The Zathura Board Game

The "Zathura" board game.

Zathura is a magical board game that came from the movie called Zathura: A Space Adventure. It is also the true main villainous object in the movie. The board game is very similar towards Jumanji, but with a few minor differences. Only two people can play at a time. In order to play the game, each player must wind a key, and push the button. The button then randomly picks a number 1, through 10. After the number is selected, one of the two rocket ships will move to the amount is shown. As soon as the rocket stops, a card pops out of the slot. Depending on what the card says will determine what will happen. Some of the cards may say; Meteor Shower. Take Evasive Action, which meteors will start crashing near the game. After the game starts the players are sent into outer space when they must endure whatever comes out of the game.

However, while most of the card may result in a negative outcome, including a hostile group of aliens known as Zorgons attacking the players, there are a handful of cards that can prove to be beneficial, which includes; Reprogram, which can reprogram malfunctioning machines. There's also a few gold cards, with allows the wielder to make one wish. However, the player must be careful for what they wish.

One of the characters known as The Astronaut (,Who was revealed to be Walter's older self,) was once a player. He and his brother once played Zathura, but as they continued the two grew more and more angry with each other. When the Astronaut landed on the spot where the Golden Card was, he wished that his brother did not exist, which resulted in his wish coming true. However because his brother no longer existed and it was his brother's turn, that meant that the game was over, and The Astronaut was trapped in space.

When the game is over it is revealed that Zathura is actually a black hole.