The Witch's Broom

The Witch's Broom

The Witch's Broom, also known as the Witch's Broomstick, is a popular symbol in fantasy, folklore and cartoons - associated with hags and wicked witches alongside the Witch's Cauldron: although tales of actual witch's brooms is somewhat rarer in actual folklore it does exist, alongside more unorthodox means of travel such as that employed by Baba Yaga.

The Witch's Broom can be utilized for good or evil (as is seen in the fact wizards such as Harry Potter utilize them despite being benevolent) but are particularly associated with evil witches such as those from the Wizard Of Oz.

An enchanted object that may or may not have a life of its own the Witch's Broom is the vessel by which a witch soars the skies (usually at night) and casts her wicked spells, often riding beside her will be her familiar (a demon, often anthropomorphic or otherwise animalistic, found in attendance in a witch) in the form of a black cat: often she is heading to a sabbath or some secluded area to mix her potions.

A common sight in Halloween decorations the Witch's Broom continues to be a widespread symbol of witchcraft, although some do criticize it as simply fueling the age of stereotype of a "wicked witch".


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