The Witchyworld is the botched amusement park build by Gruntilda with a reputation completely negative for all to be currently closed for authorities.

The reason this is park have a worse reputation be cause of bad safety record, for exemple: malfunctioned toys, bad quality attractions, no survives, aggressive employees and nasty food. The no snack signs means which nobody can take the burger and fries out of park.

This park was reopened by Master Jiggywiggy when Banjo and Kazooie pass the 3th test in Master Jiggywiggy's Temple. The mission of pain was bring Mrs. Boggy's children, activate all toys, free innocents from captivity, win prizes in various mini-games and catch 4 tickets. Was this place where Banjo is transforms in van and occurred the first battle with Mr. Patch.






  • In Banjo Pilot, Witchyworld is full of toxic waste and out of circuitry.

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