"What You Feel" is the villain song for Sweet from Buffy: Once More, With Feeling.


Sweet: Why'd you run away,

Don't you like my style?

Why don't you come and play

I guarantee a great big smile
I come from the imagination

And I'm here strictly by your invocation

So what'd say

Why don't we dance a while

I'm the heart of swing

I'm the twist and shout

When you gotta sing

When you gotta let it out

You call me and I come a-runnin'
I turn the music on - I bring the fun in

Now where partying - that's what it's all about

'Cause i know what you feel girl

I know just what you feel girl

All these melodies

They go on too long
Then that energy

Starts to come on way too strong

All those hearts laid open - that must sting

Plus some customers just start combusting

That's the penalty

When life is but a song

You brought me down and doomed this town

So when we blow this scene

Back we will go to my kingdom below

And you will be my queen

'Cause I know what you feel, girl

Dawn: No you see

You and me

Wouldn't be very regal

Sweet:And I make it real, girl

Dawn: What i mean

I'm fifteen

So this "queen" thing's illegal

Sweet:I can bring whole cities to ruin

And still have time to get a soft shoe in

Dawn:No that's great

But i'm late

And I'de hate to delay her

Sweet: Somethin's cooking - I'm at the griddle

I bought Nero his very first fiddle

Dawn: She'll get p**sed
If I'm missed

See my sister's the slayer

Sweet: Now were partying

That's what it's all about


  • Both this song and "My Lullaby" are written by Joss Whedon.

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