The Wish House Orphanage

The Wish House Orphanage, also known as the Hope House Orphanage.

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The Wish House Orphanage or Wish House (also called Hope House or Hope House Orphanage) is a secluded orphanage once resided and operated by The Order in the woods outside the town of Silent Hill. It first appeared in the video game; Silent Hill 4: The Room.


The orphanage was built by the "Silent Hill Smile Support Society" (sometimes called "4S"), a charity organization for children who have no homes.

The orphanage itself, before being abandoned, was used to raise children in the teachings of the Order itself. It was here that Walter Sullivan was raised and exposed to the teachings that would spur his ritualistic murders. The orphanage is secluded in the woods to keep citizens away, however, many neighbors near the woods complain of hearing children cry during the night. The orphanage is also associated with a nearby location, the "Water Prison", a facility that was previously abandoned before being put back to use to punish the mischievous orphans.

Henry Townshend is taken to the forest of the orphanage after entering the hole in his bathroom the second time. Before entering the building, he meets Jasper Gein, who is eventually burned alive inside Wish House as victim 17. During Henry's second visit to the forest the orphanage appears to have been burned to the ground from Jasper's murder.


Both the Wish House and Water Prison are situated near the edge of Toluca Lake. It can be assumed that the Wish House is located near the end of one of the Vachss Road branches, given that the scenery behind the orphanage is that of the lake, and that one can not reach the end of the road in Silent Hill 2, as it is blocked off by rubbish and debris. This can also be backed by the information that reveals that residents of Silent Hill were able to hear sounds from the Wish House, leaving the distance between it and the town to be very short. This is also backed by the fact that Wish House is said to lie on the southeast shore of the lake.

The Water Prison may be at the end of the other branch of Vachss Road, seeing as the troublesome resident orphans of the Wish House were taken there to be punished, and it would never do to have them seen in public.