The X-1000 Chip

The X-1000 Chip

The X-1000 is a masterpiece. Imagine a microchip sophisticated enough to control the guiding systems of ballistic missiles. Imagine it can be used to instantly upgrade any system that its plug into like a smart drug for machines. Then imagine it can learn.
~ Ralph Quist about his project known as the X-1000 Chip.

The X-1000 Chips is micro-munitions processing hard-wired chips developed by a wealthy American military GloboTech Industries (better known as GloboTech) for the U.S. Department of Defense. The device X-1000 and it's namesake copies were the main cause of problems in the 1998 sci-fi action comedy movie Small Soldiers.

The chips were so advance that they can upgrade any system they plug into and enhance it to the point that it become sentient being that can learn and their intelligence were described to be actual instead of artificial. The chips can also overcome their programming. However, despite all their capabilities the chips were sensitive to EMP (electromagnetic pulse), the kind that generate from a nuclear explosion, so the military dropped the project. This upsets a narcissistic government scientist named Ralph Quist, the X-1000 designer. He was disgusted by this because the chips was his finest work.

After an unknown amount of time, Larry Benson, one of the 2 founders of a toy company called Heartland Playsystems which was happened to be bought and owned by GloboTech, used the chips in the new toys he and his partner/co-founder Irwin Wayfair made. The chips were plug into the Commando Elite and the Gorgonites, the commandos were programmed to destroy the Gorgonites and the Gorgonites were programed to hide and lose against the commandos.

The commandos, after the "death" of Nick Nitro, one of Major Chip Hazard's faithful soldiers, used his chip to create other chips to use them on Gwendy Dolls. Those chips also were sensitive to the EMP.

The next morning after the battle, Gil Mars, CEO of GloboTech, arrives at the scene where people are cleaning up after the battle from the night before and he decides that even with the flaw of the X-1000, he wishes them to enter real military service in South America.