cow did to the city.


Get ready for udder terror,
'Cause you're just some cud that he's gonna chew,
And you never had steak any rarer,
So you better beware of the Moo!
'Cause we got a were-cow,
Were-cow on the rampage!
You know I think this warning should suffice!
Were-cow, were-cow on the rampage!
Oh look out, he's gonna chew you twice!
Were-cow, were-cow on the rampage!

Well they've got pitchforks and other implements of farming,
I don't think they're in a planting mood.
And if they catch up to you it's gonna be alarming,
So you'd better hoof it out of there, dude!
Yeah, we got a were-cow,
Were-cow on the run!
And they look like they got a score to settle!
Were-cow, were-cow on the run!
They're gonna poke you with some rusty metal!


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